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funk md
05-20-2006, 08:24 PM
Philosophy in Progress

One has to understand the absurdity of this place that you live.
you live on a rock floating in a infinte amout of space, yet you live here on that rock and actually think you have some importance in the large scale of the universe.
now i am not saying that you can't change things, because you can, but it takes a certain type and special person to change things and that takes me to my next point.

In Islam there is this thing called the 5% of islam. It breaks down like this:
85% of people go about their lives never questioning, never observing they just live work eat sleep then die with out ever having done anything of significance these people are the slaves

10% of people go about their lives as the tyrants. They have only one purpose and that is to rule the 85%, they have some understanding but they really don't care.

and finally there are the 5%

the 5% are the teachers, they are the true philosophers, they understand the absurdness of our plight, they bring and constantly seek knowlegde and in return are force to life painful lives inorder to teach.

Existentialism solidifies this idea of the 5%. Your respondsibility of choice that every person has give everyone the opportunity to be apart of this 5%
whether you take the easy path of the 85% or the greedy path of the 10% or the painful but enlightened path of the 5% is up to you.