View Full Version : Relentless

06-14-2006, 04:58 PM
i escape the wrath of backstabbers
the aftermath of rap slash actors
smile to my face thats why i laugh at cha
alcatraz trapped trash rappers
get grabbed and bagged faster
i dodge darts on the regular
get static like a cellular
they call they raps gospel they more hostile than the secular
money first embezallers
local status heckalers
nursery rhyme editors
believe i'm a threat to ya
your whole molecular structure
gets ruptured
with just a ... line thats clearly defined and struck ya
desrupts ya ... mind gets inside and errupts ya
you wanted beef well here's the heat now let it burn like usher
my team rush ya
like they gorbechev
get no respect
hunt you down like bobba fett
you know the rest
more or less
my soul is blessed
i never claimed to be the best
i'm just the breath ... given to hip hop to ressurect it....