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Jesus Christ
05-25-2006, 01:53 AM
Ok let me set this thread off with a free style I posted up in the Dojo. I'll fix the format since some of you bitches can't read.

Fuck all these wack emcees Slippy Pimp is in the cipher/
barley hops, cocaine, jolt, and mini thins got me hyper/
liger napoleon raps you cats been chatting with fine babes all day?/
just b-cuz you some no pussy getting motherfuckers doesn't mean your gay/
lay bars like a gold mine,
wipe my ass with your scripture, here you can fold mine/
i'll leave ink stains on your ass poppin cherrys like I sold wine/
bold or fine,
caligraphy written only halve bitten or previosley been chewed/
I'm wondering how many of you kids deviousley get screwed/
booed out,
stomped or smothered in hot sauce/
I sent one of my bitches to suck your dick and all she got was cock floss/
now tell me who claims be the hardest rapper of this wu-tang corp?/
i'm hungry like a fat kid-Got Pork?/
i'm only nine years old but ten times your senior/
i'm calling out all blacks, white, chinese and the beaners/
fienders for what I got like you smelt crack in the air/
scent gave you diarreha? I got scriptures to spare/
step up in the dragons lair I puff more but don't inhale/
blew my verse in your ear and just made another crack sale/
flack jackets strapped up,
I keep the pootie green wrapped up,
like bitches licked and slapped up/
clapped up/
you pussys can keep your flaps up/
cuz slippy's bitches is coming in and taking names,
shitting on you with my heavy game/
push a chrysler cuz chevy's lame/
call me christ sir cuz this GOD's insane/
I'll chain any of you homo's to the back of my truck/
try and test the pimp boy don't press your luck/
i'll try to put this as blunt as possible/
you cats are coming on faker then disney channels kim implausible/
light weight and tossable/
smoked up like my rasta hoe-
hold up I almost lost my flow/
Slippy Pimp has just entered your domain/
i'm serve you mother fuckers like my momma serves lo mein/
Chow-pow/Kung-pie chicken/
ribbed spermcidal latex for the kitten/
I keep rippin rubbers-deep dicken on all my oppenents/
when my foam hits your forehead/
it feels like i'm on the chicago typewriter- I pour lead-
Crayola Rapist Red/
or aqua marine/
slippy rocks nothing but green and cream corn/
hired the incredible hulk to film some mean porn,
hand on the bible and i'm sworn in/
now bring on the first bitch that's ready for the whoring...

Jesus Christ
08-03-2006, 12:41 PM
Bitch- I love you, when your on all fours/
I love you when your screaming like a whore/
I love to yank your pig tails while your getting spanked/
I love you because your a fucking skank/
now suck that dick and shut your mouth/
wash my clothes and clean the house/
Bitch, if you ever leave me I'll cut your head off-
and that's just me being real/
now get in the kitchen, cook me a fucking meal/
no words can capture the way I feel/
the rage and passion when i'm mashin mushroom tip to your open cavities/
it's a clamity the way you clutch my balls when I bust/
the way the smell fills the bedroom, a must from lust/
trust and believe, you I would never leave/
even if you shaved off your weave/
I would just by you a wig/
and I cherish the thought every time you tell me my cock is big/
and swig that semen, given head like a demon-
bitch your on fire-
the only hoe in this world that can fill my desires.........

Jesus Christ
08-03-2006, 12:46 PM
I'm a rapist on the prowl I haven't been laid for dayz/
fuck a bitch dry in the weeds, pussy feelz like razor blades/
happy dayz i'm in the park behind a tree/
snatching your girl up when she's squatting down to pee/
pussy all for free, i'm taken it/
pocket knife in my hand, jack your clitourous and i'm baken it/
like beans with hidden chunks of pork/
chew on it like gum, stabbing your pussy with a fork/
I need my meds somebody help me quick/
jacked the keds from a baby stabbed it with my.......bottle/
full throttle i'm on Harley Davidson to Sturgis/
riding around ass naked and making laides nervous/
you heard this Slippy's fucking sick in the head/
Penning pulp fiction shit hiding in the basement with my homey zed.............

..........you all remember the gimp in that movie pulp fiction, well this is a freestyle tribute to him....since people seem to like to call me the gimp.

Jesus Christ
08-03-2006, 12:48 PM
Free Flow, i'm with your girl on food stamp day hollering free hoes/
just to get a deal on some beef yo/
steak and eggs, in exchange for aidz and legs/
I got pirate bitches, handicapped on pegs/
call this one bitch wiggy, she use to fuck my homey Iggy/
ball headed hoe, in the clubs getting jiggy/
had this bitch, her mom's would page her to call home/
she was busy with a pimp, nick named her Jaw Bone/
no flaws holmes, just a skinny bitch with strectch marks on her cheaks/
slobber ran off the side evertime this bitch speaks/
plus she reaks like musty mop/
semen seaping out the pours, because her diets consits of cock/
that's how I keep my bitches fed/
sucking head, crayola rapist red, when I sharpen my darts/
I'm at the shelter, soliciting the homeless pushing grocery carts/

Bigot Hitman
08-03-2006, 02:16 PM
Your lines is thourough, keep goin.

08-03-2006, 03:02 PM
Lols, i like this thread, hilarious verses Slippy....