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07-17-2006, 03:39 PM
I’ve brought jagged darts to this temple
Lyrics in da form of scud missiles
I’m dropping heavy metal
Like Osbourne at an OzzFest
This Big Daddy like Kane doesn’t half step
I’m bringing da mark of da beast
All rage like fighting in da Middle East
Check y’all air packs
I’m bout to blow up like mine blasts
I’m strapped
With a verbal gat
AK-47 slugs be my spits
Trigger be my lips
Soon as I move’em y’all hear da pop
Fire cracks like a thief’s glock
Someone was shot
Call da cops
When they ask who tell’em it wasn’t me
It was a faggot emcee
And I have “Proof” like D-1,2
I strike like Israel did Beirut
Detonate in many places
Puncture faces
Leaving’em with holes bigger than da one in
that Egypt-Gaza border
Don’t need a gun in my holster
Just metaphors that drop like Bobby Boulders
Ammunition is lyrical
I attack
Like steadfast militants with my raps
My verses are “Silverbacks”
Like Masta Killa, GZA and Inspectah Deck
Rock da vest
Or da chest plate will be left wet
And’ya be taking’ya last breath
I make’em Lay like Kenneth
That’s one of da crooks at Enron
I’ll take da Penn from Sean
Write a flow
Become a “Bad Boy” like he & Paco Moreno
Someone call Warden Bendix
An MC is bout to get ripped
Character kicked
Ego slit
Nugget drilled
Manhood grilled
This Lyrical Gunman kills
I slay more than militants do Iraqi soldiers
at checkpoints in northern Iraq
White, brown or black
I don’t care’ya race
I’m a Killa like Ghostface
I be “Iron Man” like Dennis Coles
Da Don like Cornelius cause my Train has
My Jam is Def like Pretty Toney
I’m out like ODB

07-17-2006, 08:23 PM
It’s da ‘Brown Bomber’
Lyrical Jeffrey Dahmer
I sever characters like he did limbs
Stomp evil like Lucifer’s red tims
I’m da Unabomber MC
1st name Ted, last name Kaczinsky
I bomb spots like Terry Nichols
My plot brings pain like “Da Color Purple”
I’m sick like sickle
Infirmed brain has no cells
Only computer chips like Intel
Mental disorder is psychosis
Dr. Kevorkian’s diagnosis
I’m grimy
All street like bag ladies
I’m a brute in this city
2006 Frank White
A full-time terrorist on da mic
I severe egos with metaphors
Not heads with swords
I battle like Somalian warlords
Explode like suicide belts
Punks be yelling “help!”
After I bomb emcees
Like da U.S. did Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
I drop mega-weight from da brain
1,000-lb. missiles like’em Air Force F-16
I have ‘Game’
More than ‘Meat’
In “Waist Deep”
I Grim Reap
Make emcees have visions of neck breaks
Families at wakes
Not “Hoop Dreams” like William Gates

Da Dishonourable Don
07-17-2006, 08:40 PM
aight, nice verse right there, basically explaining that you're a nutso, lol, but check it, you got 2 posts up right now, so why don't you go into the battlefield and vote on some battles, git some posts up, when you reach 50 posts you can officially battle!

07-17-2006, 10:37 PM
I wanna cause some damage in da battlefield. 50 posts? I'm spanking brand new in this bloodsport. Is each reply (vote) considered a post? How exactly is the voting process? School me duke. JC

07-19-2006, 03:58 PM
These devastating spits
I’m a lyrical Prodigy when I bring Havoc
I Mobb Deep
Roc-A-Fella like Memphis Bleek
My offensive will last weeks
Airstrikes putting craters to main streets
I Jack like Nick
Do’em in 3’s like he did’em Witches of
I’m a flamethrower like pyrotechnics
Explosive like bolts
Current in my flows is high volts
I bring high energy
Electrical power like molten salt batteries
Lyrically I bring a deadly clan
Like Wu Tang
Take’ya executioner pick
I’ve entered da “Gravel Pit”
Flows grit
Tighter than clenched fists
Da cannon’s not pensive
I’m carrying explosives
Like fire ships
Its adrift
I have da control stick
I kill MCs with dog shit
Verses I flip
They stab skulls like ice picks
Johnny Cochran said y’all “must acquit”
Glove didn’t fit
Hands were too big, just like my di**
XL Magnum jimmies don’t even fit
That’s why I go in raw dog
I’m sharp when I verbally flog
Like da RAZAOR on da BACK of a hog
Egos I slaughter
In front of God like Kane did his brother
My spits trigger walls of water
Like a magnitude 7.7 undersea quake
H2O rose like summer crime rates
Bringing atheists to their knees
Soldiers digging through debris
Weather 110+, sweat drippin’
Searching for victims
After I hit like a Java tsunami
Alert system wasn’t built across da country
Corpses lay in da slums
Beneath da blazing sun
Got caught up in da violent seismic zone
Wave destroyed homes
Tossed cars, bikes and boats
Families are now broke
Offspring left with no hope
I torture when mental snaps
Like Chicago police in da 70’s did Mexicans
and blacks
Not Melo’ when I bust Nuggets
I put remains in caskets
Eyes closed, arms crossed like Kirby Pucket
I leave’em bent like they were drunk
Bodies to steering wheels, slumped
After hammering’em like nails
To da side of da head like LaRoche did RZA
in “Derailed”

07-25-2006, 03:18 PM
My fight is disorderly like hassles
I’m blowing up like Singapore-flagged
Y’all better rock’em survival suits
My unit is military like troops
Emcees vanish
Soon as I roar like Tiger at da British
I’m da AZ Sniper
Lyrical Sharpshooter
Marksman Emcee
One man infantry
Specialized in killing selected enemies
I snipe
Choice of weapon? Da mic
I assassinate when I write
Verses turn to slugs before they strike
Resistance measure of my flow is dynamic
Rhymes fired with aerodynamic velocity
Intent is tissue damage when I aim at da
Paul Pierce da bulletproof vest
Torso’s compressed
Body is dead, brain’s in a coma
Severe blood loss, grave organ trauma

08-02-2006, 09:50 PM
I’m “Baknaffek”
“Straight Up Sewaside” like Das EFX
It’s da “Undaground Rappa”
OGC (Original Gun Clappa)
Bringing lyrical Heltah Skeltah
I give da Boot to a Camp’s Click
Mad E Swift
And I’m not even an Alkaholik
Metaphorically I’m a Monster like Lochness
Wicked like da devil’s mistress
Lyrically immoral like demonic hookers
When on highway shoulders
Soliciting to blow truckers
Son’s grimy like Cuban gutters
Fastball is split-fingered like Bruce Sutter
I beef more than wellington
Talk jazz (shit) when I Duke like Ellington
When I’m in da spot
MCs Duck Down like Ruck & Rock
Soon as da musket pops
I Jack Son like Bo
After one flow
MCs cede power like Fidel Castro
I fire like NATO
Standard 5.56 mm ammunition
Ammo being used in this combat mission
I’m M16 when I assault like that riffle
800 inches from breech to muzzle
Length of my barrel
16”/50 caliber like Iowa class battleships
I’m Israeli-Palestinian conflicts
Clashing at that Gaza Strip
I throw leather like Ali-Frazier in Manila
When battling like Hezbollah guerrillas
Military convoy has crossed da Litani River
Middle East emcees have fled over Lebanese
I’m 1 step behind like tabloid reporters
They getting plastered like mortar
Range is short like midget proportions
Shells being fired at high elevations
Missiles shitting on domes like sea gulls
Fractured skulls
Bruise mind tissue/blood clots near brain
Grills getting maimed
Like Jason at Camp Crystal Lake playing
machete games
An emcee’s dome? I’ll slash it
With Judge Glenda’s Hatchett
I engrave images to da mental like Hebrew
stone cutters
I’m like Chris Tucker
But I Rush in a second not an Hour
Hyenas standing by to devour
In 1 minute remains will be ready
Verbal assault evolves to battery
Beef turns to overcooked meat
Soon as I see suckas in da street
Physical violence erupts
No gats, just hooks and uppercuts
Like Hagler vs Hearns
After 5 seconds da Everlast start to burn
Fists take turns
One searches, da other destroys
Men, I turn to boys
And emcees? To skirts like Helen of Troy

