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I interviewed them...



B:What's good?

N: Life! Everything is beautiful…grass is getting greener.

Y: Everything is gravy

B:How did you guys first get together and how'd you get
the name "Soundsmith"?

N: Myself, it was pure accident actually. Ran through the studio Soundsmith operated, popped in a CD…I guess they liked my beats, ha.

Y: Me and a few of the cats that are behind us started this after high school. I wanted to continue what we started as musicians. Soundsmith is what we are, we create music, shape sounds, you feel me? It was only right that we take a smooth name that represents us.

R: I met Y-Not through my brother who knew him from school. I remember the first time Y-Not came over to show my brother how to make beats on Fruity Loops. I was inspired by all of Y-Nots beats especially the "I Love You" beat. Ever since then I've been making beats at home. I first started chilling with Y-Not and Mac at "Above Average" studios, the first studio we all met together. Couple years later, I met Neenyo, and Soundsmith was formed.

M: I met Y-not and Ritchie's brother through high school and we always kept in touch. Then one day Not heard I made beats, asked if I wanted to be apart of what you see today and you know I couldn't refuse the offer knowing as a team we could make more happen than individuals, and then one day Not played me Neenyo's CD and ask me "What do I think of his beats?". I don't think I have to answer that question now do I.

B:Nice. How long have each of you been beat making?

N: I think I’m nearing 4 years, time is just flying. But one thing I love about music is that I learn something new each time I step in front of the MPC.

Y: About 5 years for me

R: I've amateuring-ly been making beats on Fruity Loops since grade 8. It’s been about 4 years now. I've recently been messing around with the MPC, and I'm slowly catching on.

M: I'm almost at five years already. Damn! Time just passes by so fast, doesn't it.

B:Well-experienced beat makers right here! Who is each of your biggest influences?

N: I got one, Timbo. It blew my mind to find out like 75% of my all time favourite songs were produced by the same person.

Y: Dre sonically has it locked for me; Timbo influences the weird shit I do. (Laughs) Otherwise it's ol' school soul music.

R: Just Blaze, Timbo, Neptunes, and Stevie Wonder. Every time I listen to their music, I get goose bumps.

M: Dr. Dre, at his age is still on some next level ish; Timbo, the club king need I say more; Alchemist, had me steady mobbing; Daz, I love that west coast funk; RZA, you know Wu-Tang had the place locked back in the days and any type of music made before I was born.

B:What influences the making of your beats?

N: Everything, literally. Each beat reflects how I feel at the time; I guess that's why they range so much.

Y: Whatever triggers my emotions. The music speaks our emotions.

R: Usually, whatever state I'm in, the beat will come out the way I'm feeling. If I hear something that gives me goose bumps, (which means that I'm inspired), that'll get me to start shitting out beats.

M: Every beat I make comes from every vibe I’m in. Beats are all about feelings and emotions.

BVery Happyo you guys sometimes work as a team to make a beat or do you do more individual work?

N: Most definitely if we at the studio, and I hear my nigga banging some crazy drums on the MPC, I'll already have a melody in my head and jump on the Motif. Otherwise we all listen to different music so we got our own styles.

R: I barely come to the studio because of school, so I send my beats to Y-Not, Mac, and Neenyo through MSN. If they feel like working or adding something to it, I'd send them the zip, or visa versa.

B:Could you tell the listeners out there, what was, or is, the best beat each 4 of you made?

N: That's a funny question, my favorite beat changes each week…but I got one called MoshPit, doesn't sound like any beat I've ever heard. I haven't even been shopping it; it's sort of like my baby.

Y: Personally I think the best aren't released yet.

M: Too many to name there all my babies... (Laughs) but if I could choose one it would be “Everybody” (Nem-S-Iss).

B:Which artist would you most like to spit on your beats and which beat makers would you like to work with?

N: Anyone that's doing something different and has their own path. I like to go out my element and choose someone like Kenna or M.I.A. because so much music is starting to sound the same.

