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05-21-2006, 07:26 PM
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We at www.LIBRadio.com (http://www.LIBRadio.com) have put together the following


We have created a practical, easily-implemental strategic plan that will transform all of those who make their commitment, follow through and draw like-minded people into cooperative networking. For a period of 90 days, we ask all of you to engage as many of the following actions on an individual, group, organization, national and international basis and to maintain contact with us:

1. Weekly vegetarian pot-luck Unity Feasts – This will be helpful for small groups, families, organizations, brotha and sista groups. We can share recipes, health and nutrition information as we build unity among extended family groups.

2. Develop Community Resource Centers – A place for meetings, teleconferencing, health advocacy, rites-of-passage programs, farmers’ markets, film screening and community support programs. Why should churches remain empty most days of the week?

3. Master Mind Group Think Tanks – To serve local leadership by accessing our finest minds toward solving persistent problems. Our leadership must become more scientifically organized and rely on the best advice from our best analytical minds.

4. Withdraw our money from big banks and open up new accounts in credit unions. Remember, these big banks finance those vampire-like corporations that dominate and ruin our lives, like the media and oil cartels as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

5. Publish our own strategic planningquarterly journal. Similar to Foreign Affairs, from the Council on Foreign Relations, we need to have a highly researched journal to serve our leadership agenda.

6. Grass roots “Generals” with the capacity to travel to the major cities to organize our masses into action agenda. We must move away from the charismatic “leading Blacks” syndrome to a new effective leadership.

7. Coordinate barber shops and beauty salons to become consciousness building outlets; putting educational material on DVD and CD and stimulating reading material can elevate our discussions.

8. The notion of “Colored People Time” must be killed – No people can move forward with such a disrespect of the value of their time. We will stop wasting opportunity by killing “CP Time” immediately and forever.

9. Online Conscious Music Download Site – Like the major music distributors, we can use the Internet to support those who produce useful and instructive recordings. $1 downloads will finance independence.

10. 90-Day Media Blitz of Positive Propaganda – We will take advantage of every possible means of communicating with our people to transform the entire community in the shortest possible period of time.

11. Join an Africentric Internet affiliate program – We will build on our economic freedom by supporting and helping to promote online entrepreneurs while creating vehicles for independence.

12. Economic Task Force Groups – These are black business teams that can come into any situation, examine opportunity and resources and assure the success of those small businesses that are critically necessary for our progress.

“Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.”

– Marcus Garvey


http://www.libradio.com/ (http://www.libradio.com/)

05-21-2006, 09:20 PM
Elder Keidi Obi Awadu is always on point. Lets keep spreaking the word.