View Full Version : The YBD Thread [chunz and jclyricalgenius]

The Hound
05-19-2006, 03:30 PM
ok this thead is combinin me n jc's shit since we YBD n since we outside homies reppin YBD its just neater n shit for u mods n shit

ok, jc is the lyrical talent in this shit i got no idea how to write a fuckin song or wotever (so please dont hate :=) lol),but,my homie act x put me up to this shit to write wotever fuckin emotions im feeling and so i guess this it, (i donno wether u use beaver or slimin in usa so u mite not understand some shit we speak here but yeh its just our local slangs n shit) thiswack as fark but wen jc come in it alrite cos homeboy can spit - jc bitch im not havin a cry over wot happend u kno wot happend this aint no cry teary shit man dont get this twisted ok Lol i had some mad drinks tonite so im FUCKD UP jimson HOLLLLLLAAAAAAA jimson

god knows i dont wanna be an angel when i die
i dont wanna look upon the earth on a cloud in the sky
i dont want no corny ass halo or a pair of wings
i want gold cuban chains and 2 fists full of rings
its been quoted if we good then we all go to heaven
but if we sin we're sent down to hell
what could be worse than the world that takes so much from me
struggling at the bottom with notin but my mind
broke as a joke so i gotta, go out and grind
fake ass bitchs and the schools dont want me either
all im thinkin about is money, fuck gettin stuck wit a beaver
lifes too short to be this fuckin hard
i know my names writen in flames,in heaven im bared
because id rob all those motherfuckers in the infinite yard
killing ourselves to live and living for death
anticipating the day ill permanently lose my breath
im not afraid to die, sometimes lifes too painful
fake homies got me confused and fuckin up my sanity
claimin they down for you, but they after your jewels
to get all your wealth theyll break sacred rules
like bros before hoes and thou shall not steal
you aint the man if you kill, stand by ya homies if you wanna be real
cos snakes and rats is the work of the devil
aslong as ya pockets fats them cats be on ya level
the second you hit rock bottom them cats is gone in a flash
no love for jealous haters, i turn em into ash
i eliminate haters faster than i scull a brew
last but not least, dont get played by a honey
only a female could be a god and devil,but its all about money
them chicks be all all over ya hook, but its not cos of ya look
its cos ya chains shinin and ur gettin paid for rhymin
no personal diss to all the ladies, but mad bitches out there be slimin
maybe jail is the place to be
atleast there i get rent for free