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07-16-2006, 11:02 AM
O.C. ~ Starchild


Evaridae (w/Pharaohe Monch)
Who Run It?
The Professional
1nce Again
Ya Don't Stop
Story To Tell
What Am I Supposed To Do?
Memory Lane
Who Run It? (Rmx)

07-16-2006, 12:05 PM
1. Intro

2. Evaride Featuring Pharaoh Monch (Produced by Locsmif)
This track starts the album off perfectly, soulful beat from Locsmif with a dope vocal loop. The track features the only guest MC on the album, Pharaoh Monch, and both him and O.C. flow nicely over the beat although Pharaoh monches verse is too short. One of my favourite tracks off the album.

3. Who Run It? (Produced by Locsmif)
Another dope production effort from Locsmif, tight samples and scratches (done by Statik Selekath i think), again a soulful laid back beat. O.C. is solid as always on this track, tight flow constantly on beat. Another great track.

4. The Professional (Produced by Vanguard)
The second of the three producers on the album, Vanguard, enters on this track providing a slightly different vibe then the first couple of tracks. The beat is more lively then the previous track and O.C. compliments the beat well. O.C. discusses the fact that everyone wants to be an mc these days, but few are "professional lyricists".

5. 1nce Again (Produced by Soul Supreme)
Soul Supreme is the third and final producers to bless the album with his beats. This track features a tight beat with nice intrumentals and horns. The hook is again a scratched selction of samples used in a similar way to that of premo. O.C. flows impecably again, with usual interesting lyrics.

6. Ya Don't Stop (Produced by Soul Supreme)
Different vibe on this track again. Another strong production effort with a lively beat utilising a nice vocal sample and odd sort of synth sound. O.C. is as he is on the entire album combining perfectly with the beat and addressing some issues about commercialism and critics (possibly relating to "Bon Appetit"). Dope track.

7. Story To Tell (Produced by Vanguard)
My favourite track on the whole album. Great beat from Soul Supreme, great intrumentals and vocal samples. O.C. is at his storytelling best recounting stories of his childhood and adolescence. O.C. expertly creates a visual image, through his lyrics.

8. What Am I Supposed To Do? (Produced by Soul Supreme)
Another goo beat, dope drums along with some high pitched keys. O.C. discusses the fake friends and the pitfalls of success.

9. Memory Lane (Produced by Vanguard)
Vanguard brings another great beat to the album with this track, nice drums and samples. O.C. again demonstrates with stroytelling skill recounting a number of different situations from his past. This is probably my second favourite track on the album, O.C. again conveys a vivid story through his lyrics.

10. Getaway (Produced by Soul Supreme)
Interesting beat on this track, a fair but different to the rest of the album, but not bad. Sort of more fast paced drums and an intrumental section which for some reason reminded me of cheesy 80's music. O.C. is solid on this track.

11. Special (Produced by Soul Supreme)
Another beat which i dont like as much as the rest of the album, but its still decent. Heavier then the other tracks on the album, interesting horns and hook. O.C. talks about the fact the he is "special" with decent rhymes.

12. Who Run It? (Remix) (Produced by The Locsmif)
Remix of the earlier track, pretty dope beat from Locsmif. Cool sort of flute sounding intrumental and laid back drums.

13. Outro

Overall = 9/10

*Overall a great album, the production on the album stood out the most to me, great beat throughout "Starchild". O.C. demonstrates his skills, with great flow and storytelling. There are few bad things about the album although the second half is slightly worse then the first.

One thing that did annoy me, which doesnt relate to the review, is the tracklisting. The tracks "Memory Lane" and "Getaway" are switched around in the tracklisting. You would think that it wouldnt be to difficult to get this right.

07-29-2006, 09:04 PM
whens this from?

08-05-2006, 02:31 AM
It was released in japan and europe or something a couple of years ago but got pulled either over sample clearances or distribution fuck ups,either way you can't buy it so it's a must download

08-05-2006, 05:54 AM
what? no ones heard of the album...i bought a copy in perth, australia which is a wasteland for hip hop. if i can get it here then it can be found anywhere.

(edit): just found out that in the us no label would give him enough money to clear smaples, so i guess its an international release only. lucky for me.

released in 2005.

go out and buy it, its dope,

06-18-2008, 05:57 AM
Very dope album. That sample clearance bullshit is just plain greedy, I would understand if the beats were just straight rips but really, people need to cut that shit out.

This album is great. O.C is a pretty underrated lyricist and when he's coupled with good beats I don't see how the final product can't be good. Highlight tracks are: What Am I Supposed To Do?, Story To Tell, Evaride and 1nce Again.

8.5/10 for me.

08-25-2008, 10:08 AM
dope album; i found it at an internet-based store and ordered it so i'm waiting to see if i really will get my copy of it. i managed to download it in 192 kbps and listened to it about 2-3 times now and it is definitely a big step forward from the horrible "Bon Appetit" though I feel it ain't really up there with his 2 first albums. still a very solid release, my favorite track are "Memory Lane" at the moment - beautiful shit!