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07-02-2005, 08:16 PM
it seems like rap today is about hustling, killing, and pimping the truth is everybody got a little thug em in, these niggas is fools style wise they slippin' come provocative like Ghostface Killah, diamond studded jewelery people shouldn't be wishin' the truth is anybody can hustle, but the Grandmaster can Grandhustle cause my grandparents is hustlers,pimps,and gamblers, I'ma get the point across even if I gotta state names
Cassidy, you think hustling your Sega games is gonna get you fame, you fucked up on your first LP your should've stuck with the motto be who you be, that prettyboy shit is lame
Ja Rule, always singing your love songs, but 100 Guns 100 Clips this nigga tried to flip the script, stick with the plan maybe at the day of your death you become a man
50 Cent, your first was dope but the second fifty cent was all I spent
Nas too, all ya'll from the north ya'll need to just squash that shit
Game a true gangsta, came up in the rap game had beef and showed who's wanksta
Hip-hop is one big documentary on how rap niggas be, overtime the lyrics might be able to be in the language for the blind
my opinion is a lot of ya'll is wack ya'll need to get back to an essense where we was spittin facts, come with actual music something that ain't stereotyped "black" but it's actually the lyrics, the violence, governments put us in jail to keep us silent but it's also the area, they try to make it scarier by putting gun stores and alphabets on every street, making it so white people don't have to deal with it so we can live to learn to kill with it,
rappers that make it out, they preach education and life maintaining while they themselves don't change their ways of hanging, gangbanging, hypocrites
Common Sense in a world where it need to be present, one of the lost poets so I chop all niggas with the sword cuttin' up all vocal chords
my liquid swords are invincible ya'll need to understand the principle

07-02-2005, 08:31 PM
I'd Hate To See Part One.


07-03-2005, 07:24 AM
Very explicite, but be careful when naming well known people! Nice flow and the lyrics were well placed also, how you shifted the attention was quite talented. But a vocused verse also.

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