View Full Version : Fuckin Ninjutsu artillery

Livin Blade
07-05-2005, 09:09 AM
Cut thru rap crap usin heavy artillery,
slash at ya neck,severing capilleries,
Make ya unable to read ur crappy lines,
savin ya from gettin fuckin rap fines.

We strap up,black suits,fuckin black swords
black shurikens,black niggaz,fuck! we're ninja lords
ur ass is our next target,fake nigga
heres a tip,bitch pull on ya own fuckin trigga

Our verses deadly,totally insane
Makin ya incapable , bringin on the pain
ur fuckin teardrops fall like fuckin rain
cause we whoop ur ass using style of the Crane

So graceful,ur rhyme's distatseful
so mild-mannered,mines hot-tempered
urs is lika a muthafuckin nerd convention
ma lines are full of hellish black intention

We make ya bleed like heavy menstruation
ya died at ya PC, heart couldnt stand masturbation
feel this, its the burning pain sensation
its the shit that make us feel elation

Ya couldnt put up a deliberate offence
cause ur ass is building up a phony black defence
watch me as the room builds up suspense
me an ma niggaz are fuckin intense

end ya life with ma ninja knife
fill ya fuckin love life with ma strife
bangin on ya bitch like a cut price hoe
jus when i did ya mom a minit ago


Need comments on this shit!TY

07-05-2005, 10:25 AM
Yah its explicit and raw. I can tell you're creating a grim picture. But you must be a bit more skillful in your creating a rhyme.