View Full Version : tha GOD concept v.s manic lotus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tha god concept
05-18-2006, 06:02 AM
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tha god concept
05-18-2006, 06:41 AM
yo.... are you 4reel punk ass rookie??
callin me a fool when i drop jewels and eat ya raps up like cookies???
you think ya got me shook b?
imma annialate ya bookie
cause im dead set to win this bet
so caugh up the dough cause i snap ya head like berrets
re-arrange the bones in ya neck
got ya limpin threw life like project quadrapelegic kids
i drop ya into submission like tabs of acid
im on top of my game like monopoly board peices
you look and smell like human feceies
it depends on how lame my opponents speech is
and ya rhymes dont teach shit
so get the fuck outta my raw rugged parimeter
my telepathy speaks without words to injure ya
gettin under ya skin like a splinter cell cuzz
slit ya fuckin wrist bitch and watcha crawl up to my thrown like bugz
mutalate ya mug frosty like beers got suds
foamin inna coma smell the aroma for what it waz
manic lotus dont no shit about reel raw shit when he tugz
on his little shank
crackem open like my little sisters piggy bank
he got no rank
but the number one spot on how a mc's rep gets sank
and sunkin like ships
this kid thinks hes hard spittin threw his pussy lips
plus his faggot hips switch and make his style SCREAM OUT bitch
fuckin iggnorant kid
doesnt respect raw rhymes hed rather bathe nakid wit cum drippin down his wig
lotus is un focused and chokes quik off concepts hokus-pokus
im an immaculate mc
puttin my dick in this kids bitches mouth but she lies threw her teeth