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06-13-2006, 08:32 PM
When im on the mic I catch wreck

My style is motherfuckin mad murderous
Now you donít try and rep saying you heard of us
Ask your girl, sheís been on the receiving end when I bust

Now on the mic you think your sick
But I got quick wit
Cause like Eminem, im Infinite
With rhymes that interlock like bricks
Which are also heavy and will crush you kid
Now for a while I suggest you sit
Go on take a seat
Watch my lyrical feat
Donít hesitate
To watch me levitate
Cause im on another level
And blinding you like diamond bezel
Like so solid crew Ēyou wont see me in the video, oh noĒ
But im coming horrid to you & ďyou donít want it with me, oh noĒ

Im the kid you see in the street
I got you sussed but you donít know me
Discreet is how I maintain
But I got duns in the street that be repping my name
Im known on a low degree wherever I go
Got a lot of thought that I never let be known
I often move in the streets alone
I think about life & every situation thatís going on

When I enter like the wu-tang
Youíll know who the fuck I am

When I get on the set
I bomb atomically like Inspectah Deck

Illmatic/still at it

Im gunna test ya with sumat KRS said
Im in a dream but it aint all good
Cos im been passed off just like a blunt
And I cant seem to wake up

She said she like these nikeys
We can maintain in my room while you tell me just how you like me

A rhyme is a terrible thing to waste
If your gunna become and emcee, this whatís you learn from the basement
My rhymes are too nice for you to taste
Then with my tongue I lace
The beat
With meanings deep
Step to me, expect defeat
I wreck the scene, check the fiend
For dopeness, thatís hopeless
Cos im the locest

All the girls gather round me cos I more styles than the ice cream man
They run away from you, shrek looking motherfucker, with that nice green tan
(running away from a shrek looking motherfucker with a nice green tan)

undergound like the turtules
jumping over hurdles
in my breath I think I see splinter
cos its cold like winter
my rhymesíll freeze ya
up, if hip-hop was a tournament
Iíd ease the cup
I got your girl sayin, this guy ease me up.

Sit back and drink a Heineken
As I go inside my mind again
Waiting on life like im timing things

Well I rap for a laugh
Just kicking back
And the partyís phat

Heavenly divine
Wish you was already mine

Come to collect respect

19 years ago on this day I was born into this earth
half way to death, I was already there
had everybody praying & scared
for the worse they had to prepare

Its 10 to 1
Thinking how my lifeís gone from win to none

You say by your waste your packing a gun
Approach me with it, Iíll be smacking you son
Now let me be truthful with you
That by your waist is really see thru
I donít push drugs
But someday I could
And now that your rich and famous, I doubt that you would
I donít stand on the corner of the block
Thinking because of me every dude under the collar is hot
You act to be this big O.G
Spoke to dudes on your spot
Got you exposed,
now everybodyís odds on favourite betting your not

this is living proof, spittiní the truth
every word from me is like dropping a bomb of nuke
so im sick and making you puke

hurts like razors when you pee
or choking after toking some herbal tree

this is a quick verse
to tip the nerves
spit the verbs
kick the curb

itís a risky life
sorta like skating on ice while juggling knifes

rhyme scheme
more dope than a dope feind

rhymes as ill a cannabill tripping off pills

the way I flow over the beat
you roll over desceased

lyricall efficiency is my mission g
cos I flow like a fish in the sea
now your boring me
see me sat in the corner snoring g

lowe & behold, watch as I unfold
like a holy scroll
on the mic im blessed
go after any emcee from the U.K or anywhere in the world thatís left

you masterbate
your old school listening to me on tape

yes its living proof running away
cos yet again im snatchin your chain

discreet like agility, sting like a killa bee

im the one who rocks it rightly
cos on the mic im tight G

im one half of the new group coming through L.P
hull gully
took the reservations from inside of me
told me to place em on wax, so I did just that
one low profile cat
and one living proof comeback

I speak the truth, living proof
What it stands for, now let it be told
Through the pen that I hold

