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Ultimate Fist
06-03-2006, 11:19 PM
I bum rush all the gangs in New York,
Cut off your nuts and make your girl abort,
Go to the funeral,
Find your grave, spit on it,
no piss on it,
Run up to your family,
Blast them with a rocket,
selling your body parts around the projects,
An eye for an eye just made me rich,
You was a coward,
So the guy who has your bladder always pisses when he sees me,
I gave kids your skull to play with instead of watching the TV,
Single mothers thanking then I give an ass spankin,
You say you can beat me?
You're a lying liar to the Franken,
More humiliating to your crew than Moses eatin bacon,
Lying like a slave owning Lincoln.

Peace (Written in like thirty seconds)