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05-31-2006, 05:33 PM
Tired tired tired tired tired tired. No energy in brain to find will power to carry out tasks which require completion. At a time like this, one can only sit down, relax with taking a shower or bath or lighting some candles, have a good healthy meal and meditate. No strenuous activity. Tiredness causes lower energy levels which can cause negative effects in the mental state, such as 'being a hata'.

Last night Souldier had a dream where people got killed, and then he was ambushed by the people who were doing the killing, then he woke up. The people doing the killing where black, for some reason.

There is no God, just matter and energy.




Mater Makes Energy.

Obviously, everything everywhere is matter, and over the millions of billions of years or however long, all this matter moved around and arranged itself into different structures, to the point where we had earth and the primordial soup, from which basic single celled life forms emerged. These life forms evolved into more advanced variants. The life forms spread and covered the entire planet. Some people belive in gaia theory, saying that the entire earth is one living organism. In which case we that would make us acne on the face of the earth, but anyway. The life forms spread, and consciousness and intelligence developed in animals, i.e. the creature's awareness of self and surroundings. This awareness allowed the creature to control its own actions, learn, apply learning to future actions carried out, generally have a better chance of survival. At some point the human came along, and became way too clever, some would say for its own good. Natural traits such as greed and desire for pleasure, which are evident in other creatures completely took over the human.

The hierarchy of humans always meant that some are destined to be higher than others. Everybody is not created equal, that is complete bullshit. This tree of humans developed till we get to the present day. If you measure power and influence, you'll see that at the bottom are the lower working class of every country, and the lost tribes and pockets of humanity which have been unaffected by technological change, such as the african tribes and pigmyes and that sort of thing that still remains. Then you move up, and above these comparatively primitive people are the first rung of civilised consumers, who make up the majority of hard working, un-questioning, non-thinking, accepters and consumers. Their existence is given value, they think, by the fact that they bear children, who, like i said before, are the next links in the never (?) ending chain. Also required by these people is to be exposed to certain stimulation of their brain to release the chemicals which tell them they are feeling good/feeling worthwhile/feeling pleasure, i.e. sex, food, entertainment media, leisure. To cut a long one short, these people are the equivalent of donkeys with carrots hung in front of them.

Above these people are people like me, and i hope you who have an open mind and question everything they see and hear, and do a lot of thinking. These people deserve to have a better place in the world but as they are not born into aristocracy, monarchy or rich families, they very rarely have the means to rise to the top.

Above them and everyone else are the people who make up the bloodlines which make up the monarchy, aristocracy, and money families all around the world. These people have a tight grip of EVERYTHING; governments, media, business... The world is their cash cow or field of vegetables to tend, depending on how you look at it. They can be called 'The powers that be' in the truest sense of the expression. "Don't fool yourself in thinking that the people up top have your interests at heart and want everything to be gravy for you, because it is very much the opposite; they want everythin to be gravy for tHEM, and their only aim is to keep you happy so you can keep consuming and keeping their pockets filled". EDIT: I wrote this and realised that this is the paranoid viewpoint. it is a way in which it could be intepreted, but you need to look deeper to find the motivation for the people that control things keeping things the way they are. Money is power, and money is like rain but upside down. It filters up and up and up into the bank accounts of the corporations who own everything. Everything is pyramidized... if you look at a chain restaurant, there are local branches, then area divisions, and head office. usually the chain is part of a bigger umbrella company which owns companies in different fields, who'se head offices answer to the board of this umbrella company. The umbrella company usually links up into some other company of a bigger scale, and so on and so on. The nature of everything is to be pyramidized, and the tip of the pyramid is probably smaller than you or i might think.

Now think about the tip of this pyramid and think about the people contained in the tip of this pyramid, the people at the very top of the top. What could their motivation be? could you call them good or evil, or neither. Maybe the consumerist way in which the world is progressing is the only way to retain harmony. Open the eyes of the people and the wars would break out. Tell them they are being taken for mugs and they will revolt. Are these people at the top steering the world like a ship, with history as their map? I'm not too sure if they'd be doing it driven by personal greed, because there comes a point when a human CAN have too much money to spend. There are people who are completely beyond ever being by financial or legal constraints ever again, and these people are way below the top of the top.

Just a Thought, compadres. to be cont.