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06-01-2006, 10:07 PM
As I don't think I'm the only one around this neck of the woods that knows, or at least is into some martial arts, I found this subject to be of great importance....

I went on Google recently, and typed in, "Shaolin" just for the sheer boredom I was feeling at the time. I find a photo of a Shaolin Monk doing a 2-finger handstand with little to no effort at all.
So I asked myself, I said, "Self....how does a human being get to be so strong and invulnerable in combat??" Then, in a Ba Gua Zhong (8 Trigram Palm) site, I saw the term "Internal Kung-Fu". The main purpose of these styles being, not only to enhance your body's all-around endurance, but also to make you aware of your opponents energy, and sense the attack before it's executed. It just so happens that most, if not all Tai Chi and open hand styles, are designed to strenghten your organs as well. Most, if not ALL of these styles are Wu-Tang styles. Tai Chi being the most popular of all. Now, naturally, there are more aggressive, and certainly more dangerous styles than this. 36 Form Wu-Tang Boxing, Wu-Tang Spear, Wu-Tang Sword, Rolling Thunder Boxing....etc. Also, some of the more familiar styles, such as Crane, Snake, and Mantis, all originated from the Wu-Tang Temple.

Not to say that the external (Shaolin) school didn't have any influence on these styles, but the difference lies in speed and power. When it comes down to it, Wu-Tang styles have the immediate advantage because the empty-hand techniques are open hand techniques. As opposed to the mostly closed-hand techniques of the Shaolin Temple.

If your hand is open, your body's chi is flowing freely, and you can strike or block a lot faster than you could with a closed fist. Which not only uses energy simply from your fist being balled up, but also cuts down on your striking speed, as you now have a ball to move, instead of a knife/fan like open-hand.

Point being, I've decided to start with Internal Kung-Fu, then, once comfortable, go on to External. I advise anyone with the same ambitions to do the same. Not only for leverage in confrontation, but also, Internal Kung-Fu has had many rave reviews in curing ailments such as arthritis, stress, cancer, and even AIDS. It really can't do anything but help you. Even if you decide to do it only for a simple exercise, always remember, Tai Chi LOOKS harmless, but it's original applications were meant for combat. It was only later that they found out about it's health benefits.


"Also....The Wu-Tang Clan....will rise again. There are many others...all working for the good of The Wu-Tang."