08-14-2006, 07:08 PM
I’m wicked like Satanic serial killers
Nefarious like villains in thrillers
I’m bout to “Jump Off” da Nile River
Hurl flows from da dart deck
“Protect Ya Neck”
Sharp arrow rhymes stabbing asses like colon
I “Bring Da Ruckus” like Wu Tang
Burst like earthen dams
Flooding spots like downtown El Paso
Lyrically I’m fat like ‘Saso’
Been gangster since ’93 like Carlito
When I took Sean’s Penn and used it as ammo
I push metaphors not drugs like that hustler
from Puerto Rico
I’ll blast like Benny Blanco
Put 3 hits to da gut of an emcee
They’ll be carting him off in a gurney
While Gail is weeping for ‘Charlie’
I’m on da scud missile dock
Launching like Afghan cosmonauts
Discharging hollow point slugs from da glock
My tactics have special weapons like SWAT
Rhymes soar like Bill Gates’ stocks
Flows fly
“How High?!”
Higher than Red & Meth after 10 blunts
They like Evil Knievel stunts
Crashing down hard on domes
Breaking 40 bones
After clearing Caesar Palace fountains
I leave more wrists fractured than rednecks in
“Brokeback Mountain”
When I attack there’s no safe havens
I bring nightmares like Wes Craven
If this was a stove I’d be da heating element like
I’m like Ike Turner
I kick ass like he did Tina’s
Hurricane Chavez is 5 degrees from equator
Coriolis force deflecting winds blowing towards
the low pressure center
I beef like super-sized burgers
When I Duke like John Wayne
I’m Cavalier like King James
In this bloodsport I cause pain
Like Jordan vs Cleveland in playoff games
I blow up like 9/11 planes
Flex archery flames
Combust/burn like carbon-containing materials
Spit diesel
With da pungent smell of formaldehyde
My behavior is polar like Jekyll and Hyde
I have distinct identities
Ego state is split personality
With ill mental like psychopathology
When I’m at QB
MCs catch more heat than Lynn Swann
This an invasion like Cuba in “Red Dawn”
Guerrilla insurgent is combat armed
Like outlaws in bomb rigged cars
I have a “Full Clip” like Gang Starr
“Ya Know My Steez”
Soon as’ya Drew like Brees
Ya be layed out in front of a flower basket
In a pink casket
And I’ll be at’ya funeral
I cause nerves more action than skeletal
When my fists massage facial muscles
I’m all about payback like “Kill Bill”
Deadly Vipers coming at grills
Assassination Squad name is Black Mamba
Wake up, I’m accused of murder like Halle
Berry in “Gothika”
Even when I sleep I kill
I do 2 at a time like twin bills
It’s all carnage
When this “Macho Man” becomes like Randy
and gets Savage
Ohhhhhhh ... yeah!!!!
My growth is disorganized like neoplasia
I flow like excessive menstrual bleeding due to
Peep’ya girlfriend’s vagina
I dropped my atomic bomb in it like Hiroshima
Crushed her uterus
Before I spit in her esophagus
Making her choke from semen tidal waves
Emcees are servitude like slaves
They remind me of heavy people in heat waves
They quick to collapse
Like “Muggsy” Bogues running into Shaq
Ya like a red-headed foster kid with freckles
Don’t mean shit like lesbian custody battles

08-19-2006, 12:00 AM
I’m attacking like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Exploding like cars in Gaza City
That’s why punks are in a hurry
To skip town in a white Ford Bronco with O.J.
and A.C.
Hammer’s aimed and cocked
Juice is heat lava drops
Like I jacked off with icy hot
I’m on launching pad
Mission is to destroy emcees in temples like
Ninth of Ab
Pass me da pen, no pad
I scribble on grills
Cutting edges, making holes like drills
I get down like NCAA Final 4 championship
I’m like Siberian tigers mating
Hitting with more force than displacing
That’s why earth is seismic waves quaking
Nerves are stress shaking
Nuggets are Denver aching
I’m ill like Luciano Pavarotti
Schizophrenia is da ability
Paranoia has disintegrated da personality
Can’t improve with psychiatry
Mental well-being is psychotic
Soon as I enta it’s chaotic
I bring more trouble than island of Sicily
In da US or Italy
I’m a problem like secret societies
Causing crisis like Mafia
This Cosa Nostra
Spanish for it’s my thing
I’m like Tony Soprano at “Bada Bing”
Authorizing hits
No guns just ice picks
Make heartbeats skip
Torture fake ballers
Gay shot callers
I Duke (fight) like Lacrosse players
But I don’t assault exotic dancers
I assail emcees
Split’em like Moses vs Red Seas
I’m looking for a vein to get in
This menace is spreading like heroin
Who’s my next victim?
I’ll wreck’em
Like Aids do immune systems
I leave domes maxi pad wet
After stabbing necks
Soon as they start speaking
Mouths be leaking
Like they consumed used Kotex
I’m a verbal terrorist
Warfare is asymmetric
I raise fists
Like’em two medalists
John Carlos (bronze) and Tommie Smith (gold)
in ’68 Summer Olympics
WHEN I Keith Murray RAP
I’m like Roberta Flack
I kill’em softly with my song
I’m from Skull Island like King Kong
Like’em natives, son is barbaric
Sicker than Lou Gehrig
Fatal like bullet holes
I’m da DOC like SCHOLLS
I ain’t gellin’
Only swellin’
Like MLB pitchers’ paychecks
They call my penis “Tyson’s Neck”
Cause it’s thick
Chunky like obese midgets
Weight of it make me cold dip
But I walk with my head up
Like nugget after uppercuts
My viral disease is acute like black vomit
I crumble comets
Spark meteorites
When I enter atmosphere, air resistance causes
body to heat up and emit light
Thus forming a fireball
Bunk Paul Wall
Ice grill flexed without revealing teeth
I “Beef”
Like PMD, Das EFX and Chubb Rock
MCs are struggling like stocks
Has there been a hike on rates?
These skirts (emcees) getting date raped
They beat me?
They have a better chance getting a pass from
I’m like John Gotti
Terrorizing like he did New York City
I do more than one like polygamy
I’m a mystery
I leave asses baffled
Vietnam vet troubled
I’m greatly skilled in all aspects of survival
Call me John J. Rambo
I’m no mascot in Chicago
Only a Bull like Benny
I charge emcees
Like he was with misdemeanor battery
I attack suckers
Not off-duty police officers
He’ll say this AZ gunfighter
I’m “Blazing Saddles”
Last man standing in this field of battle

