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Certified beatz
07-04-2006, 02:14 PM
4 Beats up right now for your demos and albums remember beats are only $9.99 per beat. Leave feedback and links to return to favor.

West coast funk meets East coast swing
Gangsta Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Gangstasnippet.mp3)
Gangsta Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Gangstasnippet.mp3)

Deep beat which could be for an R&B song or a deep heart felt Hiphop track
Teach life Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Teachlife.mp3)
Teach life Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Teachlife.mp3)

Another anthem beat
Unleash hell Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Unleashhell.mp3)
Unleash hell Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Unleashhell.mp3)

This beat keeps your head knodding over and over again
Roll call Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Rollcall.mp3)
Roll call Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Rollcall.mp3)

Ty Blak producer from Certified Beatz Musik Group www.certifiedbeatz.com

Certified beatz
07-04-2006, 09:38 PM
Bang this

Certified beatz
07-07-2006, 11:44 PM
Newe beats will be added this weekend