Y: Artists? Whoever's hot. Not really looking to work with producers outside of who we work with already but if anyone’s interested and we spark something then why not (no pun intended).

B:Who are some major rappers that have spit on your beats?

Y: Fabolous, Young Jeezy, JR Writer, SAS, JB... We also have some surprises on the way.

B:Who's the top Canadian artist right now and who should we all be watching out for?

N: I'll probably give that to K-OS off quality and numbers. But I think Canadian hip-hop is dying for the new blood to take over the industry we have here. People like JB, Mayhem Moreaty, Made Men Music & Empire are getting a crazy buzz. Canada is still too divided especially since no one is making money.

Y: www.richiesosa.com

B:And beat makers?

N: There's people like Swift from Midi Mafia been doing it. Canadian is making more moves behind the scenes engineers, directors etc then most know.

Y: My boy Kool-Aid, Tone Mason, Snazz, Moss, Boi 1 Da just to name a few and... *ahem* Soundsmith

B:Tone Mason and Boi 1 Da got it on lock, still. Word has it that Soundsmith is going to be one of the main producers on Aristo's new project. Can you confirm?

N: We've been working with Aristo from day 1. He's one person that realizes the game is more then kicking a freestyle and waiting for a label deal to fall in your lap.

B:Can you tell us how many tracks you're going to be doing for him?

Y: Whatever makes the cut, just wait for the album.

B:The Made Men and Streetsweepers Mixtape Volume 1 was when a lot of people heard of Soundsmith. How much production did you do on that mixtape?

Y: 4 of them. "No Trust" feat Baby Grime & Speedy, "Roll With Me", "This Time" feat Renee Wynter, "So Hood" feat Baby Grime & Mayhem Morearty. Those are all from Nem-S-Iss.

N: Made Men is a company that is on that business crazy. They got a great structure, organized and amazing work ethic. Don't be surprised if they are running the urban music market here soon.

B:We’ll be watching out for sure on both Made Men AND Soundsmith. How much production are you guys doing on volume 2?

Y: Whatever makes the cut. Esco and them Triple M boys are taking over.

B:What are the top 5 projects y’all have worked on?

N: In terms of numbers, we did Jeezy's pre-album mixtape Self Motivation, Blue Davinci "Album Title", Koch, Diplomats “Who Else But Us”, DJ Clue “I'mma Hustler PT. 2”, and DJ Kayslay “Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me”.

Y: Made Men's, Blue Davinci's, JB's, Aristo's and albums plus all the mixtape shit

B:Good to see you guys doing it big. There have been many sick beats dropped. What would you 4 say is your favourite all-time beat and who produced it?

N: Miss Fat Booty - Ayatollah

Y: Laffy Taffy (laughs)… Jokes… too hard to answer b.

R: I have too many to mention.

M: Gin n Juice - Dr Dre

B:Other than buying beats, how else can people support Soundsmith?

N: Support the people we work with. Everyone we work with are people we believe make good quality music, and for the love of it.

Y: www.richiesosa.com

B:If we wanted to buy your beats, where can we holla at you all?

N: info@soundsmithproductions.com. We read and respond to as many emails as we can.

B:Any last comments or shout outs?

N: I want to shout out in no particular order Kells, Sosa, Nem-S-Iss, Dipset, Made Men, Universal Records, the DJ's that been supporting us DJ Radio, DJ Efn, J. Armz, Digital Product, DJ Khalid and Miami the home away from home. And everyone else isn't chasing a check but putting time, effort and pride in their music.

R: Shout out to all artists on Soundsmith beats and to all those supporting us.

Y: And all my T.O. people the movement starts yesterday… GetFocusedImmediately!!! www.richiesosa.com

M: Every and anybody supporting us from day one, shout out the whole Mega City...and everyone else around the world showing love...without y'all none of this possible.

B:Thanks for the sick interview and for spending your time answering these questions. Best of luck in '06 and the future!!

Y: Much respect sir!

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