08-22-2006, 11:48 PM
This line of chain-link thread
God-given talent from brain he put in my head
I’m ready for war like “Dirty Dozen”
It’s da “tough guy” like Charles Bronson
Lyrical Greg Oden
In high school my team was also No. 1 in da
I be King Kong like Bundy
Profound lyrically
Deeper than da NBA draft class of 2003
I ain’t Mellow like Anthony
Just King like James
Unstoppable like D-Wade in da lane
We can do this on da hardwood or asphalt
Domes get leaped over like pole vaults
Ankles shook like San Andreas faults
Keep one eyes peeled
Peep da Bearcat like Kenny Satterfield
Exerting strength like force fields
Rock da heat shield
Son’s spewing volcanic molten rock
Funkadelic-type hip-hop
George Clinton funk “Cosmic Slop”
When I drop
It’s hard flow like miscarriage
Fetus will perish
Eric Clapton “Shot da Sheriff”
I shoot da pathetic
Dismal non-poetic
Feeble chest plate, I wet it
Flows are electric
Like metal wire currents
Minds I torment
I’m a beast
Like militias in da Middle East
Or Kuwait presidents
I get thuggish like Venezuela governments
I rule with 2 iron fists
Tighter than pistol grips
Punks scramble like Michael Vick
Soon as ‘Da Kid’ steps in da spot
I procreate like sex acts
Verses with impact
Like Mr. Klump belly flops
Foes fade from me like midrange jumpshots
They vulnerable like soft spots
Unable to put pen to pad like writer’s block
Lyrically I’m hot
Like da 4th of July in Arizona
Wildcat is scorching like wildfires in Sedona
I’m all about historical drama
I’ll turn this into genocide like “Hotel Rwanda”
Massacre 800,000 to 1,071,000 pussies
Not Tutsis
I break down emcees
Not animal/plant debris
Like rove beetles
I’m da Don like Cheadle
Metaphorical “Meteor Man”
Visibility due to heat produced by pressure
I’m thick/fast like Ben Johnson
Don’t need anabolic roids from Greg Anderson
Aka Barry Bonds trainer
I’m da boss like NFL commissioners
I’ll never retire like Paul Tagliabue
Lyrics are like shoes
Quality matters
I shit on asses like fecal matter
My metaphors are explicit descriptions
Technique is sophisticated like encryption
Persona is a national personification
Call me Uncle Sam
I’m not a black KID like GAVILAN
Nor am I white
Like Bobby Dykes
But I love to fight
Like they did in 1952
When da bell sounds I lose it
In da octagon ring
I’m crowned faster than Burger King
I’ll do any/all races
Stick fronts tighter than braces
I ambush’em like Shiite gunmen do Sunnis
in Baghdad
I’m in da lab
Like Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Creating monster rhymes
Max Cady instills “Cape Fear”
I implant terror like guerillas in Zaire
Slugs get put to ears
Leaving’em soaked like wet willies
I execute MCs
One at a time like stud poker
Fam better collect from da life insurance
Hope they drew up living wills
I’m a wiseguy like Henry Hill
“GoodFellas” brutality is da motto
Violence in da blood like Tommy DeVito
MCs get wacked
Like he and Jimmy Conway did Billy Batts
First I clown emcees
Then send’em packing like “Skating with

08-23-2006, 12:10 AM
i got about half way through. couldnt finish, lines are so short. but anyways, content is cool, u need to elevate lyrically. schemes and multies i never get tired of tellin cats, schemes and multies.

08-25-2006, 09:28 PM
I’m a Lyrical Hoodlum
Metaphorical Hooligan
Causing chaos like soccer matches in London
I’ll step in this thread
Pound heads
Like mother-nature did Midwest
I cause heart failure like cardiac arrest
After I Flo’
Like Griffith-Joyner in 100 meters at Seoul
Not a boxer from Nicaragua
Just love to talk sh** like Ricardo Mayorga
We can do it like he and De La Hoya
In Vegas
Cali or Arizona
I don’t give a damn
We can do this fighting K-1 in Japan
I’m intricate like cult schools
Complex like organic molecules
Held together like atoms, by a special force
Me against any MC is not even close
Like Globetrotters vs NJ Generals
Damage I cause is not collateral
It’s intended not incidental
Inadvertently accidental
Like da murder of JonBenet Ramsey
These inferior emcees
My bags they couldn’t carry
If they were golf caddies
Call me Andrea Bargnani
I’d be #1 if rhyming was NBA lottery
Like that 6’10 “Magician” from Italy
I have more Mack than Bernie
I’m “Mr. 3000”
Amount of MCs blowing my johnson
Da Nighstalker is stalking
Mouth’s salivating
Like pedophiles web-browsing
I turn Men to Boyz
When knuckles “Bring Da Noize”
Mentals get Shock like Lee
After I beats like he did for Public Enemy
I’m rock-hard sturdy
Solid like electrolyte in thermal batteries
Son’s da Street Soprano
Non-fictional mobster like HBO
Da Don like Vito
Or Juan DeMarco
This “Apocalypse Now” like Marlon Brando
I’m Lieutenant’s Kilgore’s gunner
Captain Willard pushing a hummer
In Cambodia with ill intentions
Frame of mind is demolition
Mad man mission
To assassinate renegades
Prejudice Green Berets
Killings are savage
Charge is high voltage
Like electrostatic machines
I do what NY’s finest did to Radio Raheem
Put’em in a chokehold
Knees first to fold
Unconscious due to obstruction of airflow
After one blow
Facial fluids burst like old pipes
Eyes hurt like bright lights
Jaws damaged like TMJ
Grilled mangled like animal prey

09-06-2006, 06:51 PM
I’m back to cause a National Uprising like Slovak
Unremittingly attack is incessantly like suicide
bombers in Iraq
I ain’t pro-Nazi like Hitlers possee
Troops blast with destructive impact, anyone from
Jozef Tiso to Germany’s Wehrmacht
Arrows barbed sharp, easily piercing rib cage and
stabbing hearts
Venomous like ray stings, ask Steve Irwin
I control da heist without having to Rob Black
Don’t turn’ya back or’ya will get hit in’ya rump gap
like penitentiary sex acts
Asses will warp after flaring up like genital warts
I have more legend than Jim Thorpe
More Flavor than Flave when I spit like ‘Pumpkin’
on ‘New York’
Peep da telescope, fire coming out da throat
Solar-thermal heat emission burn like Satan’s sperm
Rhymes brewing like germs, can’t be stopped like a
roided Reggie Bush on kick-returns
I’m da Metaphorical Anarchist, Mad Man Autocratic
with absolute power like dictatorships
Lyrical terrorist, high-tech tactics spitted in public
Violence is systematic like da despotic
Darts hit, they on Mark like Spitz in ’72 Olympics
at Munich
Record settin’, swimming events 1 thru 7
When I brandish pen there’s “Trouble in da Glen”
There will be “Cases of Murder” like Orson Welles
I’m like leaking oil tankers in hell
I blow up spots, breath fire out da snot box
Bomb freighter, homemade grenade creator
Eruption from dome (top of crater)
1,200 C lava liquid charring from below
Mount Ubinas smoke plumes is Magma glow
Volcanic flows, molten rock spewed like volcanos
Weaves/wigs getting twisted like braids
Character is knife blade in a tirade
Disposition is more “Fierce” than Gatorade
Not white only rambunctious on da mic when I
get loud like Jerry Springer crowds
Rap Scholar, Cali Brawler can’t be collared
Checked like Wilt Chamberlain as a prep
Asses that try get wet, blood perspires like sweat
Lyrical toxic mass is inhaled like nerve gas
Weight causes seismic waves like Asian quakes
Dams get raped, floodbanks break
I crack grills not racial segregation barriers like
Bobo Brazil
This Tiger is in da hood not Woods looking for
emcees not Vijay Singh
I’m a Beast in ring
Bear like Max, DNA of Mexican Brown Kodiak
Punks get clapped, hats feel draft of bomb rack
in my aircraft
Laser beam dot is locked on mug shots
Blast current reflex of electric shock, emitting
tens of kilowatts
Test target instantly vaporizes and bursts into
Infrared light illuminates brain
Heads get chopped causing necklines to squat
I shake blocks like rogue cops
Making asses fold, knees buckle after putting
them in chokeholds
Like NYPD did Radio Raheem
Grab’ya canteen, ya bout to “Catch Fire” like
Charlie Sheen
Active warfare flares like combat neurosis
Diseased flames eradicating’ya airwaves like
pulmonary fibrosis
Egos I snap like LT after a sack on a Redskin
This verbal spar, “No Holds Barred”
Opponents getting eaten, brutally beaten
Like Friday night when Ice Cube did Deebo
Whippings are XL like Chino when he freestyle
on “Wake Up Radio” shows
“Heat” is like Pacino and DeNiro, call me chemo
I kill like weak cancer cells, sound da death bell
Hands fatal when it rocks a cradle
MCs want no beef like Cowboys/Indians
They want a truce like Israelis/Palestinians
Minor leaguers, CBA ballers are role players like
Brad Sellers
Speaking with stutters, ‘Smokey’ talkers like Chris
Getting served like Leroy’s Butler by this Golden
State stone cutter
I step in one’s camp with a retractable metal baton
like Shane Stant
Club an emcee like he did Nancy Kerrigan’s knee
Roast racks of lambs when I jump in stands
Punch chests and necks like Ron Artest
Facial cuts open soon as da bricks start probin’
Nuggets get split up like Wilmer Valderrema and
Lindsay Lohan
Asses suicidal like Em’s man ‘Stan’ after getting
violated like colon exams
Bucky Dents to mugs, craniums engraved with
Bodies getting dumped after decomposing in my
Pontiac Grand Prix trunk
Attack is fast like this was da 2-minute drill and
I was a black quarterback
This battlefield caused death to emcees
Read all of their names in today’s obituaries

