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sins tooday i desided too use za rashan akzent in mi posts, coz rashan lengvidj iz fuckind great end mighty!!!
tooday i found za very intresting nuzpaper. hear eat iz:

i rad a fu artikals from eat and found ze very intresting van. eat iz oll abaut fucking rashan vhores here eat iz:

eat iz kold "ze whore-r story: rad scare"

By Abram Magamedov
ST. PETERSBURG — I called a small
brothel a friend of mine from Piter rec−
ommended. It’s in a small apartment in
the center of St. Petersburg.
"I’m warming up the sauna right
now and there are five beautiful girls
awaiting your arrival. There is nobody
else here right now, so don’t waste time,
just get over here," a girl told me over
the telephone. Her voice was as chipper
as an American secretary on Prozac.
The upbeat attitude surprised me, but it
helped sell me on the brothel.
My friend Alex and I arrive, enter,
take off our shoes and put on tapachki
from a tapachki rack. We’re taken to one
of the apartment’s bedrooms. The girls
are ushered in one by one. They call out
their names, turn 360 degrees and walk
out — five in all, as promised. But not all
five are as beautiful as the girl promised.
Alex gets the hottest of the bunch:
Sasha, a thirty−one year old with a tight
model’s body. I wasn’t sure who to go
for, the rest are all equally mediocre.
[From this point we turn to an
unedited transcript captured by Abram’s
cellphone voice memo recorder.]
Me: Hold on. Let me see if this thing
is recording.
Alex: The chubby one’s selling her
self real well. She looks like she would
be fun. [The madame comes in.]
Madame: Nu chto, which girls
appealed to you?
Me: (To Alex) Yeah, you’re probably
right. (To madame) I’ll go with Katya…
right? (To Alex) What was her name?
Alex: (To madame) The chubby one is
Katya, right?
Madame: Yes, that’s Katya.
Alex: And I’ll go with Sasha.
Madame: Khorosho. That’ll be 1,800
rubles for the first hour, for each of you.
Me: And if we want to prolong?
Mistress: Then it’s 1,000 each for
each additional hour. [We give her the
cash.] Would you like some beer, tea,
Me: No thanks, just the girls.
Mistress: They’ll be in in a minute–
(Static. Recording missing.)
Alex: We tell them who we are, right?
Me: Just be natural. Don't tell them
too much about yourself– (Static.
Recording missing.)
Alex: Remember, it's my first one.
Me: I know– (Static. Recording
Me: Don’t worry, she'll know what to
do. She does this for a living.
Sasha: [Comes in with a tube of
lubricant, two condoms and a pack of
cigarettes.] Brrr, it's so cold. Oi! Why
are you wearing sunglasses?
Me: Why not?
Sasha: I don't know, it's not intimate.
Me: That’s just his style.
Sasha: Da, da. [Turns on the radio,
dance music starts playing in the back−
Katya: [Comes in, also with a couple
of condoms and a tube of lube and curls
up on a La−Z−Boy.] What station did you
turn it to?
Sasha: Don't know. I caught what I
Alex: Let’s get some champagne.
Katya: You want to have a real cele−
bration– (Laughter breaks up the
Sasha: Are you going to have the
champagne too? Should I bring you two
Me: Of course. [She leaves; her heels
sound on the parquet.]
Me: (To Katya) Why is the place so
empty tonight?
Katya: Empty?
Me: Da.
Katya: It's a holiday.
Me: It's a holiday...and?
Katya: And?
Me: Well, a holiday is exactly the day
a place such as this should be filled up.
Katya: Well, everyone is resting.
Alex: Maybe everyone is too drunk to
Me: [Laughs]
Katya: Others think otherwise.
Me: And what do they think?
Katya: What?
Me: And what do they think?
Katya: How am I supposed to know
what they think if they don't come here.
Alex: What do you think they think?
Katya: I don't know what they think
because I do not think that way.
Me: Then what do you think?
Katya: [Laughs] Let's not fuck each
other's brains.
Me: Well, if you're going to argue
with me, you have to have a reason for it.
Katya: Fine, never mind then. I agree
with you.
Alex: [Laughs]
Me: That's a good girl. [A long bout
of silence falls on the three of us. Sasha
comes in with a bottle of champagne
and four glasses. I cock the bottle to
open it.]
