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06-28-2006, 07:50 AM

Check out this Ballerstatus.net interview with TQ, where they're discussing some side stuff next to music (movies) and of course the new music, hehe.

A few quotes:
I got all the way to the end on "Save The Last Dance." It was me and the guy who did it. They wanted me to cut my braids off.

I got musical morals. I'm just not gonna do bullsh-- music. Bullsh-- music is what sells, so basically, I just got to find another way to subsidize what I'm gonna lose on the music side for staying myself.

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting with an album ready to go and having to wait, wait, wait...like I did at Cash Money. But, actually having an album out that people can buy, but they just can't find it, that's a whole different type of frustration.

I almost started a riot with the females. They all got together and started e-mailing and sending me fanmail. They were like "Look, you ain't did no music for us. We're gonna quit f---ing with you."

06-28-2006, 07:57 AM
On a side note:
Check out this Amsterdam video feature from TQ's website www.thugpoetry.com (http://www.thugpoetry.com). Watch TQ in the hotel lobby, in the car, in the coffeeshop, at a radio station & at tv studios.