View Full Version : Bring 'Em Back Home!

Definitive X
06-15-2006, 12:23 PM
D-e-f is in effect, what the fuck did y'all expect?
My sound makes more waves than a ripple effect
Drop a triple cassette, quadruple CD
My cataract rap attacks connect, now you can't see me
I got more power than black steel in the chaos hour
Check it, I'm more gifted than brides at wedding showers
Defcee with two e's, the name y'all should be rememberin'
These cats got wins like albinos got melanin
Whack emcees can't breathe whenever they referenced
Y'all couldn't get heads to nod if you performed for epileptics
Sharpen my teeth on the mic, tongue works on ya girl
Penetrate precocious punks with rhymes that outshine pearls
Sublime, never refined, or defined
Cuz Merriam Webster was confused when it came to my rhymes
Rotate round respiratory rhythms, I breathe through beats
Only one star brightens the planet, the son's unique

HOOK: Comin' for ya dome! Gunnin' without chrome!
Assholes come from dirt, so I'ma bring 'em back home!
Battle with aural artillery, metaphor ministries
Slay ciphers swiftly, with sonic similes

Defcee, cause fullbacks to start fumblin'
Evertime I rhyme, I feel the world start crumblin'
Emcee that step to em without weaponry, I embarass 'em
Spit sick similes, and draw ill comparisons
This is parentin', ya DNA will feel it
Cuz I'm more sick and twisted than a mutated double helix
Drop more science than clumsy chemists, I break medics
Whenever they try to cure the sickness I'm inflictin'
In my inflection, the sound of my voice causes outbreaks
Medicinal miracles couldn't save you from my rough breaks
You're a cupcake, I got a sweet tooth for candy rappers
Slap 'em so hard, they pops ain't bent they moms backwards
Fire faster than Andy Pettite
The type to pull ya ghetto card and cash yo' street credit
Only sixteen, still guaranteed to split spleens
So precise, one verse could splice the tiniest genes


My flow floods rappers with intellectual improvement
Metaphorical militant, makin' mass movements
These clowns need to check who they fool with
Y'all are Quick on the draw? Pull out a mic and prove it
These cats are about as hard as Bow Wow with they nouns out
My shit silenced God, it ain't nothin' to quiet a loudmouth
I ain't sacreligious exactly, it's just that I'm never happy
Unless there's someone up there frowning down at me
I pound and drown any so-called renowned spitter
Lyrical lexicon leaves lily-livered linguists livid
My alliteration have you patient for the way that I'm wastin'
Pacin' the floor before I leave ya jaw on the pavement
My notebook holds more pain than slave ships
Your little words are Congress: they ain't gon' change shit!
That's why I'm here to call ya whack ass out
Put a mirror to ya lips, and watch ya mouth...