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06-14-2006, 01:47 AM
I have put out a call for support many times. I have spoken about the Farm many times, but now the people of the farm need you, and I need you. I need the people that love not just my music, but the words that I stand for in it to go down to the farm immediately.

41st and Long Beach Ave (1 block west of Alameda)
South Central, LA 90011

Call here for directions or call here. Fernando 909.605.3136 Coordinate with him

This is the hotline. (888) SC-FARM-1 www.southcentralfarmers.com


I put the word out through the niggaz I know in the hood, the people I have met on tour, artists and street rebels alike. A few of them that don't have open cases are going down there even though there is threat of arrest. I have put out the word with students as well to see who can get out of class and head there.

At 5AM while there was still talk of negotiations, LA county Sheriffs attacked the farm, wrestling people to the ground and throwing the farmers into wagons, some for incarcerations, some to face possible deportation. We always hear our leaders talk of organizing to complain to the government, but power only respects power and we have no power in this society. I have been on the phone most of the morning and all afternoon
With people I know out there, and with reporters

While we March for immigration, we still shop at the corporate donors to Conservative Unions that revile us. We eat the food made and manufactured alike by those that have been gaining off of our slave labor. We support the system of our oppression itself. That is why the self contain farm was so important. At the end of the day we wonder why in an election there is only the lesser of two evils to confront when we go and express the last reminisce of our democratic rights. In the end our Revolutionary efforts cannot be limited to chaining ourselves to things or complaining and marching but attacking this problems from all sides. Not just a protest today or going down to the farm, but taking note after doing 5 minutes of research about, what corporations were pushing for it to happen and stands to gain the most from it, just like we should have all done with September 11th.

They have begun to bulldoze the farm, tearing out root and tree, pealing the skin off the land. The time will come soon for us to uprooted, for our culture to be bulldozed and all the while we will be sitting there expecting acceptance and looking towards negotiations. George Bush is marionette for special interests and people who really run the government that we never see on FOX or CNN or any other channel. But he was right about one thing, there is no negotiating with terrorists. How could we as slaves in our past think to negotiate with White Europeans who saw us a primitive jungle people, or monkeys or 3/5 of a man? How can we negotiate with people who wave their flag and disrespect ours? People who REWRITE history so that they do not appear to be the supremacists racists and conquerors they were and still are. I do not believe that people should be held accountable for what their ancestors do. But those that would always make excuses for their ancestors actions, those that still benefit from the way the system was set up and those that lie about the past and try restructuring it to benefit themselves are just a continuation of the legacy that has kept our people enslaved.

We sit here thinking there is an open dialogue about our status as immigrants, our lives our language albeit another European slave language. We sit here thinking there is a compromise and that we are going to win our acceptance into a society that has redefined racism to make it acceptable, not just at the border and at the airport but at the very core of American enterprise. We sit here and think these things while they plan and they move. Just like they moved today on the farm.

I speak of Revolution and cultural appreciation not to denigrate America, but to come to terms with its past and to envision something better for its future. My concern for this nation and my people sometimes has painted me as a Communist or a Vigilante, but I am neither. I am not a man who believes in a defunct Russian system that was used to conquer The Middle East and Eastern Europe. In the same fashion I might add that American style Fake Democracy carried the Trojan Horse of Capitalism into all Latin America, the Caribbean and Western AfricaHow pathetic can a person be to accuse one of wanting freedom to accepting of any social system to replace it with. We do not fight for the memory of Lenin and Trotsky, we do not fight for the Communist Manifesto, we do not fight for the image of Che Guevara, those are pictures and books. We respect those and other men who sought to find freedom. We look upon certain Socialist principles with a serious understanding of how they would better our community. But we fight for the people, we fight for the children and the minds of those who are not born yet whose spirits are close to us and long to take their first breathe and speak the cry of Revolucion. A spit in the face at the odds, at the Subtle Government Eugenics programs that tried to limit their birth. We fight for those who are lost, and those that are just finding their way home. We are fighting to take what is and always has been oursMany years ago, when I was still on parole I wrote on the inside the cover of my first album Revolutionary Vol.1

If you were given freedom by the same people who made you into a slave, then do you really know what freedom is and have you ever experienced it at all?

In the immortal words of Tupac, this be the realest shit I ever wrote.


Then read between the lines and see who stands to gain from itNot just Mr. Horowitz and Jan Perry but all the others in the shadows. The dawn comes soon for you.

Con Amor de Revolucion,

TechniqueGot I.T. as a friend on my myspace page. The guy drops knowledge. I hope that anyone close enough to show your support in person does so. peace

Aqueous Moon
06-14-2006, 02:05 AM
Yo, wtf?, a farm!? I live in Long Beach and I ain't heard shit about it.

People use shit like this to gain street cred. Where the fuck is I.T. when people need rent money or when they have trouble paying they utilities??

Yea...he up in the studio talkin that shit.

I'm all about farms and shit but, why bring more drama and guilt into people lives?

How about some more $$$$$ ? Peeps still gotta pay bills.

06-14-2006, 02:12 AM
?, There's a farm in the middle of South Central that is taken care of , and in return feeds, the local community. There's some real estate developer in the area that is doing all they can to get these people arrested and the farm destroyed. The cops were there today throwing protesters in paddie wagons. I think he's workin on the theory that they can't arrest everybody.

Aqueous Moon
06-14-2006, 02:26 AM
No doubt...it's all good, Eric.

But, peeps can't give a fuck about a farm when they ain't got shelter, nahmean?

Although, he gots my support, just cuz I think it's a positive gesture.

Aqueous Moon
06-14-2006, 09:49 AM
wow, this farm is a major issue out here...and i didn't even hear nothin about it.

I just saw a report on the news about this. It's def something to fight for and worry about.

It's huge and it feeds a lot of families....that is really important.

I didn't even realize what this was all about.

man, this was a good post Eric. I was bugging.

Aqueous Moon
06-14-2006, 10:18 AM
just goes to show, u aint white you can't have shit.

lol....Darryl Hannah was out there tryna bring some attention to the struggle for the farm, tho.

I probally wouldn't have gotten to see it on the news if she wasn't there.

Aqueous Moon
06-14-2006, 10:38 AM
a white lady actress

06-14-2006, 11:04 AM
yea shes trying to help these people fuck her

06-14-2006, 12:54 PM
wow, this farm is a major issue out here...and i didn't even hear nothin about it.

I just saw a report on the news about this. It's def something to fight for and worry about.

It's huge and it feeds a lot of families....that is really important.

I didn't even realize what this was all about.

man, this was a good post Eric. I was bugging.It's all good fam. I could stand to be more educated about it myself. It was something IT was being real passionate about so I thought I'd help spread the word. I got the phone numbers to some of the elected officials involved. I made call but their mail boxes where full. Guess at least it goes to show the people are using their voice.