View Full Version : VOTES NEEDED-------->Da Dishonourable Don vs. T-ribe [big boy battle]

Da Dishonourable Don
07-06-2006, 06:17 PM
you know the drill, 1 round, 100 bars, no less, first to 5, 3-0 is a k.o.

Da Dishonourable Don
07-10-2006, 10:45 AM
fuck it, I'll drop first, with your flop verse you're sure to lose/
prefer to snooze?, I'll catch you while you're sleeping, creeping with the burner loose/
Creepy's known to murder fools, stomp ya like a herd of moose/
gimp, ya gittin' pimped, firmly cute in Tina Turner boots/
the curtains drew, lights out, show's done, finito/
pins and needles in your cerebral, my desert eagle leave you see through/
cockin' the glocks, blazin' the cannons/
Da Dishonourable Don's the cockiest whop on the face of the planet/ [8]
eight bars later, [damn], I'm surprised if you're still alive/
kill this guy with cianide, what lies is an ill demise/
drill his eyes with a cork-screw, stickin' a rusty fork through/
his torso, of course though, I'll force you to snort glue/
raping your whore's womb, duct-taped in a dorm room/
porn goon, forcefully shoving my fleshy floor broom/
T-ribe, you couldn't survive the pain and mental agony/
you're too sweet, so if I eat you, I'm a leave with a dental cavity/ [16]
potential battery, assault charge on your hot wifey/
bite me, just for thinking you're iller, it's not likely/
wanna be a criminal?, you gotta do your own dirt/
Da Don was on the streets while you were in the crib doing homework/
while you was studying english, I was flooding the trenches/
a hundred deep, shankin' enemies with bloody syringes/
you a lame with no brain, a sucka with no heart/
a bigtime pussy, when I fuck ya, you blow farts/ [no homo] [24]
queefer breath, yeast infected hurpie punani/
murder you calmly, run a train and take turns on your mommy/
speaking of moms, your mom's so fat, her e-cups are speedbumps/
used to slow traffic, while her legs look like tree trunks/
ya weak kunt, now how you gonna fuck with my fam?/
you're like an ostrich, with your head stuck in the sand/
I'll take you hostage for less than ten bucks or a gram/
now here's a sausage, your girlfriend can suck it and gnam/ [32]
gun in my hand like the Summer of Sam, making your block hot/
you couldn't buy some time if you were in a local clock shop/
provoke the cock-block, when I catch you with your main squeeze/
stained cheese on her new outfit, then I'm out TRICK!/
see ya later, congratulate or be a hater/
either way the heat'll blaze ya, I'll eat this faker like a sweet potata/
Creepy caters, to all sizes and races/
besides, I'm the greatest, watching T-ribe bleed outside where his face is/ [40]
so who's racist?, I'll kill a white cop with a black night-stick/
then I'll kill his wife's twot with my fat white dick/
I'll stab a dike's clit with a rusty ice-pick, I'm cold blooded/
kicking your pregnant hoe's stomach until she pops a gold nugget/
I'm so rugged, a low budget serial rapist/
bangin' the pussy out at it's most venereal stages/
hysterical rages, I might snap, go tick and blast guns/
homo, you the type who likes to blow dicks and splash cum/ [48]
all up in those black gums, gingivitis, dragon-breath/
throw grenades at gay parades, then count how many faggots left/
stab ya flesh, ya chest looking like a crepes from I Hops/
apply the vice-grip until your eye pops.... now you look like Cyclopse/
this is where the fight stops, ya final destination/
for rivals hesitating, check the rifle when it's blazin'/
death, pillage and rape's a psycho's entertainment/
bloodsport, I'm quick to cut your blood short from it's circulation/ [56]
disturb the nation, 'cause every verse is perverse with the gore/
yo I'll turn this battle into a ride in a hurst for the morgue/
blood pours down my chin but I'm still thirsty for more/
slice a new born's ambilical cord with the dirtiest sword/
my verse is like cancer.... beating me?, you dead wrong/
like a dude who got shot for not giving the right answer/
night panther on the attack, strike with agility/
if I sliced your spouse's arms off, your wife still be feelin' me/ [64]
I'm nice with the ability to kill mc's continuously/
I'm nicer than vanilla beans imported from the Phillipines/
son I put the rust on Rza's fatal flying guillotines/
you can't fuck with the regime....'cause you're softer than Twinkie filling cream/
you're still a teen with a pipe dream to win a battle/
better wake up T-ribe, and play sleepless in Seattle/
Dusk kicked your fuckin' ass, Classic did a number on ya/
Concept left ya burnt, like the disease I recieved from ya momma/ [72]
now this herb built the nerve, and started mentioning names/
but when I see you, better have a tight clench on your chain/
homie, ya dead broke, and you ain't got a cent you can claim/
I'll cave your thoughts in with punchlines that dent in your brain/
'bout to git ate like a plate of gnocchi/
wanna battle me live?, I'm quick to spit it in your face like Totti/ [eurocup '04]
gain the victory like Italy, and take my trophy/
leaving your mothafuckin' butt burnt, like a latenight stogie/ [80]
T-ribe never had a chance to widthstand my verbal avalanche/
I battle clams like you on the regs.... go call an ambulance/
pansypants, what's good?, in my hood we all strapped/
domino effect on these rappers, just watch 'em fall back/
'cause y'all whack, y'all tracks be crappy with the shitty-streak/
but T-ribe is the epitamy of garbage leak through city streets/
gritty peeps, known to hold nines, go the whole nine/
these cold rhymes should be labelled dangerous with skull and bones signs/ [88]
bowties, Columbian stilo, ya fucking with killers/
your best punches couldn't add up to fuck with my fillers/ [like this line]
better bow down and face it/
battle with me, will only leave you with a bad experience like Bow Wow in basements/
and that's word, if you never heard me rap/
on the mic, I'm like a Chinese restaurant... the way I serve these cats/
you're absurdly whack, observe the stats, BOM and ODDJOBBS/
sawed-off 12 gauge rifle burn ya like hotsauce/ [96]
I'll son you with a verse, but kid I've always been ya father/
the type to burn your fuckin' face with a freshly baked empanada/
take an L mothafucka, let's be realistic T-ribe/
you'll git eaten alive, my verses are like a cannibalistic tribe! [100]

