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Ultimate Fist
07-01-2006, 12:05 AM
Anyone ever read this book? Bizarre but interesting. I've got to warn that people who are easily offended by racial/gender stuff shouldn't tackle this thing (first chapter is entitled: "White N***ers Have Feelings Too." My apologies in advance to anybody who reads it and wants to slit my throat (Goad is a shock jock in LA and puts things in very offensive terms. It is clear his goal is to offend first and inform second). The underlying message is what is important though.

Basicly Jim Goads thesis is this:

*Poor whites and blacks were turned on each other for political reasons by the rich. In past times before about 1780, they got along well.

*They should unite and realize poor is the key word, not race.

*Christianity was forced on the pagan tribes of Europe. They should be as wary of it as black muslims are.

*Ghetto/hick culture is the product of the Southern social structure which in turn originated in European feudal culture.

*The ideas of communism are more prevalent among so-called rednecks than so-called communists; they just haven't realized what they believe is communism yet.

Goad makes more lunier (SP?) claims but these are his key ones.

This book actually got me into knowledge. I'm white (mostly; some black which lead me on a black nationalist road for a while but thats another story) and it got me thinking because I live around poor whites in trailers, "why aren't we doing things to improve our neighborhood like NOI or BPP did?" So I started reading what blacks had done. Martin, Huey, Malcolm, Elijah, Clarence, I read them all. Eventually this lead me to Sufism. Sufism purified me and realized the spiritual must become before the political. i stil think about this stuff though.

Discuss. (PS seriously sorry if I tick anyone off who reads the book. It is offensive! i still recommend it. Read it for the underlying theory.)

Ultimate Fist
07-01-2006, 12:20 AM
Also check this out.

The Patriot Party

There was another page that showed these guys meeting with Bobby Seale at Berkely's Black Panther history website but its seems to be down. You can read more about them in the book "Black Panthers Speak."

07-01-2006, 02:01 AM

I got one for you homie. New Alex Jones documentary. Sheds some light on some of the events past Sep 11th.