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07-15-2006, 11:40 PM
Affiliated throughout his career with DJ Mark "the 45 King," New Jersey's Lakim Shabazz -- a Five Percenter -- came up in the mid- to late '80s as a member of the 45 King's Flavor Unit, a crew that included Queen Latifah and Apache
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within its membership. Shabazz took part in the 45 King's notorious 900 Number EP, the Tuff City release that elevated the status of everyone involved, especially that of the 45 King. Signed with Tuff City himself, Shabazz released a pair of 45 King-produced LPs, 1988's Pure Righteousness and 1990's Lost Tribe of Shabazz -- both filled with Afrocentric and politically conscious rhymes that incorporated the Five Percent Nation's doctrine. The former included "Black Is Back," one of the truly great underground rap classics of the late '80s. Shabazz, who developed production skills of his own, has produced some of his own tracks, in addition to lending his talents to Diamond D. & the Psychotic Neurotics' Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide
This god was deep any of U remember him?

07-16-2006, 12:51 AM
nah man, no idea who this dude is
probably ask a Jersey duke about it

07-16-2006, 01:02 AM
Pure Righteousness:
1. Pure Righteousness*
2. Black Is Back*
3. All True and Living
4. Adding On
5. First In Existence
6. Sample The Dope Noise
7. The Posse Is Large (Remix)*
8. Don't Try Us
9. Getting Fierce
(Tuff City - 1988)

Lost Tribe of Shabazz:
1. The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz*
2. Need Some Lovin'*
3. The Voice Of Power
4. When You See a Devil Smash Him
5. Black and Proud
6. Black Is Back (Remix)
7. No Justice No Peace*
8. Notes Of Def
9. Style Wars
10. Ladies
11. Brothers In Action
12. Adding On Rap
(Tuff City - 1990)

Guest Spots:

The 45 King "The 900 Number" Master Of the Game (Tuff City - 1988)
The 45 King "La Kim Theme" Master Of the Game (Tuff City - 1988)
The 45 King "Raw Dope Rhyme" Master Of the Game (Tuff City - 1988)
Hip Hop Artist Against Apartheid "Ndodemnyama (Free South Africa)" (Warlock - 1989)
The 45 King "The Red the Black the Green" (Tuff City - 1989)
The 45 King "When a Wise Man Speaks" 45 Kingdom (Tuff City - 1990)
The 45 King "Master Of the Game" 45 Kingdom (Tuff City - 1990)
The 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit w/ Apache, Double J, Lord Alibaski & Queen Latifah "Flavor Unit Assassination Squad" (Tuff City - 1990)
The 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit w/ Apache "Passin’ the Mike" (Tuff City - 1990)
The 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit "Hands Of Fate" (Tuff City - 1990)
The 45 King & Louie Louie "Style Is Free" Rhythmical Madness (Tuff City - 1990)
Naughty By Nature w/ Apache "1,2,3" Naughty By Nature (Tommy Boy Records - 1991)
The 45 King "The 900 Number (Ced Gee Remix 1)" The 900 Number EP (Tuff City - 1991)
The 45 King "Lakim Shabazz Acappella Vocal" The 900 Number EP (Tuff City - 1991)
Class A Felony w/ Diamond D "I Can't Take No More" (Polygram - 1993)
Queen Latifah and the Original Flava Unit w/ Maceo Parker "Horns are Horny" (Tuff City - 1998)
Queen Latifah and the Original Flava Unit "Flavor Unit Assassination Squad (45 King Remix)" (Tuff City - 1998)
Spoonie Gee "Spoonin' Rap (45 King Remix)" (Tuff City - 1999)

When You hear most Five Percent MC's mention artist that inspired them his name is mentioned.

07-16-2006, 01:52 AM
Didn't The 45 King do Stan for Eminem? Sorry for offtopic....

07-16-2006, 02:07 AM
Yes and a Hard knocks life by Jay Z

07-16-2006, 02:44 AM
Hard Knock Life was a banger...one of the few Hov tracks I like! I thought it was pretty cool that he sampled Little Orphan Annie, my cousin is a total Annie freak and she nearly shit a brick when I put one of my mix-cds with HKL on in her car....