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05-28-2006, 03:32 AM
hit the sack with the brash rhyme,
kinda spastic,
see the cash and grab it,
but dont make it a bad habit,
to stab at it,
the pain that comes automatic,
when you try to rap at it,
like infinity comes,
only with ya sons,
prefer to carry a legacy,
not ahead a me,
but in the seed of me,
my thoughts invade the endless times,
fill the endless lines with endless rhymes,
lodging left of the main frame,
the part that makes you love in ya brains

this rap shit is for those who are listenin
the true heads whos minds is glistenin
this rap shit is for those who are listenin
the true heads whos minds is glistenin

Pervasive rhymes,
with the depth of all-times,
buries and finds home inside ya minds,
like the unspoken beef between friends,
bad attitudes that never seems to ends,
i come forth to clear the air,
changin ya minds its doesnt seem fair,
that you can be told what history is,
the white man's perspective thats all "history" is,
they tell you what they want you to know,
defeat they foe,
while they young and turn 'em into po po,
what they dont show,
is often the real truth but yo,
the change begins in the heart,
fight with vivacity from the start,
turn ignorance to knowledge,
and make perseverance into homage

this rap shit is for those who are listenin
the true heads whos minds is glistenin
this rap shit is for those who are listenin
the true heads whos minds is glistenin

05-28-2006, 11:49 AM
yo project, nice song man.. nice word-play in the second verse..
and the first lines of the first verse are tight as hell..


05-29-2006, 07:34 PM
appreciate the comments man

Breathe it out, and look back on my life
When it wasnt all so trife,
when i didnt think about cuttin myself with the knife
Childhood is something to be cherished
Cause before you know it, your best friend may have perished,
And youre on the 18 year old grind,
Getting grades but all you really want is to find,
A peaceful mindset,
Some friends who wont jet,
As soon as you aint got the cool clothes,
I love you, but you a fool, bros,
We aint 12 no more man,
Maybe its gay that im writing you a letter like stan,
But I need to tell you, im sick of it man,
Held you down for almost eva,
Loved you like you were a brotha,
The front door was always open,
Cause your brought a smile whenever i was mopin,
The same dude who had me start tokin,
But now you wanna front,
Dont pick up the phone, the fuck is that stunt?
I know you and you know me,
So why is it, you tode(told) me,
"Nothin happenin tonight dude",
When i know you were in the car with 3 chicks and a dude
Didnt think i would find out?
Now you expect me to stay in my room and pout?
Na bra, im givin you a couple more chances,
Ima make a couple more advances,
To get the answer,
But i could end this friendship with a damper,
And pull the shit you been doing for 10 years,

05-30-2006, 02:06 AM
^^that one was a little emo but i had to get it off my chest.

"Civil rights will not suffice,
In the name of Jesus Christ,
They got my Soul on Ice",
But i dont care who they say is nice,
Cause to me, youre all like quick made white rice,
Amateur verbiages with added substance,
Gay dancers taught to not dance,
But to get a gun and prance,
Shreddable like plain white paper,
I tear 'em apart like a serial raper,
But on some no homo shit,
I fuck beaver rappers up like a black dick,
Teeth cluttering together and eyes darting around quick,
So go get your pops, biggest uncle and any dudes with flat tops,
Let 'em get boared by my Wi-Fi lyrical horde.

05-30-2006, 04:34 AM
Bruv u got a sick flow man keep it up.

06-12-2006, 01:48 AM
sippin diet coke, sellin an buying coke, hang you up on the shelf like an ironed cloke

to many it may seem, when i step up to the mic theres a gleam, but they should know its not, rather its the cue for all others to stop

how you gonna talk shit, 19 and still a problem with zits, described as a beauty tragedy, ill cut you up with non-cutey ravagery

i layer a track with gruesome rhymes, about the numerous times, i flipped dimes and threw away parking fines, cut lines and fucked mimes, the story of my life, is similar to a mujahedin's strife

its like a dance with a death, every time i get ready with a deep breath, spit some venoumous ish, and smash hard like a veterans fist

i smoke straight dank, and my rhymes is hidden danger like a great shank, or similar to a marines rifle, like damien trying to come near a king james bible

im the rawest emcee, since they parted the red sea, dissing wack emcess signed to major labels, and red headed kids waitin tables, cause their all possible targets, to be dissed when the next bar hits

06-12-2006, 10:48 AM
I suppose you were busting.

PS: Keep posting!