View Full Version : open battle/real mc's only

07-05-2005, 05:36 PM
two rounds
however many lines it takes to get ur point across

07-05-2005, 05:57 PM
I Rock Mics Battled Crews Without Thought
Spread My Dart
Across The Room Homies Laughed At
Hes Own Peeps I Shown Mine To Defeat
Call Me The Checkmate Ill Let You Think Of Something To Say I Know The Word Play I Havent Got All Day
Remember The Subject Battlen Mic Testing Skills IM Investing The Language
I Slap Weak Raps Checkmate

07-05-2005, 06:13 PM

Jimmy Focus
07-05-2005, 06:43 PM
blast from the past ya just a ni99a wit no cash/
tryin to make it in this game but you'll never last/
cause I'll raost you alot like Eminem did Everlast/
when ya get right down to it, for the show ya never cast/
this is only the start and I might never finish/
until the day comes when ya style begins to deminish/
so I hope you all learned somethin from this little lesson/
It only took me 8 bars so who you think you testin/

07-05-2005, 07:05 PM
look ur both bad examples of battle rappers
i step up in the thread ya'll babies wet ur pampers
so leave now don't waste ur time
i'm killin this keyboard but don't call it a crime
just take as a chance for u to learn ta rhyme
and as for rapsody that whole verse was a travisty
so bow down to the god bitch call me your majesty
ur now entering my zone so punk protect ur neck
if u were aretha franklin u couldn't get respect

07-05-2005, 07:59 PM
I AM Aretha Franklin, fat black, staight canklin'
but I'm still higher rankin' than you bitch ass stankin'
ass raps, you thankin' yous the crap
shut your trap or catch a pimp slap
crimp that style of yours, average and mild is yours
sounds like it's bought in general stores
or washed up on polluted shores
i'm funky like mushroom spores
you spunky like rush-poon whores

07-06-2005, 10:46 AM
YEAH WOT My Styles Wild And All Y'all Rhymers Are Wack And Cant Really Rap,
In Battle You Hardly Attack I Laugh At Ya Chats, Then Start Blastin A Track,
Your Style Is Slack, Im Like Seen In Stylewars, So U Can Call Me The The King,
You Die Seven Days After Reading My Rhymes Like You Were Watching The Ring,
Yeah, Im Coming For World Domination Just Like George Bush's America,
I Aint Down With That Devil, Or You, So Im Writing Rhymes, And Im Ready 2 Bury Ya,
Im Causin Hysteria, Like Terror Alerts, You Know When I Hit You It Hurts,
You Aint Lifting The Curse, You Gonna Get Massacred Whenever Im Spitting A Verse!!!!:fucku:

Big Risk
07-06-2005, 12:50 PM
When I step up ta rhyme, words break hafa ya ribs.
dont fucking dare to address me as an average kid.
Chances are up, I break shake hafa ya bids.
I get dibs, on ya girl, grabin ha tits.
ya get shits.
After I feed you the food for thought.
the cocks been brought. now suck.
fucked ya girls butt, bitch clucked like a duck.
ya got fucked. and why you talk about pampers?
ill wear you out like dirty clothes, throw ya in hampers.
And since im domonite, imma say this seriously.
youve been pronounced legally dead, cuz you just got killed lyrically.
But ill revive you, rebuild and contrive you.

07-09-2005, 10:18 AM
when the sound of my pen hits the paper it creates shockwaves that lyrics get sent throughout the vapors, like JNINE says you probally just a group of haters
ya'll need to step down levels cause you people pop up more than hellos, you probally sound like some smurfs, voice higher than treble
trying to battle with poetry, 44 sound like you trying to come up with a wack story to tell the po po
MC Midas's rhyme scheme more common than gold, his thoughts don't even need be told, and like the game of poker this fool will fold
7L get off the text pornography, got more misspelled words than Onyx, we know you a lonely immigrant harboring, you talk about the dick so much I'm starting to think you on it
Acid prostate feeling more embarrasment than being diagnosed with cancer of prostrate
Infiniti stepped in and created the thread and we threw you some pampers, cause we took over like we was cells of cancer, and we know you crying deep down inside, nineteen years old and ain't got the least bit of pride, get off the pot son cause your mind is fried

07-10-2005, 12:11 AM
Shut the fuck up, i step to this thread and chop heads,
wax the floor with your face, i don't need shells of lead,
Just use my mind... which is honed sharper than your steak knife,
Your all generic bastards who couldn't bust it in real life.

And don't get me started on this grammatical error-fest,
My poetry explodes the underground tracks, like a terrorist,
At best,you might reach one eighth of my skill,
To me, your just a fresh canvas to create kills.

Half you weak shits will probably bite all these rhymes i write,
telling all your friends you wrote them but you stole them off a website.
Ah well what the fuck am i wasting my time for,
Keystyling battles are for cocksuckers with lock jaw.

07-10-2005, 10:01 AM
i drop bombs on crews like tom cruise, last samurai
when i pull out the ginsue you get terified
im certified, you're a chick like kentucky fried
why you buggen, ill spray your ass with insecticide
rap exterminator, run shit like the gladiator
im tellen the story call me the narrator
my rhymes are dope like coke, the mic's a sharp razor
i work as a cross gaurd, so i can stop you haters
pull strings like a tailor
if i get in trouble ill give a bribe to the mayor
ya you know im a player, part time land scaper
cuz i got greens by th acre's
im a playmaker ask john madden
ill break ya and leave ya badly beaten
so have a seat man, you dont wanna battle
with a creature from te night that lurks in your shadows
so next time you wanna blabber
shut your mouth or that glass jaw will get shattered
im a bull and i roam with a hurd of cattle
and i drop more words then your mom'z in a game of scrabble!

07-10-2005, 12:00 PM
^ that was hot, I liked that

07-16-2005, 07:52 AM
i been in more pussy's than tampax
u wet backs, get back, sit back, cant find out where my shits at
i bitch slap, my raps make ya fucken hands clap
my man'z given me daps, my dealer given me sacks
perhaps, u cant see me, put on your contacts
if u dont smoke u still get high from the contact
u cant break my contract, im ready for combat
like count drak, now im steady counten stacks
im shouten back, counter attack, u get anxiaty attacks
my reflex snaps necks and shatters backs