Pleasure and pain
Like giving birth to a Bain

When I walk through
Heads talk, true

Third eye fish optical lens
Like the heat wave tropical bends

I even think of rhymes while taking a shit
Recite, recycle & sit on it

No1. crew in your area/maleria

Rhyme what I dream about Ė bailey with mouth on fire, eating snow

A smile on a face, worth wile to be traced
Mr. Bush & Mr. Blair, established countries of the world
Spare as thought to the population referred to as ďthirdĒ
Where food is rare
Your spending on weaponry is declared

Enough to solve world poverty

Every time I drink a beer

I feel my mind slowly but surely slip outta here
This place is a state of been mentally awake
Brain cells are dying with every swig that I take
It fucks with my mind state
Memory fails, causes me to aggravate

I get vexed then turn into an x-men

I stay 2 fingers up to the mainstream
dumbed down music in the name of C.R.E.A.M
a real message is never seen
no real emcees
its about the finer things in life
rhymes used so many times they as old as Christ
they ain't battle in the streets at night
but act gangsta in the studio when its light
don't matter as long your earning money, right?
hip-hop's been turned into a business
why is this?
think they signing artists for money
all goes to CEO, dummy

I write these rhymes, to get peace of mind
Anytime I find, I use for mines
To think among other things, in-between the lines
Decline any negative thoughts
To keep a clear mind brought
Into how I sort. Out situations,
Dilemmas, full circle back to creations
Of thoughts, thatís word is born
Many pages are torn
Before I find my ideal starting place like a pawn
So many thoughts
This takes time, like chess, helps develop the mind.
In the heat of the night/I use my mic like a knife/stickiní up mcís like/you think your all the hype/ok ima battle you now, psyche/-o, you didnít know/im sick with the flow/ im sick with the flow/ im sick with the flow

When i rock up on the mic
I be knockin any mc type
cos im kickin rhymes like batman does joker
and mc's battling with me, scared to go there
Just a bunch of kids
that rap for a laugh
i fucking hate Ja Rule
But fuck with me and i'll clap back
at partys people askin me to rap
gimme sum time 4 lyrics, a beat,
and you got a new wax
now watch me lace this beat
as im watchin you take defeat
i usually write lyrics without a beat
when im down, its my way of shoutin out defeat
i survived an Aneurysm,
now i shine with more styles than a Prysm
i dont need bars to write darts from the heart
cos im kickin a phat rhyme
with so much heat you catch a tan line
stop been stupid and rude
cos i got more styles than a rubix cube
im savage, i write rhymes that'll manage
to shatter your brain matter
i missed it out on purpose
i spit lyrics out my mouth cos im nervous
i speak slang with a slur and a stutter
and i sound slick when rhyming on the butter
where i live, its not known for stars, but the gutter
Living Proof is a testiment to medicine
my deadly paragraphs steadily appeal in mass

Sat at the back of the class with my hand up/ then teacher picks me out at random/ she also asks me if Iím done/ talking to the girl next to me/ as I whispered honesty is the best policy/ I want you and me to be / cos earth/ me and you deserve/ each other/ we could be high school lovers/ as im looking around at the others/ some I was known to call brothers/ tagging the book covers/ Iím wondering how could I/

Just say teacher dear/me and my peers/ are tryna hear/what steveo & nicko are kicking in my ear

V2: Sat at the back of the class with my hand up
Teacher said she didnít like me manor
My attitude was very rude (duke)
But I continued to choose talking to the girl next to me
I whispered to her, ooh you could be my boo
And for all its worth, me and you deserve each other
We could be high school lovers
Cos youíre the one I choose over all the others
So I wrote my number on her book cover
The bell rang so I rushed with some brothers
As we were hanging in the hall I heard these heads call
Thereís a kid who wants to battle and his style is kinda rougher

Sat at the back of the bus listening to music
She came and sat near me with her looks and intention to uses it
Wasnít sure if she was interested although her looks did ooze it
When I met her she was in drama school
Her eyes sparkled in the sun like a jewel
Her name was Tanya, after a while I knew I couldnít understand her
When we exchanged numbers thatís when I thought I knew,
Girls like her, there are very few
Then next day I decided to play it cool, it wasnít long before her text came through
This whole experience and feelings to me was something new
The time we spent wasnít planned together
I remember the first time our hands were together, there
In my street, a thought I keep,
Despite cuddling up & holding you, nothing was more sweet
She had awe about herself that made me think I had shyness defeat
Thatís why I miss and remenis over the time you and I spent as we.

