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06-30-2006, 07:50 AM


for sure



my apologies for any offense
simply resist b.s. technical support
reflex definate retorts
you give me defected negligble reports
i'ma resevoir corpse no metaphors
forever more force, my ideology
a contortionist for this corporate
structure now dig that like a forklift
i'm more then a mortal my Lord
wheres the warship, we was force fed
conditions, that got us disciplinin
to get us out of these positions we was
entered in w/o citizenship beginnin to flip
now witness wher your kindred exist
pardon the lingo i been scarred
think? no, dickey crease sharper then kinkos
oh so photogenic , slow mo image
plush tailored over the chuck taylors
sdolo dont know no gimmicks
soldier loc'd but attentive
all black in every essence of the word
Dellys best so lemme flex this steady chess
perfectin verses its the hood in me
i smell that good envy , it wish it could tempt me
us cotton pickers we push pennys
walkin you snakes like them pimps b
in blood bath louisiana , who see the gander
we pickininies you speak in gamble
many done died still keep scramblin
angolians in gorilla warfare prepared
man handlin this manickins
you let that radio sing you a lullaby
shady tho, you feel that sting then see a butterfly
then wonder why
is there more than one disguise
you waitin for that punch and still stuck in line
yes i'm one of them guys

react cataclysmic
catapult pass this madness religion
cant capture this victim in proper fashion
we livin, i see the court jester
extort w/ pressure
born a warlord boy He swore to catch us
so you better keep runnin
eat somethin
these streets is elite huntin
if we need justice
decrease the treason from the judges
i see the sun every season and i love it
you neglect loyalty
so i protect the choice in me
perfect royalty
testins for toys
my confessions just a suggestion
let poison seep bring the noise please
99 % is clones and by the time that
get we gone..