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06-14-2006, 04:31 PM
this is from a song called Beauty and can be heard on my groups myspace...

they say truth hurts and i make it harder to swollow
raised in the valley of deaths shadow
sun i dare you to follow
dont prepare for tommorrow
cause daily shots blast just ask amadu diallo
what you think sun? what i'm a do is swollow the lies of this president?!
the evil in his eyes is so prevelent its devilish
masonic elements embedded in the sediments of his christian embellishments
the pestilence of his doctrine
got america offering their offspring often
you think your fighting for freedom? nonsense!
its a political process
you dying for oil profits
you cant stop it...
twice elected our rights neglected
the deception been injected and perfected sun check it
the Alliance stay respected effective left with the fighting in the trenches...