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06-29-2006, 09:44 AM
Thank you for the reference.

Whitey, I would interpret his comment as meaning that We the Original wo/man's rightful place on the planet is at the head. All of our civilizations, when untampered, last for thousands of years and propel mankind to ever increasing new heights. I can go on but I'm tired right now. Just adding on based on recorded history.

So long as this statement is true I will agree for know but how long can you measure, hypothetically, the similarity between people without there being some sort of change in the period when these people lived or indeed a migration of people or generation that would determine them to be labelled a certain race or colour or creed without the mother head factor being a part of the change that made that 'people' to be what it is at its present manifestation. You would need to be able to identify one woman as a start point and say okay bitch who you fucking this decade? Indeed the mother head would move with the body of workers but does the factor that determines a race or collective of people necessarily mean that the origin of that modern people are still linked with its original origins.
I think it is something that requires some thought. Maybe if we considered the Hottentots (Not indepth, yet:? ) were the result of an early intersection between two cultures. Only one culture would continue to be associated with that gene pool and that is the mother who bore the earliest bastard:dududu: child, I think. The father figure between generations could have completely been erased from that family tree. No?
Like the conflict between Sunnis and Shi'ites. The Shi'ites still believe that they have the direct descendants of the prophet muhammed as their moral mentors today but it seems unlikely that the beliefs and moral stanpoint relate to that people in their present form, let alone would there be any type of reincarnation of the Prophet himself. This is why Sunni's believe that they should have somone who has earned the repect and is morally capable of dictating this modern concept of islam to the people of the faith today.
Afterall it's only learned from a book and a book is what you personally make of it. No-one can TRUly change your first impression when you read it yourself but maybe they can give you a choice to make you form an opinion about it aftrerwards in retrospect.