View Full Version : "Be Eazy" rmx. Introducing Mo-Skee

06-06-2006, 02:08 AM
Tell yo' gyrl 2 b eaz-e/
C her walkin' 'round wit tha ice grill, she don't want it wit meh/
She don't really wanna C meh/
Tell her if she wanna keep that weave tight, she betta b eaz-e/

Get yo noze broke by this swift fist, huh/
Now u on tha ground layin' real still, huh/
Itz not wize 2 b runnin' yo lip, huh/
4 every other word, thatz anutha lick,huh/

U try 2 floss like u push nyce whipz, huh/
I seen that rent-a-car stikka, u slipped, huh/
Step on tha scene, yo' nigga buyin' me Kris, huh/
U bear witness and u wanna get pissed, huh/

Don't b alarmed cuz he lyke my style-
He aint seen a chocolate deluxe stunt lyke this n-a-whyle/

I'm dipped n white-gold jewel-reh/
Head-2-Toe Gucc-e/
Tha tron'z n my system, so I'm actin' real hucc-e/
U all juxed cuz yo man wanna do meh/
But keep it chill gyrl, u betta b eaz-e/


06-06-2006, 02:14 AM
Yo, Mo-skee iz pretyungthng, yall. Born in '79. O.G. B-gyrl/MC, down wit Wu since '93. This my 1st thread of many. If u sharkz wanna byte so-b-it. i got more where that came from.

Yo, Bobby!! holla @ a chic, tho. missebonyred@yahoo.com
Regardless, I'm bout 2 pop up lyke toast, baby!! "guaranteed." :spin: