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Ultimate Fist
07-01-2006, 01:09 AM
Throughout grade school, they put me in special ed. They said I was too dumb to read. What was actually going on was from a young age I didn't give a shit what the teacher was teaching, I learned what I wanted. I was reading the books for other classes so when the teacher asked us questions about the reading I didn't know how to answer. So I guess even back then I was self-educated.

When I got older, teachers still didn't recognize I was worth something. So I started losing attention in school when I was 13 and stopped trying at all. I just hanged out in the halls at school and read. But one day things changed. I was moving and the new school district had an efficiency test for new students. It showed I was above average in intelligence. I was put in Advanded Placement classes. The school psychologist explained to me that many smart kids get bored in classes that are too easy for them and are mistaken for stupid.

I found in the AP classes things were still too easy. Why? Out of curiousity, I had read a lot about history so the World History teacher taught me nothing. I did her homework in thirty minutes while most kids needed two plus hours. I did above average on the final, having read only two chapters of the 1000+ page book. I exceeded in English too. Why? I read the entire dictionary like Malcolm did! I ran into trouble in Math and Science because I suck at those subjects but that's beside the point. On almost complete self-education, I am in the top fourth of my class! Most of the other top kids in my class (who are all from better backgrounds than me) had "Advanced" classes from a young age. I beat the system at high school! Unfortunately, college is another matter. Lower class folk never have gone to Harvard except in cases of extreme luck.

The lesson of my story is this: ingenuity is more important than grades. Learn what you really want to. And read it now. Its now or never.

How did I do it. Like this:


1. Learn how to read.

This sounds obvious but do you really know how to? People twice my age often don't know what I'm talking about if I don't dumb it down (and they say rap fans don't know nothing :D ) Any word you don't know, learn it. I mean internalize its meaning not just the def. Here's how to do it:

1. Look in a dictionary. And look up the words to describe it if you don't know.

2. Wikipedia it. This will help you understand the context of the word.

3. Ask somebody who uses it what it means. With jargon, professionals can complete your understanding.

4. Use it. If somebody doesn't know it "learn one, teach one" Teach them its meaning.

Step 2: Read deeply.

Go to the library and pick one of each:

*A political book, initially of a different view than your own.

*A book on financial things, so you won't have to live in the ghetto.

*A holy text of a religion other than your own or a religious book

*A book on social trends

*A book on philosophy

*A book on music, art, etc. (can substitute with a CD)

Pick ones that spark your interest. Start easy if your not too literate. IF you really cant read, see if they have books on tape.

Remember PERSIA (Political, economic, religion, society, intellectual, art)

Expand your knowledge with visits to a book store with a coffee section. Grab books on things that are interesting to you and read them there. They usually don't care. Bring a pen and paper.

That's it for installment one. I'll do part two later (Same page; feel free to comment though.)

RECOMMENDED BOOKS (And other things)


Ten Things You can't say in America-Larry Elder (Libertarian)

The Way Things Ought To Be- Rush Limbaugh (Republican)

An Inconvient Truth-Al Gore (Democrat)

Race Matters-Cornel West (non specific-gnerally Left when relevant)

www.politics1.com (All described: issues, parties, canidates.)


Personal Finance For DUmmies-Eric Dyson


Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita


None off the top of my head (In a hrry) Why people are fat, own guns, etc.


Ayn Rand, Karl Marx, Nietzche (hard!)




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peace, good advice.

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good look on this advice you right thou on all points i feel u been doing that since i was a kid myself