View Full Version : Menace

07-05-2005, 08:32 AM
Ronin I'm a menace and I tote the Glock 9
I shoot myself in the eye and I see just fine
fuck platinum I get slaves to rob black diams
just like Big, wasn't and never liked a goody goody
punks think I'm gothic cause I wear black white pants and shirts and roc black hoodies
never had a girl, so I got a friend of mine, I call her Rosanne
she's my fucking Tec 9, she stay popping off at the mouth just like a spanish dime
I started rich as hell but I kinda like struggling
I like to work for my money so I keep the crack bubbling
I'm a superior of the Bloods but I started set tripping
I'm too gangsta for myself so when I do 187s nobody rides with me
I'm so cocky, arrogant, and secretive so I brag to myself
I'm the nigger that kilt Tupac and Biggie
I turn in every drug dealer because I'm jealous of their wealth
I don't like Bill, Trump, and Russell so their next on the hit list that's lying on my shelf
fuck ya'll I'ma go play with my health

07-05-2005, 09:51 AM
Lets hope that's healthy, i suppose you were busting!!!!!!!!!!!