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06-06-2006, 05:59 PM
havent wrote shit here in a while, just whenever i zone out on some wordpad or somethin... but ill start making regular entries and feedback is key for any improvements made.. peace.

this joints called I Could.. - i mightve posted it here a while ago but i wanna get more on it.

i could die a happy man just kickin' it here, fuck livin' in fear
id rather put it all on the table, blood to tears
put the weed in the air 'n down them beers
cuz the truth is just more blinding when the lies appear
speaking can be hard, and vision un-clear
but gettin' thru a struggle your actions take a part,
so i ask myself - how big is God's heart?
it's kinda cruel when you can, see the end before you can start
this dart, all my art, aimed at ya third
maybe only the drum will be heard, but when the thought occurs,
to listen to my words it's, free from absurd
you'll leave with something more, rest assured..
the wisdom i speak is ageless, the truth i write for pages
while other rappers aimless just built from old white racists
still pissed from the lack of changes in the world's leaky basements
the conflict arises dangerous when these fiends try to take this
so i could be a battle rapper and eventually die faceless
or i could spit only real words to reach all places,
and put smiles on all the faces of all the different races
but i shouldn't make a dime, cuz this knowledge should be basic...


06-08-2006, 10:17 PM

Da Dishonourable Don
06-08-2006, 10:27 PM
yeah you're verse was nice homie, I see you're from Toronto, which area you reppin'?, I'm from T.O. too, EgWest, check out my thread if you want to peep some shit, I got audio out there too, good lookin' homie, keep doin' your thing!

06-09-2006, 09:45 PM
grew up near the beaches and south scarborough, but now i live up in markham... i never get to hear any good t.dot rap tho we need a nice underground radio station or some shit to display the talent cuz i know its here

thanks for comments, more lyrics coming


06-14-2006, 10:13 PM
when Six starts screamin' rappers beat silent it's my cue for leavin'
i aint one to be grievin' im helping them leave by gettin even
even if it's dirty, the work must be put in
interefere, i wouldn't, talk back you shouldn't
or ill be swingin' like Ichiro holdin the wooden
some say i'm evil, some think i'm even
im still decidin' but for now, yo it's Treazon
fire shots thru the wire like Kayne im always squeezin'
fuck wit my team and, you be in rottin in a dumpster bleedin'
but only if were baked or bored, millions of deaths vivid in my brain stored
creativity spill to the page my thoughts pour
Six possess the power to have rappers on all-fours, begging
knees reddened, eyes wet whimpering like a shitty engine
but ima never give in to the money, fame and glamour
id rather point it to myself dummy, aim and fire
im like a church fire comin' to tame this church choir
like fuck your beliefs, Treazon can give a shit bout comic relief
my reign is constant drama, stressin' rappers with infinite trauma
fuck a fair one, and fuck honour, im here to win by any means
trample many teams on my road to happiness
rhymes come like the nappy of the nappinest
you'll feel crappy yellin' clap me as my words clamp and trap ya
come back wit some similies quick like i slapped ya
wordplay when this son plays with words comin' at'cha
crackin' backs wit blackjacks attached to staffs
blast back on wack wit wax tracks while laced macs attack ya...

hazidus hitman
06-15-2006, 07:46 AM
phat as Treazon, good shit bro.
all of its mean as
this was my fav bit

you'll feel crappy yellin' clap me as my words clamp and trap ya
come back wit some similies quick like i slapped ya
wordplay when this son plays with words comin' at'cha
crackin' backs wit blackjacks attached to staffs
blast back on wack wit wax tracks while laced macs attack ya...

good to see you back on the corp, first time i seen ya on here since the site crashed.
keep flowing, its good reading with mean punches.


06-16-2006, 06:32 PM
3 part crime saga, this is the first

its dark, late, homie you walkin' alone
tryin' to keep quiet muffle the sound when you turn off ya phone
walkin' outta my neighborhood, fresh off the bone
i got eyes everywhere, close mine and still stare
it's known you don't trespass, but you still there
you should stay in the open, but you took the left path
ain't the right path cuz it's the wrong path, ya last path
you shifty-eyed blided we hop out square-minded in black masks
fatigues the colour of crab grass
too small for gats so we pack brass, knuckles
you fired shots, we cant blast back
but you shook, shakin' so you missed black
drug ya in the van, smack, "where ya crew at?
wont talk? fine, yo back to the crib, introduce the blue bat"
off goes your pager, "yo who dat?
you recognize that number? dont fuckin lie to me
i see thru your disguise even your eyes sayin you lyin to me
we almost at my spot of course i live on the block
next time heed my warnings blood forget ya cock
tomarrow you be pissin blood, bitch if you live the night"
tell you to exit, be cool any scream he knows he a dead bitch
get him inside, down to business, gotta soften him up,
all i need is a minute and all the info he be coughin it up
cryin seein his coffin man shut the hell up
"why you come to this block kid?, you fuckin wit some tyrants"
all he did was grin cuz we both heard the sirens
gotta hide him quick and clean the traces of violence
before i could think shots popped off in the air
i said fuck it loaded both tecs nuff bullets to share
then i realized it wasnt no po-po in here
that muthafuckas crew somehow knew he was here
he wasnt wired i was sure and the reason was clear
i got a snake in my garden wonder who it could be..

to be continued