09-18-2006, 02:04 PM
Noah’s Ark rower, Doc Gooden flamethrower
Unmasked Marauder, Hood Harlem Globetrotter
I Ball like Lucille, handle da rock like Curley Neal
Ordinary language converted to slang codes
Check fire code, Cali scud shuttle bout to explode
Barrage brimstone rain, non-tapered flames
Disaster like Sri Lanka or Sodom & Gomorrah
Destruction catastrophe like “The Great Calamity”
Vocabulary reveals my insanity
Lyrical sociopath serial killer with more hits than
Ted Bundy
Demonic spirits pierced mentality
Animal in man in sexual activity like bestiality
Skin deep beauty like Keith Murray, my soul’s ugly
Gates of hell have opened, wickedness is rampant
like kids in “Omen”
Creature lines, monster mind like Dr. Frankenstein
Fiend, ogre roar metaphors like Igor
Lyrical H20 floods like bodies in Baghdad morgues
I steal moments with pilfering intents
Torment like distressed elephants in circus tents
Hands augment when they pit-bull shake opponents
Stand back, watch’em break like flawed electronic
War zone, striking homes with rocks da size of obese
Hypodermic needle darts rip thru flesh/bone
MCs impaired like retards when I bombard
Battling me is riskier than college credit cards
Road rage makes me Wilder than Gene or wounded
animals caged
Mental is sick like a transsexual’s synthetic clit
Physique is thick like Chucky Atkins’ lips
I Blaze like that Utah arena football team
Attack is Mean Joe Green, from beneath surface
like submarines
Step, don’t digress if’ya “Got Next” like KRS
I cut like razor clams, terrorize like black hands
Fight like civilians of Afghanistan, battle like Taliban
Cross up emcees, from left to right like Allen Ivy
Causing chronic ankle injuries with no remedies
Point of blade floods heart arteries like Dr. Freddy
Krueger performing bypass surgeries
Like that D.C. sniper, I too map slaying sites
Seconds after I’m off da mic, priests pop up to read
emcees’ last rites
I strike like Brazilian police forces, cut off head of
stud horses
Putting’em under sheets of those that refused my
offer like “The Godfather”
This mob boss ain’t no ‘Sonny’ like “Bronx Tale”
Foes get hit in front/back like Carlito did Gail
I break frail egos not legs like Barbaro
Stand toe-to-toe like Tony Galento
Talk sh** like “Two Ton”, “I’ll murder da bum”
When dropping eviction type lines it is check out
I “Can’t Lose” like RZA and Beretta Nine
Or da San Antonio Spurs on “Rodeo” road trips
I’m on whaling ship, on a voyage to destroy like
Moby Dick
Hit da enemic in da spleen like splenic
I’ve blasted these anodyne emcees like troops in
front-line infantries

09-26-2006, 04:52 PM
I’m Mos Def when I bring Rawkus like Talib Kweli
Blast an emcee, turn him into an Unsolved Mystery
after I cap him like NBA salaries
Gunns pulled out like breast-feeding moms
Firearms laden with chemical agents like gas bombs
Rob Lowe when heater spits Fire like St. Elmo’s
Onshore rush H2O, bathymetric depth flows
Sound is deeper than 6 ft. cemetery subjects
Sonars couldn’t detect, I launch charged objects
Exert forces like electrostatics with more patterns
than physics
Drinking poison, massive suicide in this Peoples
Temple like fanatical cult of Jim Jones
Gunshot wound to dome, brains blown while he
read “The Letter Killeth” on his throne
Missile weaponry darts, T-Rex teeth razor sharp
Dressed up, guts getting cut till intestines are
looser than baboon nuts
Blade “Force” is “Magnum” like Rock & Ruck
After one slit throats crack like chapped lips
I control flow like traffic cops in city blocks
Hit like an East Coast blackout, turning Moon
Black like Buckshot
Cartridge is loaded, “Total Eclipse” when verse
Undertaker, death personified as Grim Reaper
Gripping asses like Mike Tyson in Indianapolis
Killer Orca in “Plain Clothes” like Abe Vigoda
Fronts get spread like HIV in South Africa
Mexican legend brawler like Julio Cesar Chavez
With testosterone level higher than Floyd Landis
“Quick” like James Tillis to raid “16 Blocks” faster
than Bruce Willis
Norman Bates flows, lyrical “Psycho” like John
Killing foes with one blow like Richie Jero
Bernard Hopkins “Executioner,” Amnesiac killer
Murder hound like Gregory Peck in “Spellbound”
Night eradicator with no recollection in morning
to lie detector
Denzel Washington “Bone Collector” in’ya sector
Funeral Director, snapping necks like Tony Jaa
in “Da Protector”
Golden State Warrior fighting battles like Al Attles
Hood bully, terrorizing neighbors like Sean Connery
Fists making more contact to gum racks than Tony
Gwynn swinging a 34 Rawlings bat
In pitch black I drop back, smoke smallcaps in this
verbal combat with written mortal attacks
Leaving children parentless like Aceh kids
Spur of moment death remarks like ad-libs
Torsos left with tire skids, bull-fighting gored ribs,
torn limbs like train station bombs in Madrid
Hands fatal like Rebecca DeMornay when rocking
Chinese cleaver lethal to mind like brain fever
Leaving coochies more moist than eager beavers

09-26-2006, 07:43 PM
Sounds like Gza.

