View Full Version : Penumbra [free Game but very good!]

Professor Poopsnagle
06-15-2006, 04:28 PM
this is a free 3-D-horror-adventure. a bit like silent hill and resident evil. technically itīs state of the art:


if you dont believe me, check the trailer on the website:


Penumbra is a horror adventure game featuring state of the art graphics and makes heavy use of physics. Penumbra was created as a technology development project, with the aim to explore new uses of physics in games.

Make no mistake, Penumbra may be free but that fact has not limited its development and the game includes all sorts of eye candy that you would demand from a contemporary retail title. It is not just about the tech however and the game's developers have spent a long time making the storyline intriguing and incorporating the in-game physics in such way that the result is a very cohesive and immersive title.

Penumbra is a must-have download for all gamers and proves that a small team of students working for the fun-of-it-all can create an engaging product and a pretty decent engine too.

If you are concerned about the large filesize of the download you can always view a few Penumbra Movies.

Minimum requirements:
CPU 1Ghz, RAM 512MB, Radeon 9600/Geforce FX


06-18-2006, 11:54 PM
At first glance it kinda looks like Condemned or FEAR but nice all around. I'll check it out once I get home. Props dawg!