They call me nick, with a nice size ____. I make the girls flip like, ďhow you feeling this chickĒ. Damn shorty you trick.

Warcloud aka Holocaust type thought verse

You see the murky water
Mysterious like a lurky stalker
You may pass them in the street, similarly discreet
Not a big talker, like your local drug scorer
With each victim he grows taller
The brain, it is smaller & running double time
Which makes him scared of his own wild rhymes
he thinks they're vicious and commit crimes
Keeps them well hidden & preserved in brine
Causes himself an Aneurysm,
Believing from the depths of Hell is where they have risen,
They are damned, doomed and ridden.
At this points Paranoia sets in
A good idea to him, he cracks open his skull
Likes heís done it many times, sorta like a cull
At the thoughts he tries to pull
But instead on the table he slams down 3 pounds, his mind
He splits it open, hands covered in slime
He tries to grip the grip the pen, but not for the first time
Because everything feels so smooth
He thought he saw the ink in his pen move
As he tries to write down why his life is so cruel
Askís himself, is my brain ticking to a different groove?
Am I tripping?
Blood spurting out my head and my heart is skipping
Getting weaker by the minute
Get my strength up, eat some spinach
But what do I do when I try to move, but can't?
Do I just lay here in a red pool?
Everything now feels so cool
Do I have anything to lose?
Which path do I chose?
Both have a different fate for me to use
I feel as though from the earth I am severed and confused
Many regrets, disturbance of the mind, forgive me,
Believe the phrase, ďits Living ProofĒ; because the mind is a maze, I just wanted a different view.

i leave the mic in pieces when i savage it with my rap species
Battle me son, thatíll become

a-skills, u keep mentionin guys sure ur not the one into gay thrills.
i seen u on the streets pimpin ur ass to pay bills

06-15-2006, 11:46 PM
read tek stylez' stuff and ul want to stop rapping

hazidus hitman
06-16-2006, 08:40 AM
Half This Stuff Was Bitten

thats what i thaught too.

06-22-2006, 01:25 AM
Half This Stuff Was Bitten

yeh iam wit'chu n hitman n don't reffer to emniem when u tryin to gain rep or any other rapper plus um u never shot/clapped a gun n from the hood u from the good part of uk n don't tell me u not cuz u have a computer n itz not stolen or didn't get stolen yet. come on dog hull,U.K. they hav a university for fukin sake
-take it how u take it

Da Dishonourable Don
06-26-2006, 04:34 AM

07-04-2006, 10:21 AM
The 2nd line is GZA's ,the verse is too long ,too wack,peace .

07-04-2006, 11:01 AM
i hate to drop negative words but you gotta go back to the drawing board, this stuff is no good homey

07-10-2006, 10:07 PM
yeah man, im readin some gza, some inspectah, i give you props for trying, and everybody has got to start somewhere. dont let all this negativity get you down, if you keep goin after it you'll get better and better. when i started out i was worse then you so dont think your too horrible to ever rhyme again. im nothing special now but i can write a verse thats original and gets some laughs and props from friends and stuff. dont give up hope, you have the ability to rhyme, so work on your vocab, your flow, getting multi syllable rhymes, your on ur way to impressing people at parties kid.

Edgar Erebus
07-13-2006, 04:10 PM
This shit needs to real improve, but it ain't bad for starters. Do on your flow, half of that I can't rap.

5/10 - do some exercise