10-02-2006, 08:22 PM
My entrance is dramatic like Willis Reed in Game 7
at MSG after missing Game 6 due to injury
This 1 man Squad is more Def than Erick Sermon
‘Brown Eye Bandit’ “Hitting Switches,” “Dungeon
Master” determined
Verbal flames Holocaust burnin’ like Germans
Heat exothermic, bolt-action automatic firing slugs
with more hiss than asthmatics
Physical wounds, mental injuries traumatic
I get on skyscraper towers to view panoramics
Leap in battlefields like quantum electrodynamics
Fists stick, conform to grills like Tempur-Pedics
C’mon G, my Unit is “Magic Stick,” 10 honeydips on
it cause it’s ankle twist thick, cannon spits more sea
men than warships, testicles highpower tactics
Tool RAMs like memory chips, stabs like ice picks,
rips coochie lips like blade tips
Not anorexic when I flow vomit like “Exorcist”
Underground lyricist, Hell on Earth serving short bit
Hitting guards hard, turning 3 ft. into “Longest Yard”
‘Wrecking’ violent like inmates and Paul Crewe
“Mean Machine” QB with more street credibility than
“Lackawanna Blues”
Bombs 8.4 on richter when striking at dawn
Piranha spawn “Ready for War” like Drag-on
Ruff Ryder, volt provider like voltage dividers
11,000 lbs. more propellant force than solid fueled
rocket boosters
Material Stress Optic Coefficient like Brewster
Bred, trained to fight till death like roosters
Pit-bull like Livingston Bramble, daggers cutting up
more than Frankie Randall
Boxing “Surgeon” defacing grills like vandals
Squared-circle chaos can’t be handled like college
football recruiting scandals
Heater spits hate, trigger on bake, shots “Ricochet”
like Earl Talbot Blake
Nittany Lion like Paul Posluszny at Penn State
Tiger like Hanshin without playing pro baseball in
Making ballers call a T.O. like Drew Bledsoe
Nerves shook, on medication, fighting depression
Corner white towel throwin’, life foregoin,’ attempting
suicide like Terrell Owens
Oral oil tanker infernos, spoken sparks in kilos
Vocal heat melts snow like spring break in Acapulco
I “Bash Brothers” like McGwire & Canseco, families
Mourning with Alonzo
Fists swarm emcees like fleas mounting killer bees
After renal biopsy diagnosis is Hepatitis C, liver swell
along with kidney disease
Nuggets getting busted like Deneitra Ham did Darvin’s
with wine bottles
Ass kicking imparted to mental not ethics and politics
like Aristotle
Damaged jaw ligaments, torn cartilage to mandibles
It’s “Boom Boom” Mancini when I Jack like ‘Cap’ Rooney
Grim Reaper dialed, death became Swift like Stromile

10-10-2006, 02:17 AM
Bilingual Flow Ruler, Iron Man like Robert Downey Jr.
Bomb Detonator, Jack like Tatum when I Raider
Lyrical Terry Nichols, nuclear explosive flows dropping
like shockwave trickles
Exploding FBI buildings, bombarding Oklahoma City
Rocking fatigues ready for war, pockets full of ammo
River of venomous flows, spark infernos
Shooting rampage rhymes, massacre lines, murdering
large number of people at a time like Columbine
Homicidal intent, crack atmosphere, breaking speed of
sound when getting violent
Militant brutal like North Korea’s government
Attacking like ‘instant message’ worms
Blasting more than Iraqi militia gunman in law firms
“Unleashed” da “Fearless,” metaphorical Jet Li
Verbal Bruce Lee, vocal martial art is legendary
Among hardest-hitting heavyweights in history
Gerry Gooney devastating left hooks to bodies
Marine regiment M-198 howitzer delivery
Fires shells like 155 mm artillery kill instantly
More lives claimed than 1965 war in Vietnam
Advanced war-fighter like Ghost Recon
Long range sniper aims, swiss cheese brains
Toppling tentacles, overthrowing temples
To me nothing's identical, I turn one’s voice to an
I’m Tyrosine caps unbreakable when I attack like
wolf packs
Serial killer with .44 caliber like David Berkowitz
Lyrically acidic, microphones melt soon as I spit it
Put “Panic in the Streets” like Richard Widmark
Plague barbs straight thru hearts like bubonic darts
Rob Zombie “Devil Reject” clapping y’all pussies like
group sex
Not gay when I put hammer to grills, pulling trigger,
leaving pubics in mouths like Ehren McGhehey
Able to take more punishment than “Jackass” stunts
After conditioning mind/body in solitude like monks
Vocal spray like Mace, acid reflux all over one’s face
Rip uvula, tongue and tonsils out thru nostrils
Tidal wave H20 leaves Titanic ship decks wet
Lyrical flow “Sea Wolves” like Gregory Peck
Brick fists out of control like anabolic steroids in
Dominican Republic
When Cali Headbanger steps to mic more flames
get thrown than Vegas firefighters in Los Angeles
bar room fights
Chins get rocked like Len Bias’ death did NBA
Rotting remains decay after I strike solid targets
like x-rays
Lion pride fighter causing crouching tigers
Pit-bull dead bolt lock, tearing pectoral muscles
like Andre Lott
Blast at foes’ wakes, loosen heads from torsos
like promotional stickers on porno tapes
Lively snubbing’em like Team USA did Allen Ivy
I’m that Bolivian assassin with dark shades that
put a shotgun blast to Al Pacino’s back
Battlecat troop in ground attack causing punks
to Canadian overpass collapse

10-13-2006, 07:11 PM
Moral Mangler, Platoon Commander
Battalion's backbone, unit’s team leader
Wu Tang Corp. Junior Member
Cali Headbanger, Santa Ana Hillside Strangler
Committing merciless manslaughters
Brothers and fathers get waste like sewer water
Wives, sisters, cousins get deflowered
Crews, clicks, clans get Jensen Ackles devoured
Behemoth on offensive line like Bubba Paris
Blazing speed of S.F. 49er’s TE Vernon Davis
Dwayne Wade “Flash” of emcee, 4.0 in 40
Arthur Lee prophetic psychedelic visionary
Leaving punks in garbage dumps after smoking’em
with James’ Blunt
Hijacking United 93 planes with box cutters
Stretching, breaking pilots’ necks like faulty rubbers
Boiling brain addicted to madness makes me an ogre
like Lochness
Wicked intentions causing nefarious actions
Pillaged Satan’s home, fed furnace with demons’ foam
Vicious memories is fate of my destiny
Objectives bloodthirsty, revealed in my prophecy
War of Titanomachy like Greek mythology
Flames of Hades burning fervently
Wicked warrior, death stands behind doors
Monstrous metaphors roar like beasts in wars
Winged monster troll tearing apart souls
Collapse, retire Twin Towers like Ralph Sampson
and Hakeem Olajuwon
After my heavens drop onomatopoetic bombs
Warhead supplements in descent to torment da
discontent until they repent
Young Buck, I’ll Mobb Deep, Mash Out’ya Possee,
heist Lloyd’s Bank, leave’ya with only 50 Cent
I go after emcees not 16 yr. old boys like Florida’s
Rep. Mark Foley
This ain’t “Stop The Violence Movement” but y’all
headed for “Self-Destruction”
Deduction implies blade cutting asses in fractions
Tormenting spiritual like ionizing radiation
Diseased lungs spitting infections
Rock “Shield” like Forest Whitaker, slugs spark then
Blast’ya and’ya gay twin brother, put y’all under dirt
like Redman’s “Dare Is A Darkside” album cover
Leaving’ya critically conditioned in some New Jersey
hospital like Cassidy
Truck driver in Amish school armed heavily
Trial convicted hostile, killing execution style
Exterminating rhymes massacring minds
Anarchic blaze, visible disorder lost in maze
Black winged creature in chaotic noise
Real McCoy deploys bombardment toys to search and
Mortal terror spread, crest riding winds of war
Come to da fore kamikaze hardcore like Japanese in
Pearl Harbor shores
Bring gonorrhea hysteria to grimy areas like Bulgaria
Sharp darts cutting plates like Mariano Rivera
Hung jury before they rendered verdict
Heart skipped, blood drips after’ya vocal chords got
ripped from’ya throat by my ice pick

