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Edgar Erebus
07-13-2006, 04:16 PM
I was born in a village god-knows-where
In a motherfucking killa season happening right there
I was told that my father went to heaven next day,
When he was fighting against cold steel to clear out our way
And we all fleed to city, to live even more shitty,
To run from basement to another, in the dark I was sitting
When I got my first memory, a man looking black,
With a gun in his hand, with some blood on his neck,
Yeah it was a land attack, I don't know if he did fire,
I seen mother's head next day hanging on barbed wire.
When I was four years old, I learned what revenge means,
From my first fired bullet, slugs flying my heart feels,
At the age of eight, it was the first life I took,
At the age of ten, I was the real street crook,
My gang was all my age, we were savager than soldiers,
We were loyal to our game, disorder we were holdin
Robbin on every small store, motherfuck we were mobbin,
If someone stepped on our way, next day his mother was sobbin,
But it wasn't my mission, revenge was still beatin,
And I had only her on my mind when my army was hittin,
I knew it wasn't time yet, it wasn't time for me to get
But you could bet, I watched the man I want so badly to wet,
He became lord of war, riding around in his hummer,
The most popular killer, his gun was sounding like drummer
When spraying on people who were saving life 'fore him,
His barrel never let him think bout his job as a sin…

There's hell on earth, it's the only thing that is true,
there's no need to die to make yourself motherfucking sure
My spirit was chaotic, there ain't order, I ain't tried,
I wanted just revenge, only the murder was on my mind
While I was making my green, I never asked what's the kind
Of the crime I was to make, who got the life I was to take
I ain't got time for question, too much was on stake
Cause my crew was hungry, I didn't want now to be cracked
The time for action been wasted, I got reports what is being,
The motherfucker I sentenced was heard to be fleeing
On the way to sky haven I put my people on roadblock
Probably similar to place where my old man got knocked off
And I seen the fuckers coming, bullets flying I felt again,
Three jeeps with MG's, I knew the middle was the main,
But they was shooting on our place, firefight was now made,
I was betrayed, my ambush gone off in a raid,
My people dying, a boy was crying for his mother,
And I was running 'fore bullets, I didn't think on other,
Till I got trapped in a fucking blind street, one of million,
And when my chasers arrived I wasn't thrilling, not anymore
I just remembered many things that I missed to have
And I thought bout my rotten body in unmarked grave
When the bullets were ripping my dying flesh
I was having blinking visions and a feeling of a flash
I was thinking bout my woman that I never had
I was thinking bout my friends who died for my bad
I was thinking bout the people who died cause of me
I was dying, motherfuck, did it really had to be?
Was our fault this ring of death where's everybody caught,
Are we fighting this bloodshed, is this what we sought,
Is this death without reason really what WE will?
Are we still living here, or our hearts became steel?

(This is dedicated to my brothers in spirit from Lebanon, Iraq, Congo, Chechnya… and anywhere. I get'cha, people...)

Edgar Erebus
07-13-2006, 04:20 PM
This can be found on my official thread too, but I realized no one gon read it there :no:
I wrote it inspired by yesterday's beginning of a new war in Lebanon... so check it and rate it.

Edgar Erebus
07-14-2006, 02:05 PM
This is cruel. 14 viewings no word.