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05-27-2006, 07:45 PM
this thread is for people whos got lyrics that they want commented, and for those that maybe just wanna read other peoples lyrics and comment..

i have a new lyric that i would like to hear some opinions on, its called "Justice And Peace"

Iím gonna snap like mad max, working with there bad backs//
Nothing happens to them until they turn to nerve wrecks//
Dreaming of a life with light//
Shining brighter then stars shine//
A life without depression, the lesson was the real question//
Homies resting after a gunfight with the smith and western//
Everybody is telling me keep on being real//
But I feel that these scars just wonít ever heal//
But I keep on moving, trying to live my life like a movie//
All my homies told me that I couldnít do it, I just knew it//
You had your last shot sucker you just blew it//
if you find that path my friend you better use it//
I see my homies dyin, hear there mothers cryin//
The bullets will be flyin thru the streets where Iíll be lying//
Any day now, what am I supposed to say now?//
That its all okay now// man this place is a playground//
For murderers, maniacs, pimps and drug dillers//
Kidnapping rapists, and psycho fuckin killas//
Iíll be walkin down these streets every mothafuckin night//
Just prayin that my life someday will be all right//
And it should, cuz I heard Mr: Bush holding a speech//
In witch he kept mentioning justice and peace//
While the police was assaulting my homeboys out in tha streets//
And if thatís what he calls justice then wont somebody pleas//
Give that man a dictionary and ask him to fuckin read//
Everybodyís asking about me and my players//
Sprayers, mad dogs working as soldiers for the god payers//
Get up every morning without any reason//
Just hoping that there lives will be better the next season//
But deep inside there hearts, they already know//
That isnít the way that itís all gonna go//
Cause when you grow up in the streets, and you live a thug life//
There aint no such things as happiness and sunshine//.

please comment, and expand the thread by sharing some of your own lyrics.


05-27-2006, 09:03 PM
can i gett any feedback?

Father N Dangerous
05-27-2006, 09:09 PM
make your own thread bro

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it is my own thread

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can i gett some fuckin feedback please

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GIVE HIM SOME FUCKIN' FEEDBACK NOW!!!!!!..........please.

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thnx Noel

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Feeeedddddd Baaaaaccckkkkkkk!

05-30-2006, 12:52 AM
like i said

pretty ill man, the first couples lines were kind of choppy and some didnt rhyme too well, but once you got going it got real nice. You had a nice picture going on and a real message, not just some bullshit. Stay up and keep dropping man.