10-18-2006, 09:18 PM
With great force I conquer viciously
Unleashing wrath and fury, reclaiming my territory
Mexican maximum security brutality is epitome of
my cruelty
West Coast Latin King in criminal activity
Thug gentleman, rocking steel-toe Timberlands
Four legged beast, razor fangs of fire
Carrier of wicked current like conducting wire
Devils’ eve, witches exchanging energies
Black warlocks concentrate predicting prophecies
Rebellin’ demons committing serious crimes like
Lyrical Nikolay Valuev, fists size of melons
Terrorist tactics suppress all like an impartial Ku
Klux Klan
LT Giant, big man with hyperactive pituitary gland
Middle-linebacker attacker like Brian Urlacher
Causing pain in Arizona after stripping ball from
E. James and winning game
We can battle for car titles or pay checks
Via Internet or over phone, call me collect
1-800-Big-Dog-Bites, after barking on mics
Hot dull gray lead burst through iron pipes
Pablo Escobar on gun tower, busting cartridge
power after drug deal turned sour
Gaston Glock pops 4 in Cell Block like Chris Rock
Twisting back flat caps or Fedora hats
Bullet heat dissolves blocks of government cheese
At 10,000 Celsius degrees it melts coldest emcees
Silent death delivery, hydrogen cyanide germs infect
and destroy enemies
Bomb tactics, rip shit with ballistic characteristics
Projects’ prophet underground like black markets
Tyrannical Rex with overbite of abominables
Rhyme animal with a mechanical mandible
Stampeding like million broncos clashing in Congo
My system is loco, more disordered than Waco
Malicious voodoo verse is malevolent like Kennedy
family curse
Gatling gun inspects necks before it wrecks
Slugs buzzing by nuggets like swarms of insects
Infrared lasers, beams sharper than cut-throat razors
Firearms get squeezed, slugs lung-diseased wheeze
Emcees get blown like trees in front of authorities
Dawn of Dead like Ruby Ridge clash with Feds
Tissue plundered, throbbing flesh in rhythm of thunder
Great Revolt blasphemy in light of ravaging bolts
Still alive corpses lie in street, spitting blood not heat

10-19-2006, 04:05 PM
dopeness Kid!

10-23-2006, 01:45 PM
Assassin military rank of a Japanese shogun
Charles Bronson bare-knuckled in octagon
Belladonna plants poisonous when I spit venom
Toxins contaminate like saliva of serpents
Voice verification expands in enhancement
Inflamed vocal box slinging verbal cocaine
Military trained in strategy of war games
Insane, biological gasses eating my brain
Leaving common sense diseased like a venereal
Madman murderous serial material
Lyrical criminal leaving cerebrals critical
Al-Qaeda suicide bomber on Kurt Cobain mission
Devoid solicitation of Bin Laden’s admiration
Sharp violent vocal attack with a spiked bat
Vicious flow like RZA’s verse in Wu Gambino
Kodiak Killer, Grizzly on Mike like Miller
Hit and decapitate da light and heavy-weight
Wolverine, one swing makes cut clean
Severed head at crime scene from guillotine
Spit solar system sun heat, y’all be riding a beam
Verbal cancer chemotherapy radiation machine
Skin scheme and spleen soften like C.R.E.A.M.
And cash don’t rule everything around me
Mexican Menace here II finish off Society
Catastrophe iron age axe strokes deadly
Tragedy is when I murder emcees savagely
Calamity forces me to bury’em under my apartment
basement like John Wayne Gacy
I intercept soundwaves, hijack frequencies with raps
that validate my street credibility
This Jon Voight “Champ” has no contenders
Last challenger surrendered like my first competitor
Feral gun barrel busting searing imperils
I Hammer MCs like Stanley Kirk Burrell
Leaving title holder in one’s camp with teeth loose-
fitting like parachute pants
I slam rhymes like John Cena did Kevin Federline
Julia Stiles “Wicked” tongue verbally assaults
Bodies chalk outlined under ground in burial vaults
Demolition ammunition has no contrition
I broke mold for holds that cause asphyxiation
Choke with potency of scorpion stings to throats
Burner trigger finger eager like aroused beavers
Sprinter slug cleavers sprint ten meters faster than
Gail Devers
My ‘Hacksaw’ is thuggin’ like Jim Dugan
Neck snapping, head hacking, dome piece hanging
Worse came to worse and my gat burst first
MCs dispersed in hearse, curse they couldn’t reverse

10-26-2006, 02:06 PM
Axe master berserker without remorse
Frigid demon existence, extreme with my cold force
Hitman for hire, cocked back and ready to fire
Captive rhymes enslaved frame of mind
Pulled out burner and became my Masta’s Killa like
Elgin Turner
Big Willie like Nelson, strength of Samson
Blowing up spots like Michael Jordan at Madison
Square Garden
Rippin’ Cal like Ripken, where’s Christopher Darden?
I’m terrorizing foes like O.J. in white Broncos
Spray lyrical H20 like ancient glacial flows
Drop verses like Oprah Winfrey does dress sizes
S.W.A.T. glock grip Mike like Alstott
Fire-breathing snot box like NHL mascots
Hip-hop rocked is “Wild” like Bill Hickok
Libretto New York Yankees payroll outta control
Lyrical dart leader lightning bolt striking
Cut devil’s horns, put’em on my dome like Vikings
Wicked rhymes in my possession not marijuana
like Nick Nolte’s son
Snatcher of bun crumbs bigger than Pun
Hard metal is Ozzy Osbourne heavy
I light up my targets like shooting galleries
Slug sparks illuminates joints like star clusters in
giant galaxies
Codified practices of martial arts
Infrared vision darts snap skulls in pitch dark
Sharp psyche tearing minds apart
Flames like sulfur rain falling down on one’s reign
“Black Cloud” violent tendencies like Eddie Spears
When I ride through qlipothic spheres
Ionic matter explodes in atmosphere
Been to West Virginia and climbed Mountaineer
Lyrical radical on montane pinnacle
Verbal analytical dropped like wilted testicles
Vocab weaponry more rugged than Injin Chi
Butchery is way I Webster Slaughter emcees
Dislocate jaws not tendons like Curt Schilling
Plasma fluid spilling from cult mercy killings
Rip through chests with hollow-point talent tips
Kill ice grills, fronts get cracked and chilled
Shields thawed out in my fiery battlefield
Foes hand over flows like Israel did Jericho
Warfare boar never battles fatigue like cold wars
Russian tank “Beast” feasts on deceased
Emcees squashed like T.I./Lil’ Flip feeble beef

10-28-2006, 10:07 PM
Poetic Pegasus dropping thunderbolts on Mt. Olympus
Lyrical lunacy, madman bars of poetry
Empting my anger like bullets in a chamber
Blastin’ like Colin Ferguson as an assassin
Characters hammered with impact of wire matrix printers
Heat microwaves heads like Adolf Hitler
First name is Jesus, “Got Game” like Shuttlesworth
Infrared image of Earth reveals my girth
Beast in womb, tore my mother apart at birth
Incisors roamed, gnawed at my father's bones
Peep (yards after catch) YAC
This WR killed stats with an armless quarterback
Artificial reality, sentient machine futuristic
Neo gravity-defying in Shawn Marion’s “Matrix”
Transmit lyrics with unorthodox military tactics
Pterodactyl wingspan, flying reptile scouring lands
Demonic pit-bull with acidic saliva
Solid phase body liquid in Fluid Phase Equilibria
Caveman feral, plutonium-239 radioactive material
Foes better rock bio-weapons protective clothes
Or their composition to saw dust I’ll recompose
Sword carves bone after sharpening on stone
My impatient weapon spits every second
Doomsday extremist, killing legions for no reason
Read minds after blowing brains on my L.A. Times
Instilled visions tear mental pictures to pieces
Skulls like divorces get split in half by my armed forces
Headless men corpses like Sleepy Hollow horses
For right purses nurses will be closing MCs hearses
Emcees run like strokes do in minority families
I’ve made their game passion wane like Tiki Barber
They’ve Dash like Dame without Shawn Carter
Future’s hopeless, more Bleak than Memphis
High volts ignite eyeballs until you see electric current
residue in front of you
This Arsonist’s fire won’t expire even after I retire
I smoke a sentence in form of pestilence
Inconsistency of text makes me complex
Animal instincts, Mexican Aztec cannibalistic
DNA code sensors reject my MC eating genetics
Above average frenetic verbal semantics
Murdering fanatic unable to kick habit
Oral kinetic sick like diabetics in paramedics
My fatal vocals is reason why there’s no light at end
of tunnels
Twisted minds with distorted rhymes
Exfoliated one’s face with an abrasive phrase

11-02-2006, 06:14 PM
Lyrical Phenom, droppin’ NATO-type bombs
Mafiaso Teflon Dons running like marathons
Forest Whitaker ‘Ghost Dog’ contract killer
Gloria Gaynor wouldn’t “survive” this retainer
Vampire in disguise, before’ya focus I dematerialize
Cellar dwellers after I murder like Michael Myers
Sweating flames, irrepressible like Cali wildfires
Mind fury burner smolders like hell in summer
Air gunner mugger discharging from H2 Hummer
Demented demons ejaculating demonic semen
Master of black magic, living with maggots
Filthy stray roaches decay in ash trays
Hair like spider legs and milk white eyes
Burn bodies in caskets where they lie so they won’t
attract flies
Schindler’s List lost before names were crossed
Talking to ouija board for predictions of holocaust
Nostradamus etymology ministries
Prognosticator, foretelling future of prophecies
Radiation sickness recorded on photography
Anxiously I battle with criminal insanity
Angry entity possessed me with kinetic energies
Cursed as a child, circulated in evil societies
Cataclysmic anomaly will mutate upright families
Visions verbally explicitly since I don’t use profanity
Sonic assault, noisy rap like Public Enemy
Military army ants field artillery
Hex ninja sword making c-section incisions
Age of extermination, gruesome display of victims
Eyewitnesses testimonies of skeletonized bodies
I communicate with dead thru 10 LCD screens
After killing’em on Thursday before Jason does on
Friday the Thirteen
Kyle Turley madman inclined to snap
Front-line soldier with 10 Macs ready for combat
Send squad to attack and get their wigs blown back
Sharp martial arts, darts bark before mauling hearts
Locking joints after striking vulnerable points
Vesta asteriod smash-landing to change terrain
Iron sulfur rain, fire burns in hall of fame for slain
Flickering serpents swallowed by flames
Leviathan haunts in burning hell veins
“Mean Joe” Greene, XFL on amphetamines
Football squall, Miami-FIU Orange Bowl brawls
ECW powerbombin’ foes like Bam Bam Bigelow
Meadow Soprano’s boyfriend said y’all were homos
Cocksuckers, Vito Spatafore faggot rappers
Commercial rap is toilet paper, glorified by assholes
Deceased souls with Egyptian Book of Dead scrolls
Domes get vise-gripped, slit with scissor kicks
Hat trick after decapitating three with hockey stick
Lorena Bobbit ice picks leave fatal wounds to nuggets
like Trevor Berbick
Just painted a grizzly picture with blood’ya dripped
Wack emcees’ raps I feed’em to rats with peanut butter
and cheese Whiz on their backs

11-09-2006, 04:36 PM
It’s an air raid, tell Beyonce to “Ring the Alarm”
Walking time-bomb with grenade glued to my palm
Physical phenomenon like chemical bonds
Daredevil with pitch forked shovel, can’ya dig it?
Distressed terrorist with an extensive hit list
Attacking like rioting airborne pilots in cockpits
Hordes will feel the wrath of my sword
My tongue cuts minds with the depth of razors
Pain is source of pleasure like Pinhead in Hellraiser
Creeds will bleed as their doctrines plead
Venomous spits, poisonous like mandibles of 1,000
Lucifer evildoer, Abyss wrecker, Hell defector
Hungarian black metal Tormentor
Conan Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzenneger Destroyer
Heist souls only to splice then slice
Considered by many to be equal of anti-Christ
One-man military allied despised by battle cries
I leave’ya rubble trapped after blowing up’ya high rise
Burning bodies so they won’t attract flies
Still smelling people in downtown New York
Sunni Islamist berserk, Al-Qaeda terror network
Cali representin’ flame throwin’ like Bartolo Colon
Mexican-American brawler like Bobby Chacon
Multiple equation abrasions to one’s dictation
Chokehold heads with this Temple of Darts thread
Blazing down cities with a ton of molten lead
Dig graves to re-submerge the dead
I’ll choke heroin to show it who’s dope
“Black tar” aim when I “smack” neck veins
Bunk Federal Government secret-service men
My burner sprayin’ is disintegratin’ them
Fragmentin’ melons with mass destruction weapons
Premeditated target killin’, Verbal Assassin
Murderin’ euphemism, “Lyrics of Fury” like Rakim
Ya camp’s champ title I stripped like weigh-ins
I’m dunkin’ like LeBron James on Tim Duncan
P.E. bum rushin’ stages like Kanye West
Chest plates with no vests get opened like pap tests
Y’all don’t want to stir war inside me
I’m black hearted, adversary demon of sodomy
Eternal vile Trinity, purified fire in purgatory
I’ll smoke an emcee on the set like Brandon Lee
They be gasping for air, waking up in mortuary
Breath of death blows out their candles
Scandal souls ramble in shambles with vandals
Torn apart by unheard bladed words
Enough skeletons to fill thousand closets
In caskets wearing bruises like blankets

11-09-2006, 05:13 PM
vocab was nice.... overall not too bad.... maybe spend a bit more time organizing your lines... concepts were good, but could have been worded better in a few spots... definatelly has mad potential tho... not a bad read.. a bit more time and focus could put your drops on another level fo sho... keep droppin homie...pce

11-09-2006, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the advice Headbanger. It's sincerely appreciated! Time is my problem - working full time, then getting to the sex spot where wifey is waiting butt naked, wanting you to blow that back up like Bob Backlund. In regards to organizing lines and better wording - can you give me an example and/or recommendation?

