View Full Version : pedro paramo, juan rulfo - and the mexican gestapo

05-17-2006, 11:13 AM
umz, it's my first time so I'll go slow
I'm dense - five minutes ago my brain hit the fence
but I keep go'in cause I just don't know
can't say i'm cool - or got flow
not that I care though
so keep striding - cause life goes slow

can't say that I'v got rhyme skills
but I've got better things to do so

I study juan rulfo - f.a.r.k., and the mexican gestapo
you think you living rough, want'n a life like Steve-O

I got one word for yo naughty head (two sylables) des - aparecido
You see, I went walkin the other day,

they bagged my head
took me far away - two weeks in a box
so the swelling goes down, and they start up with the knox

usin a rubber hose
no broken bones - just bruises and a bloody nose

One month later I come back - but things aint the same
I've known you all my life, I don't remember my name
Pavlovian training, I can't talk about that
my body goes into convultions - and I have an attack

You think you got it bad, go study Presidente Rosas - Julio Cortazar, J.D Peron - and then come back

05-18-2006, 02:47 AM
weird shit but it was still aight:mexico: