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The Hound
05-20-2006, 04:02 PM
im proud to be australian,yeh my background is from ireland and germany(hehe pretty cool combo) but im born here so is my parents and im proud as fuck to be australian, joke at us all u want, but our government really makes us THINK when SHIT LIKE THIS fucking happens, im gonna post shit from time to time to demonstrate the IDIOTS who run this fuckin country and shot it into the ground,i just wish i could record talk back radio for your but www.2gb.com streams their shit if you wanna hear how dumb our politicians are. example #1

My God! A Bible
Andrew Bolt

THE Howard Government says it wants another 600 spies, but it sure won't be hiring people as dumb as you.

Reckon I've sold your brains short? Then sit this quick test, Sherlock, which I've drawn up using real cases from the past month.
Which two of the following three things are so obviously dangerous that they've just been banned? And which one was this week declared safe for distribution?

Exhibit A: Free Bibles placed by Gideons International in the bedside cupboards of public hospitals.

Exhibit B: A jokey TV commercial in which Wogs Out of Work's George Kapiniaris complains about an Indian call centre.

Exhibit C: A book sold last year by Sydney's Islamic Bookshop that praises suicide bombing as "legitimate and praiseworthy" and says it's best to "wire up one's body, or a vehicle or a suitcase with explosives, and then to enter among a conglomeration of the enemy and to detonate".

Bang! You lose. And pick up some sensitivity training on your way out, you racist.

Yes, it's the Bibles and the Indian joke that have been banned for the immense harm they might do.

And it's the jihad book, Defence of the Muslim Lands, that the Australian Federal Police and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions this week said could be sold without fear of prosecution for inciting violence.

They've ruled that no action will be taken against anyone who buys or sells copies of this work by al-Qaida's co-founder Sheik Abdullah Azzam, who helpfully suggests that "women and children of the unbelievers . . . could be fired upon for an expediency of war even if it is not dire necessity", as long as the aim isn't to kill them "specifically".

Cleared with it is another Islamic Bookshop offering -- The Criminal West by Egyptian migrant Omar Hassan, who claims that to be Australian is shameful, and to be of the West is to be at war with Islam.

He adds that our police are rapists, our politicians try to turn Muslim boys into drug addicts, and AIDS is a virus invented by American soldiers and spread by the World Health Organisation to kill millions of Africans.

Of course, the first thing to conclude is that the sedition laws that our artists and journalists screech will have us all locked up under this fascist Howard Government are harmless if they can't be used even against a jihadist manual. Settle down, guys.

By now you'll also think this country's watchdogs are so cross-eyed they're biting exactly the wrong legs, which is just why you'd be no good at defending us in these trickily sensitive times.

I mean, forget suicide bombers. Have you any idea how much havoc you'd cause if you threw a loaded joke into a crowded living room?

JUST ask the Royal Automobile Association. It wanted to promote its local call centre for members asking about their car insurance, and filmed an ad in which Kapiniaris joked of ringing instead one of those Indian centres that now plague us.

The punchline was that when he reported a car accident near his new deli, the centre operator said he was in New Delhi, too, and how about joining him for a "curry and a pappadum"?

That nasty Kapiniaris then sums up: "Whatever happened to talking to a local?"

A trained sensitivity expert would instantly see how explosive this was. In fact, it was so bad that just nine months after the ad first went to air a viewer complained that it insulted India. Horrified by the suffering of this lone Indian, the Advertising Standards Board has yanked the wretched thing off the air, claiming it had "racist undertones".

But even the danger of that joke was nothing compared to the horrific damage a Gideons Bible could do if smuggled to the bedside of unsuspecting patients in hospital, just when they are at their weakest.

Imagine the trauma one of our ethnic friends might feel if he or she opened the drawer and found . . . OH MY DIFFERENT GOD, a Bible.

Professional pain-avoiders have averted this catastrophe by removing every single Bible from the bedsides of leading public hospitals in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, in what a Royal Melbourne spokesman, for one, claimed was in part "an infection control measure".

That would be right, but the infection the hospitals had in mind seems to be not golden staph, but the new leprosy of Christianity.

As Royal Melbourne's spokesman conceded: "Because we have so many people from different religious backgrounds (the Bible) is considered inappropriate."

Or as a spokesman for Brisbane's Princess Alexandra sniffed: "They may not be in keeping with the multicultural society we are in now."

Gideons International's Australian head, Trevor Monson, sadly confirms the truth: "They tell me they don't want to offend non-Christians."

He'd even offered to supply hardcover Bibles, which could be easily disinfected, but was told Bibles were just too dangerous to hand out. I admit I'm so dumb that if newcomers in this largely Christian country go crazy at the mere sight of a Bible, then I figure the problem isn't the Bible but the newcomer. Has he perhaps come to the wrong country?

Call me even sillier, but when I lived and travelled in Thailand, I felt not a flicker of anger at seeing a copy of The Teaching of Buddha by my hotel bed, and I foolishly suspect that strangers who come to live here are just as tolerant. Or should be.

Indeed, the Islamic Council of Queensland's president, Abdul Jalal, protested: "It is ridiculous to think that we might be offended by seeing a Bible in a drawer. It is an example of multiculturalism gone mad."

HE'S right, of course. It seems the real racists -- the real troublemakers -- are the multiculturalists who assume Muslims are so intolerant they can't safely be shown a Bible, or denied their own books that preach such violence.

And once more we should heed the warning -- especially in Victoria, where we prosecute two Christian pastors who warn against jihad but tolerate the most radical imams who preach it.

What threatens us most aren't terrorists who talk of blowing us up. It's the paid guardians of our own culture who don't think it's much worth defending -- and who insist we must be made to shut up and leave the speaking to the merchants of hate.


im not trying to spread an anti islamic message or anti christian message or anti anything or wotever so dont fucking go there, all im anti against is the people FUCKING THIS COUNTRY UP so ANYTHING sold in australia that says 'to be australian is something to be ashamed' GET THE FUCK OUT, FUCK OFF, FUCK YOU

one thing i notice with USA, black, white, brown, arab, mexican, asian, muslim, christian WATEVER, all of em r proud to say IM AMERICAN AND PROUD - but here, no one proud to be australian, why so bad to be called australian if YOU CAME HERE, YOU CAME HERE so you think our country is better than whever ur from, but u wanna hate us?if ur country so good why the fuck you come here then? but its the government that fucks this place up, IR reforms to take away penalty rates for workers and have the power to sack you with no reason so theyre protected against unfair dismissal laws, we give hundreds of millions of dollers to countries like palestine, indonesia, solomon islands, who spend it on weapons and shit JUST TO ATTACK US, yet our health care, especially in my state (the worst of the country) is in shambles, our public transport system is a disgrace, the courts are a fucking joke - durin the cronulla 'riots' a lebanese man was picked up TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW WHILE OUT ON PAROLE and BOTH TIMES WAS LET GO WITHOUT CHARGE, yet in penrith a white man was carrying a stick and jailed for 4 months for 'carrying an illegal object', 70odd white people were arrested for that drunken episode at cronulla - but they werent arrested for what they should of been - PUBLIC DRUNKENESS - cronulla beach is an alcohol free zone, so why didnt the police arrest anyone during the day drinking booze?dont you tink if you drink heavy from 9am till 5pm your gonna be a little drunk and act a fool? and ofcourse zero arrested from the reprisal attacks that terrorised the city, smashing up suburbs over hours away from cronulla, for several nights, video footage mysteriously went missing the night after being shown on tv of 30 lebanese men beating the shit out a guy in the street, a lebanese man was sentenced to 55years jail for orchestrating and participating in numerous gang rapes of girls in sydney about 4 years ago BUT HAD THAT SENTENCED HALVED BECAUSE "GANG RAPE ISNT AN EXTREMITY" - HOW CAN YOU GET ANYMORE EXTREME THAN 5-15 PEOPLE GANG RAPING A GIRL SAYING SHIT LIKE "YOU FUCKIG WHITE AUSSIE SLUT U DESERVE THIS" - it was numerous girls too. our government couldnt even bring back the dead body of the first australian killed in iraq, they brought back a bosnian mans body, now, think of how the family would feel of private kovco (the aus soldier) would of felt learning the body isnt their son or brother or wotever BUT what about the family ON THE OTHERSIDE OF THE WORLD who is bosnia and THEIR RELATIVES BODY NEVER SHOW UP - and then, the report on the investigation of the fuck up with pte kovcos body GOT LOST and ended up in the hands of a radio announcer, and the worst part is THE OPPOSTION LEADER IS JUST AS FUCKING DUMB :frusty: in last weeks reply to the federal governments budget of 06, he described it as, quote, "Like a poker machine; you put your money in, you pull the handle, NOTHING" nice analogy? sure is. except. POKER MACHINES HAVE HAD BUTTONS FOR 20 YEARS YOU JIBBERAH!!!!!!!!!! strike me pink this idiot has NEVER been to a RSL club or ANYWHERE with a pokermachine in 20 years? in the fair dinkim department how can ANYONE so out of touch with society LEAD ANY POLITICAL PARTY LET ALONE A COUNTRY????

like i said im not having pot shots and saying 'fuck lebanese people this' 'fuck christians that' 'islam is bad because...' orwhatever im not sayin no shit like that im just trying to air out frustration on the dickheads who run this country

you americans think your governments fucked up?