Katya: Just don't point it at me.
Me: You sure? Because I was just
going to pop this bottle right in your
Sasha: You should pop something
else in her face. [Giggles]
Me: Don’t worry, I will. A little later.
Alex: (to Sasha) We came to Piter for
a birthday party. It was so happening that
I came away with this. [He takes off his
glasses revealing a swollen black eye.
The whores break out into applause.]
Me: Yeah he got it good.
Sasha: Did he get it for something or
was it an accident.
Alex: It was very much for something
and done intentionally.
Sasha: Did you deserve it?
Alex: Yes, I deserved it. [Everyone
laughs; I pop the bottle and pour every−
one a glass.] I didn’t know I was guilty,
but it turned out I was. [Everyone
Me: All right, let’s drink.
Katya: What are we drinking for?
Me: To our meeting and friendship.
Sasha: (To Katya) What are you sit−
ting there all quite for? The entire day
you’re heckling me and won’t shut up.
Now you’re quite as a mouse!
Katya: I talked enough today.
Sasha: Take off those glasses, for
real, come on. So you have a black eye,
so what…
Alex: I’m used to them, I’ve been
wearing them the entire day.
Me: What do you think about men
with black eyes?
Sasha: Think of them? I don’t think
anything of them. I’ve had a couple
myself! [Sasha and Katya laugh. Sasha
takes off my baseball cap and tries to
remove the price tag on the underside of
the visor.]
Me: No! What are you doing? [I grab
the cap out of her hands.] I left it there
on purpose. I want everyone to know it
cost me 300 rubles. I want everyone to
know that I have an expensive hat. You
Sasha: I don’t know… you came here
so 300 rubles shouldn’t be that expen−
sive for you.
Me: It’s a joke.
Katya: Yeah Sasha, that was called a
joke. (To Abram) Next time you tell her a
joke say "shovel," then she’ll understand.
Me: Before or after I say the joke?
Katya: After. [Everyone laughs]
Me: So are we gonna get to work or
Sasha: We have plenty of time.
Me: Of course, of course, but we got
to get to it.
Sasha: You have to take a shower first.
Me: What kind of rules do you have
here? What if we want to switch girls
Katya: 1,000 rubles each.
Sasha: I’m going to stay in this room.
Who is staying with me?
Me: I think my friend likes you, right?
Alex: Right.
Me: OK. So we go take a shower.
Show us where it is.
Sasha: So you and your friend are
going to shower together [Both girls gig−
gle]. You can if you want to, but there is
only one shower. You’re going to have to
share it. [Girls break out in laughter]
Me: Very funny. OK, I’ll go first.
[Katya leads me through the living room
to the bathroom. Three whores and the
mistress are watching the cannibalism
docudrama movie "Alive." I shower and
come back into the second bedroom.
I’m wearing a towel and my baseball hat
and am carrying my phone. I join Katya
on the couch.]
Katya: Take the hat off.
Me: Why?
Katya: Please. It’s just not erotic, a
man in a towel and a hat.
Me: Well just imagine that we are on
a beach. See, the carpet is blue, so are
the curtains. Imagine it’s water and sky.
[I put my arm around her.]
Katya: Aow! Don’t strangle me.
Me: I’d never do that. I’m a caring
person. I don’t even eat animals.
Katya: I’d never be able to do that. I
love salo (pig lard) too much. You have
to eat it right, just out of the freezer on
top black bread.
Me: No way. I don’t eat that, it’s dis−
gusting. Anyway, are you going to stay
in the bra and underwear forever?
Katya: I manage without taking
them off.
Me: Wow, you’re a professional. But
really take them off. We’ll do a trade.
Your bra and underwear for my cap.
Katya: Ok. Lie down on the bed. [We
move to the bed. She brings along a
tube of lube, some condoms and a pack
of tissues. She undresses and throws
my cap onto the couch. I lie down on the
bed again. She starts licking my nipples
and jerking me off. She switches
between cupping my balls and rubbing
my taint. Madonna’s "Spanish Lullaby"
comes on the radio.]
Katya: What are you thinking about?
Me: Nothing. I don’t have a very good
Katya: That’s because you were
never in a school play. Am I right?
Me: Right on the money.