and you're lucky I ain't trying neither! BIATCH!

07-11-2006, 03:35 AM
Ok for fuck sake your talkin out ya asshole/
I got ya whole squad after me/
Like the states are after Castro/
Pleez remind me how it came to this/
Like I put out an '06' Shindlers list/
You think I give a shit, no really you think ur worth my spit?/
What you think this is? You really wanna battle/
Son I saved ur life, when your moms didnt wanna have you/
This is fresh meat, and I aint ate in weeks/
Boy ya whole style is bitten, when I use my canine teeth/
Good greef, why I gotta beef wit Penuts and his gang/
I've finished Linus, Pepper Patty, Lucy and now this mane'/
Good O'le Chuck, why not pass the buck/
Should have gave the torch to Thai, I bet he has some luck/
I wanna drown ya weak CONCEPT in 100 proof/
Than at DUSK I'll light ya face, set fire ta the roof/ (16)
My mighty words are SPOKEN, the proof you are a spoof/
How can this get more CLASSIC, the sig shows how I'm jurassic/
Got a shottie in my clutches ready to ice you like Joe Sakic/
Under cover faggot, wit rainbow and mushrooms tats/
An arrow facing downward in the middle of his back/
He like to keep his stats wit knotches down his crack/
The fuckin king of reach arounds, wit an asshole that can clap/
I would love if I could talk about, how I raped ya lady/
But Da Don likes men, he calls his friends, OddJObbs and BOM mainly/
The shit is crazy, you can not play me/
I got my Caddy from the loot ya moms pay's me/
So when she's lazy, that shit don't phase me/
Ya sister in trainning, to be the next Airforce Amy/
Get my doe and gett it right/
Your moms pussy's lingers in the air of the night/
Ya siss's coochie's tight, pink juicy, and nice/ (32)
I love that shit more than Asians love rice/
Ya betta think twice before commin at the Tribe/
I support ya whole fam, you owe me wit ya life/
I know ya Dishonorable, but rookie play nice/
or I'll fuck ya dome up like ya caught some head lice/
You only get a little a peice, just a small slice/
Next time you battle me Rhyme like you value life/
I want ta stick you wit a knife, a jagged rusty blade/
I will call you Toby and now you are my slave/
Dont you misbehave or I will strip you of ya Roots/
Get down on ya knees and clean my Timbo boots/
I'll show you rusty Jooks, jabbs and right hooks/
While you write sub-par verses, homie I write books/
I leave ya ass shook, in disbelief like David Blane/
Pookie dont you fuck wit me, I'm crack like cooked cocaine/
Nothin to fuck around with, I bring hits from the basement/ (48)
My style is medical, it'll give ya ugly ass a face lift/
On this day I came and proved, to all the non-believers/
Creppy still got Growing Pains, I hate to kill Ben Seaver/
I'm a starter, and Don is a farm league reliver/
I'm the star quarterback, and your the forgotten reciver/
This hole just keeps getting deeper/
You invoked the Teepee creeper/
Look around your corners, lock ya doors, close your windows/
Cuz ya never know when I go plottin, schemin/
catch ya while your dreamin/
so ya slippen when your sleepin, I hear what ya thinkin/
My thoughts are so rotten, my flows start to stinkin/
Ya battle ship is sinkin, thats what semen get/
I licked off a dummy shot and you act like you got hit/
Ultradramatic faggot, you fuckin flaminhomomaniac/
I'd say get off my dick but first I want my nuts back/ (64)
I buck back when you shoot ya duce duces/
My ooowhop neva hold truces/
I'm a legend, beat the game of death/
You'll end up just like Bruce did/
ooh kid, ya vapid rhymes got me snoring/
I'm always melange word bond like Koran/
Your floe dont work like sunday morning/
Stab you in the back cuz ya boys asked me too/
I laught at you and ya lil WU internet crew/
I went to the Skool,......school of hard knocks/
That where I met ya moms and put her on the blok/
She was my privite stock like V.S.O.P/
Started smokin all my shit like it was Friday wit Smokey/
I pulled the Okedokie, and lumped her up with my ashy knuckes/
Remember that day I beat U wit my belt buckle/
I told U son, respect this Cartel Playa/ (80)
But you wanted to argue, and be captian hoe sava/
Come to find out later, you suck cocks like lifesavers/
I aint a hater if that what sets ya tide/
Creepy Follows theme song is called Raw Hide/
All jokes aside my flow is a killa, I'll thrill ya/
Beat that ass in 14 rounds like Ali in Manilla/
Rumble in the Jungle chimp, dont fuck wit silverback gorillas/
Get destroyed like mexican villas/
when the spanish came to conquer/
I keep my noise organized, hex ya like Witch Doctor/
Glock popper, rib rocker, show stopper/
Take ya flow from ya and make that shit proper/
It so dam obvious, your whole style I fathered/
Welcome back Cotter, school is in session/
I'ma bless this wanna has been wit a few lessons/
Dont force ya rhymes, let them joints flow/ (96)
Drop only cold lyrics, like you wrote them in the snow/
Only bring ya A-game to the battlefield/
Da Don's verses are snacks, when U want a whole meal/
Duk ya a luchable, kiddie food fo'real/ (100)

