View Full Version : Joey Licking Rick Ross's Crack

07-12-2006, 09:38 AM
BX stand up. Fat Joe was on the line with DJ (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#) Green Lantern on Hot 97 last night. When Lantern asked Joe about people saying New York fell off, he said:
"…I feel like, somebody give me a real song (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#), not recycled. I wanna hear real songs (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#) right now. It's a hard subject to touch on. I'm tryna figure it out… I be hearing [underground no-namers’] freestyles and they ain’t even got a deal talking about ‘I’m in the hood.’ Damn right you in the ‘hood. [Because] You ain’t got nothing yet... I feel like New York gotta make better music (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#) 'cause right now its' recycled. The South is doing their thing…"Recycled huh? Maybe that’s why his latest single, called “No Drama (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#) (aka Clap and Revolve),” is recycled so badly to the point to where it sounds (http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2006/07/fat_joe_does_a_remake_of_rick.html#) like a remix of Rick Ross’ “Hustlin.’” Don’t get it twisted, "No Drama" is straight crack, one of the best right next to the Just Blaze-produced “Safe 2 Say (the Incredible),” but it sounds too much like Rick. Had he shifted the instrumental tip just a tad, it wouldn’t sound so reprocessed. But I’ma say it again: The joint is crack juice, fiyah, sick, and all those other synonyms.

Da Problem Child
07-12-2006, 10:11 AM
I don't listen to the radio so i have no idea was fat Joe talking about.