Katya: Well, I was.
Me: Who did you play.
Katya: A goat.
Me: A female goat?
Katya: No, a male goat. [She contin−
ues jerking me off.]
Me: Can you still bleat?
Katya: Nope.
Me: Common, try.
Katya: Uh−uh. [My dick is now suffi−
ciently hard. She gets in between my legs
and puts the condom on very carefully
with her mouth. She flicks my unit−head
with her tongue before proceeding to pull
the rubber over my entire shaft. She
sucks my dick with care and profession−
alism, interchanging deep throat rhythms
with careful attention of the head.]
Me: [Grunting noises. Over and over
again. Within two minutes, I have to con−
centrate to keep from cuming.] I’m tired
of this. I want to fuck you from the rear.
Katya: How.
Me: Like this. Hold on. [I get up from
the bed and grab my hat from the couch
and put it on.]
Katya: Oy! Net. Nu, pozhaulsta.
Me: Sorry, I need my magic hat. [I
jump on the bed and try to mount her
from behind.]
Katya: Hold on. Let me lube it up
some more just to be safe. [I fuck her
from the rear.]
Me: [Grunting noises.]
Katya: [Quiet. Only moaning when I
thrust my dick deep.]
Me: This might be the most comfort−
able position I’ve ever fucked. We fit.
[Pause.] Let’s get you on your side.
Here, spread your legs…
Katya: OK. [She lies down with her
head on the pillow, legs open in scissor
Me: Yeah, that’s perfect. [Not wanting
to see her folds of fat creasing at her
waist, I fuck her with my eyes closed.
We both moan in unison. I’m one
minute away from cuming.]
Me: Oh! What the fuck! You’re bleed−
ing. [I see a bloody hand print on her
ass. I pull out, the entire condom is
streaked in bright red blood. So is my
right hand and the sheets under her
Katya: [Nervously sits up and slides
her fingers over her pussy. They come
out all bloody. She smiles, looks up to
me, tries playing it off.] Is it a problem?
Me: Well, ah, let me think…Yeah it’s
a problem. I’m not going to fuck you
while you’re bleeding all over the place.
Katya: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Hold on,
here let me wipe your hand. [She grabs
some tissues and wipes the blood off my
fingers.] Here, let me take the condom
Me: Blyad’! This is nasty.
Katya: I’m really sorry. [She looks
Me: Congratulations on your period.
At least you know you’re not pregnant.
This is really shitty. I’m, I’m going to
take a shower and we’ll finish this oral−
ly. Has this happened to you before?
Katya: You didn’t think I’m a virgin?
Me: You’re telling me you’re not? I
paid for one!
Katya: Ok, ok, I’m a virgin. Davai, go
to the shower. I’ll clean up here. [I
quickly shower, come back and lie down
on the bed. She starts licking my nip−
ples and jerking me off.]
Katya: What’s the matter? Nothing is
happening down there.
Me: I lost my mood.
Katya: Why?
Me: You have to ask? [She contin−
ues to jerk me off. She puts the con−
dom on with her mouth and begins
sucking me off.]
Me: Forget this. [I get up and pull the
condom off my dick. No blood on my
actual skin.]
Katya: You sure?
Me: Yes. [I put my clothes on, grab
my phone and head to the other room.
I should have been furious, but for
some reason I was just completely
emotionless. Alex is sitting naked on a
Alex: You’re done already? We have
10 minutes left.
Me: She got her period as I was fuck−
ing her.
Alex: Oooh, nasty. Sorry about that.
So you’re not gonna fuck her anymore?
Me: Dude, I’m fucking disgusted right
now…there is nothing more pathogenic
than a whore’s blood on you dick.
Alex: Too bad, I’m gonna stay anoth−
er hour.
Me: Yeah, go for it… Look, she even
stained my hat. [I show him the under−
side of my visor. The price tag has a red
finger smear over it.]
Alex: [Laughs] Leave your recorder.
Me: No man, it’s my phone. I might
need it.
Alex: Ok. Let’s meet in one hour out−
Well it worked for Alex. He came four
times without pause and his whore had
to beg him to stop 15 minutes early.
"Funny, I was the whore virgin, but it
was your whore that bled," Alex noted as
we walked home.
Whore−R Story
The Red Scare

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