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05-17-2006, 01:35 PM

B-Hop-1st Rhyme

Hop's a rebel/
ain't no suckaz on my level/
so drop the beat and turn up the fuckin trebel/
Lethal like steve seagal/
i'm evil/
and pop folks like pop goes the weasel/
inject my flow like a needle/
and I know how to rock out like the beatles/
I got a violent mentality/
don't battle me/
it'll just be another flawless victory/
followed by fatality/
so don't get it twisted/
i'll get cha lifted/
i'm the finest rapper ever listed/
to be know with the greats/
I'm known from Canada to the states/
my style iz outta shape/
the next hip hop heavyweight/
call me lyricaly overweight/
I'm known to tap your girl/
while you sit home alone and mastubate/
you met your fate/
you had your chance to retort/
but its to late/
say hi to the gods when you open the gates/
ya dead bitch!/

05-17-2006, 01:38 PM
Jclyricalgenius-1st Rhyme

I see B-Hop droppin rhymes Thinking His Skills Diminish Weak spots/
See time dont stand Still/Editing Rhymes don't stop clocks/Crossing Enemys Lines You suck Cocks/I'm a Lyrical Lion Desert Hot To Stop Mind locks/Tryna Give u a word Boost With Electrical Shocks
Im a Merlock and My Brain is Flustered & Steamin
Diverse with Splitting Image to a demon/
You that Dude in the bushes Killin Kids for there Seman/With a Candy Cane
on a mission Of a Naked Boy Dreamin/
Seein Ya Guts In The Gutter and Your Brain Fluids i'm Cleaning
Cause What i'M meaning /is I'm The Cannibal Compared To a fLesh eating Animal/The Grim Reapers Scared of Me I Bash Ya head With a Spanner Fool/Abusin All Kinds Of Rules with Blunt Objects and Tools/And disect There mouth from the face And ask for a Lyrical Duel
Cause i am The Teacher And My Challengers at School/
Talkin Shit In My Class And watch me Lose My Fucking Cool.

05-17-2006, 01:41 PM
B-hop-2nd rhyme

I was only in this thread to spit some hot thunder/
now I gotta break this fake ass fool reppin from down under/
comin at me soundin like he on the knowledge tip/
son the way you sound you need to get up off GZA's dick/
Lyrical lion, man step off wit that bullshit/
with them big words I don't follow/
from them rhymes you spit sounds like your ass swallows/
you need to come back and work on your vibe/
come bring your whole crew/
i'll stomp a mudhole in you like an aborigine tribe/
you can't faze me on the corp, reppin the wu tang/
lookin for a duel? please don't hit me with your boomerang/
cus I don't pack gats I pack a battle axe/
and its got your name on it to split your punk ass/
Now you can't hide home boy but you sure can run/
cus killin fools like you I do it for fun/
this battle was over before it begun/
like my name was mills lane, your done son, your done/
so I hope you learned your lesson from steppin to me/
now go work on your material you broke ass crocodile dundee/

Father N Dangerous
05-17-2006, 01:42 PM
this belongs in the battle forum?

05-17-2006, 01:43 PM
Jc-2nd Rhyme

Here comes B-Cock With another Edited Rap/
Do u need some Fucking Glasses or another Hit of Crack?/
Talkin Bout my Heritage Cause I'm Aussie Born and Raised/
While u Grew up with Junkies Shootin Up In Dirty Caves/
Yo Check the Clock dude around The neck of Flava Flav/
This Is Wu Corp..Shoudlnt yo ass Be at a Rave!!!!!??/
You a Dirty ass Stinky Ass Faggot with a Moustache/
Incest Is illegal Bro Thats How u got The Dick Rash/
See U claimin You a Heavyweight But Can u really Pack that heavy Weight?/
Aussies aint Bitches Dude We the Killers You cant Relate!/
Yo This Rap was Like Checkmate Before You Stepped to The Plate/
Endin my shit off with Catcha Later Mate!

05-17-2006, 01:47 PM
B-Hop-3rd Rhyme

yo you ain't no killa you fuckin joker/
tha only gats you pack are super soakers/
And I ain't your mate I'll bust you like fine china plates/
you thinkin you can beat me must be in a mental state/
of mind, and by that I mean your crazy/
after I'm done bustin your ass I'll bust my nutz on your lady/
and you can come back get bitch slapped while she has my baby/
and I hope from that I grabbed your attention/
my lyrical sword style will cut you up into sections/
and checkmate? this ain't no game of chess/
I'm through dissin you, an MC wannabe who wears a fuckin dress/
now thats it i'm done and i'm through/
your ass just got pumped like a reebok tennis shoe/
now ya know what I mean when I spit hot thunder/
so thank you come again you fake ass crocodile hunter/

05-17-2006, 01:49 PM
jc-3rd Rhyme

Look out man Its the last Round Imma sINK YA/
Melt ya ass to fluids In a glass then Ill Drink Ya/
Subliminal messages in rap to Rhyme Jinx YA/
No wonder the forums empty That Fart Was a Stinker/
So here i am man Furfilling My Prophecy/
To Petrude The Rhyme Spectrum a Lyrical Oddessey/
You Playin the wrong Game Ask yo Mom for Monopoly/
Too Crazy You cant Phaze me You Gettin Dropped By Me/
The Aussie Mc Ready To Rock B-Hop/
You Be skipping With Your Sister Playing Barbie Dolls & Hopscotch
Floppin Out ya Cock Gettin Headjobs Off The Cops
Sellin Ya Body To Homeless Men in Exchange For Those White Rocks/
All i can see now is You about to Close Your Browser/
Crying in Your chair Wankin Over Doogie Howser/
Getting a change of Clothes From your Cum Stained Trousers/
And me askin myself Why The Fuck My Rap EROUSED YA!

05-17-2006, 01:52 PM
B-Hop-4th Rhyme?

you gonna drink me and my fluids?/
just admit your gay now, we're not fuckin stupid/
Like my name was Eminem I'm about to lose it/
I'm gonna take this next verse and abuse it/
beat you like I was your daddy by now you must be used to it/
steppin up chump you fuckin wit the champ/
knock you off your feet while you do a human face plant/
when you come at me you better be ready to dance/
fuck a B-Boy I'm standin in my B-Hop stance/
and I'll hit cha wit the one two combo/
strong like congo and beat that ass like a pair of bongos/
your flows too weak and your stylez are whack/
you got an ugly mugg and your breath wreaks of nut sack/
My name ain't Nino Brown but I'm straight new Jack/
This is the end of u punk so hit the road ok kangaroo Jack?/

05-17-2006, 01:53 PM
.Guess shoulda Got rid of B-hops 1st rhyme cause it waqsnt a diss to me which would make it a 3 round battle.Anyway thats it.VOTE NOW PPL

the funky drunk
05-17-2006, 02:10 PM
wrong section homeboi! shud be in the battle section fam

05-17-2006, 10:05 PM
Ah My bad,Can it be moved to the battle thread?