View Full Version : Silent World

Edgar Erebus
07-14-2006, 02:01 PM
Welcome to my world, where ain't everybody allowed
To step into him, man, nothing here happens aloud,
It's hard to get in, here ain't nothing changin',
So be grateful that I let you single chance you'll have to get in,
See you live on the surface of this planet of green,
In the, maybe, unlucky place, but it has always been so
Appreciate your time that is given by me,
In the middle of pure-hearted people, workers and G's,
Between patriots and judges, fathers and their families,
Every element of only world that you know that there is,
But see, it's fake world, just a theater for me,
While I live in the REAL world, the only that means
My world exclusive club, only for power fiends,
You must be born ta participate our quiet meetings,
To be a part of the court of underworld empire,
Secure from any cruelty, protected from any fire
And only people who know formula are able to get in
To the silent world of people who renounced own dreams
The soundless elevators, taking you ever lower
To the door of easy life, wealth, money and power

Two words whispered in a phone and world moves,
And every action you gon take is for me one more prove
That my word gets more money in devilish short time
Than you'll ever get as working shit during your life
In my discretely shady club that I call working room
My hand writes few words which you'll feel damn soon,
And you'll never know who made your life fall into ruins,
Cuz your struggle to open my door is completely damn useless
You a mortal, you don't know even my word exist,
And when you see my face in public you don't raise your fist,
My words are bout justice, moral, law when you see on TV
And you will never know what is the deeper meaning of shitů
My money's made on death, life, power, respect
On the cancer you have, on the image you reflect
I make my green on crack fiends, killings and wars,
The food you eat, on your wish to get girls and cars,
And I quetly laugh watching your everyday struggle,
Watching your tired faces, hearing the words that you mumble

Sometimes you have strange feeling that there is somethting deeper
But then you'll stop thinking, maybe you'll become oversleeper,
And that's my will, my way to protect my own back,
Capitalizing on your struggle, on the power you lack
Well, no more words, you don't understand what you heard.
Son, door is closed. Get back. To your fake world.

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