!00- straight up and down.

Keep it up and I will put my hand right through your chest *feel me*

Da Dishonourable Don
07-11-2006, 05:57 PM
ok, let's git some votes for this, no dickriding votes, just honest opinions based on the lyrical fact, I'm surprised that this shmuck dropped a hundred, he didn't pull a Nightwolf on my ass, lol, aight let's git some votes!

07-13-2006, 08:27 PM
ok, so i'm rebelling agains who? An army of geeks that hold the groupie weight? I can't take battling here serious any more, because people don't vote on who the better rhymer is, it's all a popularity contest.

bullshit, now im serious, i can only speak for my self but..."oj" isnt a big thing! its a group of good rhyming dudes, but what they do is w/e, ME i vote for whos the better rapper all together, ive never made a bs vote, and ive never not meant a post, this is exactly why im not voting in here because YOU and TRIBE will jump at my throat unless i vote for tribe so w/e man

Da Dishonourable Don
07-19-2006, 06:00 PM
I don't git it, we both spit a hundred and not a single vote yet?

07-19-2006, 09:36 PM
Yeh man I don't know whats up ither. Maybe cuz U battled me? as you can see I still have 6 battles that are still opened, due to non-voting mutherfuckers.

Please vote!!!!!!!!!!

07-19-2006, 10:15 PM

Flow - Don
Punchlines - T-ribe
Creativity - TIE
Worldplay - Don
Vocab - Don

I vote for Da Don

Da Dishonourable Don
07-20-2006, 04:01 AM
good looking on the vote, 1-0 finally, let's git some more!

07-20-2006, 08:29 PM
^yea fo real... Don got some skills... multies was nice... shitty match up tho... shits a landslide victory.... vote Don

07-20-2006, 09:10 PM
Yo Don I'll let this^^^^^^ vote count if you feel its valid

Da Dishonourable Don
07-20-2006, 09:51 PM
2-0 in my favour, I don't see why his vote shouldn't count, he gave an explanation why he voted, so it's valid!

07-21-2006, 10:38 PM
2-0 in my favour, I don't see why his vote shouldn't count, he gave an explanation why he voted, so it's valid!

The only reason I made that statement was because he dont have enough post to battle so why should his vote hold any weight? But no worries I'll take'em like there posted.


07-21-2006, 10:50 PM
T-ribe, archer preist is Kingshyt, remember him?

07-22-2006, 12:32 AM
Ohhh see I dint know that, and I do remember him. Nevamind than the vote is valid.

Pretty Toney
07-22-2006, 04:18 AM

07-22-2006, 10:46 AM
Still 2-0 Don is up.

Da Dishonourable Don
07-27-2006, 09:08 PM
1 more vote needed for a knockout, anyone wanna vote?

07-27-2006, 09:13 PM
bullshit, now im serious, i can only speak for my self but..."oj" isnt a big thing! its a group of good rhyming dudes, but what they do is w/e, ME i vote for whos the better rapper all together, ive never made a bs vote, and ive never not meant a post, this is exactly why im not voting in here because YOU and TRIBE will jump at my throat unless i vote for tribe so w/e man

Flow - Don
Punchlines -Don
Creativity - TIE
Worldplay - tie
Vocab - ribe

nuff said

Da Dishonourable Don
07-27-2006, 09:38 PM
3-0's a k.o., nice battle though T-ribe, didn't expect you to throw down a hundred but you did, so in my books you're a true mc, peace!

07-27-2006, 09:42 PM
yo later on we will do a 100 bar battle (dont think im writin it now) jus im working on ssc shit, (musically)

Da Dishonourable Don
07-27-2006, 09:51 PM
aight, 100 bars it is, but do you do any audio shit?

07-27-2006, 09:59 PM
ya yo i want to do a BOM track(s) man lets polly

07-28-2006, 07:25 PM
Straight up we'll have to throw out another 100
Good battle meat...much respect