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07-05-2006, 06:44 AM

Track List
1. Feel It In The Air
2. I Can't Go On This Way
3. One Shot Deal
4. Gotta Have It
5. Don't Stop
6. Purple Rain
7. Oh Daddy
8. Change
9. Bread & Butter
10. Lord Have Mercy
11. Flatline
12. Tales Of A Hustler Pt.2
13. Look At Me Now
14. It's On
15. Wanted (On The Run)

07-15-2007, 04:28 PM
This has to be the most slept on album of all time. Real emotional and a banger from the front to back. Its a personal classic for me.

My favorite songs are...
Feel It In The Air, Purple Rain, Oh Daddy, Change, Bread & Butter, Lord Have Mercy, Tales Of A Hustler Pt.2, Look At Me Now, It's On


07-30-2007, 01:51 AM
1 "Feel It In The Air" – Arguably one of the most emotional tracks in hip-hop. The soothing flute and string sounds along with the harmonizing voice of Melissa Jay made this song just like the Kenny G saxophone rip. On this song, Beans spills his heart out about feeling emotions of an early death, and tackles issues of trust, knowledge of self, and independent living. 10/10

2 "I Can't Go On This Way" – Along with Freeway and Young Chris, This song deals with changing a lifestyle that is seemingly forced on you. The piano sets the tone of this song along with the rising and falling chorus. Freeway shined on this track showing versatility. 7.5/10

3 "One Shot Deal" – Along with Redman, Beans rides a fast pace beat giving a violent picture of a Mafioso Philly life. 6/10

4 "Gotta Have It" – By now the album gains intensity with this song featuring Peedi Crakk and Twista screaming “I Gotta Have It”, letting the world know that a man must stop at nothing to gain what he wants, but has to be willing to make sacrifices at the same time. 6/10

5 "Don't Stop" – Along with Snoop, it’s a East/West collaboration delivering pimp vocals over a typical Neptunes beat. Though many argue whether or not Snoop and Beans seemed on the same page, the outcome is a classic collaboration showing Beans acceptance into other styles of hip-hop and Snoop’s long reach into every level of the rap game. 6.5/10

6 "Purple Rain" – A ode to cough “sizzurp”, both Beans and Bun-B talk about their experiences dealing with sippin. The song starts out with a digitalized voice over a SJ Scratch beat painting a picture of intoxication. Bun-B shines as he talks about his first time sippin sizzurp. The chorus asks “Don’t Blow my high, while I’m sippin on Purple Rain”. 9/10

7 "Oh Daddy" – Emotional Song over a slow organ and base and sampled chorus saying
“Oh daddy
You know you make me cry..
How can you love me?
I can't understand why”
Young Chris talks about his struggles with a recent female as Beans vents about his own disappointment with relationships. 8.5/10

8 "Change" – Melissa Jay returns along with underground sensation Rell to deliver a song about changing and the need for it, borrowing the chorus “A Change gonna come”. 7.5/10

9 "Bread & Butter" – Once again, Beans tackles the sacrifice that a man makes for a female that turns for worst. Along side hip-hop legends Grand Puda and Sadat X, Jus Blaze lays down a heavy base and sampled chorus. 7.5/10

10 "Lord Have Mercy" – Mary J. Blidge displayed her talent over a spine tingling piano. Beans takes issue with sinning, repentance, religion, death, the world, and life. This song has an emotional overtone and yet still picks up on true dialogue with the relationship between God and man. 9/10

11 "Flatline" – Peedi Crakk is back with a Philly gangsta anthem. Beans and his Rocafella cohort give it all over an orchestra. Opening with “I’ll knock your fuckin head off, who gonna knock the kid off, one of ya’ll, wish one of ya’ll come chop me up”. 6.5/10

12 "Tales Of A Hustler Pt. 2" - Beanie Sigel, Oschino, and Sparks show their lethality on this track that is emphasized by a sledge hammer slamming against steel over a string heavy instrumental. The song deals with the street life in raw details and while not glorifying it and wanting more, it shows the reality of it and the acceptance once there is no turning back. 8.5/10

13 "Look At Me Now" – Beans gives visions of his earlier times before the rap stardome along with Rell. The chorus and background constantly saying “Take a Look at Me Now…” in harmony with the jazz base and well timed snare. The song is designed to make anyone feel like they have progressed no matter how big or small. 8/10

14 "It's On" – Jay Z delivers point blank high quality flow over a synthesized and grand piano beat, strewn with sounds of chimes. Both rappers show their high grade lyricism as they switch from different subjects and return in and out, taking turns murdering the instrumental. The song lacks a chorus and is rumored to be a freestyle, which any real rap fan can tell it’s a good chance it is. 10/10

15 "Wanted (On The Run)" – sampled from Bon Jovi, Cam’ron in his late prime and Beans close out the classic album and give one last medium tempo effort over a guitar laced beat by Neckbones. 6.5/10

Overall rating imo: 10/10
Debuted #3 on Billboard 200 albums, #1 on Top Hip-Hop/R&B albums

08-02-2007, 05:31 AM
I agree this is a classic, i actually think his first 2 are classic also. Mack is a classic emcee in the mould of a 2Pac or a Scarface in the way that his shit is so real, and its always saying something from the heart.

Theres honestly not one dud on the whole joint, although the neptunes beat is a bit by numbers, beans rips it.

BTW dipset lover, your explanations of the songs are stupid and the marks are all wrong, how can you give an album 10/10 when you gave half the songs 6/10?!

09-05-2007, 01:30 AM
BTW dipset lover, your explanations of the songs are stupid and the marks are all wrong, how can you give an album 10/10 when you gave half the songs 6/10?!

Eat cock!

09-05-2007, 02:21 AM
harlemdiplomat your review was horrible and nearly made me not wanna listen to this album ever again

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i fucking bought the censored version unknowingly, so i had to torrent the normal version. pretty dope album though