11-16-2006, 11:07 AM
Verbal fiend, cutting regimes with my vocal guillotine
Destroying asses like androids with hemorrhoids
It’s the extreme Wolverine without the X-Men team
Animal phlegm surging from mucous membranes
Underworld dweller, arise and tyrannize
Memorex couldn’t memorize my impious enterprise
Heathens in battlefields with pagan shields
Armed conflicts like Sino-Soviet Splits
Belligerent asymmetric warfare
Method of execution is electrocution thru electrodes like
the electric chair
Boiling sulphur waves lick mundane surface
Emcees are “Ready to Die” like Christopher Wallace
I Spit Fire like WWII single-seat fighters
Scythe Hack Writer, Target Man Striker
Kamikaze like Nagasaki Japs on crack in combat
Scud missiles illuminate heads like Mars’ ice crystals
I pose a bigger danger than aging shuttle parts
Dangerous barks, darts heavy-bodied like bull sharks
Faceless men bear masks of fear
Tears appear as gerbils ram rectums like Richard Gere
Gynecology spears thru genitals like pap smears
My flows imply death is near like Grim Reaper shadows
They’re deadlier than Tennessee rodeos inside tornadoes
My chemical punches appear in Bebe Kids’ bunches
After one blow my foe’s memory becomes John Leguizamo
in “King of the Jungle” slow
It’s no shocker when I say I’m off my John Rocker
Nervous system is autonomic like beta-blockers
Mental psychosis conveyed by ingestion like tuberculosis
Contaminated taboo, distorted voodoo views
Volatility turmoil caused the cerebral debauchery
I lost my mind during a bungy jump on LSD
I’m sick like David Berkowitz reading ancient bible scripts
“Son of Sam” terrorizing from Cali to New York City
Heavy onerous thoughts drift to me
Cyber analog through virtual reality
I hear howls from sable dimensions
Have visions of Armageddon final destruction collisions
Isometric trainin’, limbs hyper-flexion
Blade precision, break-through technology like that
Gillette Fusion
Saber tooth, enormous hunting-knife-sized teeth
One’s beef I’ll cut like village Arab chiefs do thieves
Roast it, hand it to emcee like a sandwich from Arby’s
We can take it to the streets like immigration rallies
I’ll put bullets to navels, slash’em like elevator cables
Cut abdomen, place liver and pancreas under my bed
Open mug with slugs, implant clip to one’s forehead
Turtle-shell shield is adorned with emcees’ dissection
Contamination of a thousand nations
Colonization like formation of Thrombosis infections
Millions killed like North Dakota pelican chicks
Bones preserved in mass grave tar pits

11-28-2006, 04:07 PM
Lyrical Bio-chemist, chemical property of metal
Pure substance like particles in molecules
Exerted pressure like blood on walls of red liquid vessels
Dome produces cerebrospinal fluid like cerebral ventricles
Hydrogen gas lifting objects like dirigibles
American built, all-weather tactical fighter like F-15 Eagles
Mark V cannon armament in the bomb rack compartment
Sound barriers getting “defected condoms” broken
Written or spoken, I turn-styles without tokens
I combat with raps, oral attack causes damage like John
Holmes with a Trojan pack
“2045: Radical Man” like Prince
That year I’ll still be Younger than Vince
I’m a Helios Titan, this bloodsport’s top draft pick
Flying over the Gaza Strip with explosive traveling kits
Bringin’ Payne like Allen, after droppin’ more verbal ammo
than Tuskegee Airmen
I spit zootoxin venom, more coarse than denim
Substance cancer-causin’ like human carcinogen
High levels of toxic gas when I manufacture chemical vapor
like inhalers
FEMA should test me not Mississippi trailers
Rotation motion of my liquid swords collide like rotational
Weather analyticity, flow energy, heat thrusts electricity
Voltage metric knots at 50,000 megawatts
I feed one’s intelligence with Gamma-radiation rays
Electromagnetic waves will raze one’s DNA
I do harm without warning signals like burglary alarms
Bulova watch time-bomb blowing off arms
Explosive rhymes damaging all cells in minds
Extracting ass cheek bones out of spines
I cross-section blades thru human heads like MRI’s
This Ghost Dog, Way of the Mexican Samurai
1-man attack like Forest Whitaker at Vargo’s mansion
I’m forceful blastin’ causin’ childbirth contractions
My dark sentence inspires atmosphere to dense
This verbal quake causes the world to rotate
Galactic arraignment, dark matter violent
Blowing up germs with ionized gas fury to burn
Infected darts leave hearts diseased like Gerald Levert
Heart attack lurked soon as the Grim Reaper smirked
Knee “jerks” beneath dirt after getting murked
Heckle me and I’ll go on a rampage like “Seinfeld’s” Michael
Richards at the Laugh Factory
It will not be racial, only physical and brutal when I rub your
facial muscles
I’m a Gene Hackman/Dan Aykroyd “Loose Cannon”
I’ll walk into a Santa Ana courthouse rocking Woody Wood
Pecker pajamas like Michael Jackson
I TOO PACK like Shakur when I come back for revenge like
Charleston Heston in “Ben-Hur”
Grab your shield cause I don’t miss from the field
21 for 22 from the floor like Bill Walton in that 1973 NCAA
Tournament vs Memphis
It’s the Giant Gonzales Big Man on campus
Volleying tennis, heads not balls like Pete Sampras
If we battle for property deeds there will be a lot of homeless
More than in the downtown of the city of Atlanta
The kid is ruthless like Tony Montana when he left Havana
I’m fast to react, leaving coochies infected like Vagistat
My flows are like dwarf hookers with yeast infections
No one can ejaculate on’em cause they can’t get an erection
On the mic emcees fail like that Women’s right-to-vote bill
in Kuwait
I wet their capes like Robert Blake does soul mates
Splashing their brains on passports at John Wayne Airport
I’ll use their girlfriend’s pubic hair follicles for their stitches
Limbs will be abridged like a midget’s digits
Body parts fragmented like hard drive partition defects
Necks with “Exit Wounds” like Steven Seagal and DMX
Slug shampoo, brain biopsy when I remove enormous pieces
of the brain tissue
Your children will be fatherless after I smoke you
Call Madonna, she’s helping orphans in Africa

12-05-2006, 12:51 PM
Call Raymond Burr, it’s the Return of Godzilla
Fire-breathing beast, solar-thermal heat fused cranium
to maxilla
Arizona Rap General at the Battle of Jena
Waging war like that Baba Mohalla area of Bejibehara
It’s the 3rd Armor Division Lieutenant like Colin Powell
Swinging sharper blades than Gordie Howe
Flexing the “Steelhammer” like Wladimir Klitschko
I’m a “Bull” in a mob like Sammy Gravano
Alonzo Harris thug pushing a Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Elite narcotics unit flows in “Training Day” ghettos
Right-wing brutal warlord, Sun Jian in China hardcore
I cause chaos and anarchy to an enemy like Colombian
I’m that Murdering Emcee, a "Killer" like Kowalski
Powerbomb Master like Sid Vicious and Vader
Head waiter serving lunar craters to combat evaders
I have more offense than that NBA team in Denver
I’ll retire one’s defense like Donald Rumsfeld
Warheads expel from the bazooka that’s handheld
My devised venom poisons emcees like former KGB spies
There will be no curin’ when they find radiation in urine
I spit diseased acidic semen on emcees
They better rock condoms on their eyes like TLC
Or else civilian casualties will be "spiked dramatically”
Tensions are being raised like the Pope’s visit to Turkey
After I blast 50 shots faster than New York City cops
Killing platoons like they do unruly grooms
My gun is malicious glancin’ like Charles Manson tantrums
Animalistic primal instincts are sadistic
The pinnacle of sinister is when I get cynical
Fanatical radical on a cult murdering sabbatical
Dumping bodies daily like militants in that Iraqi capital
I’m like scoundrel cops leaving rivals dead on arrival
I pack lifeless people tightly in turtle shells (coffins) like 20
illegals in a stolen Buick Regal
This ain’t no Game Boy but I will Play your Station
And get Resident Evil, spray fatal rations of Agent Orange
chemicals to your plantation
Now your whole crew getting stuck without the K-Y Jelly
Hammer coming out the “Windpipe” like Wu Tang in “Belly”
I’m in it for life while you’re trying to get out like Sincere
Can’t allow that like Tommy, slug spears pierce the tissue
in your ears
My Mac blows ass cracks like chocolate covered Ex-Lax
Sawed-off shotgun blowing off that wrist and Rolex
Bullets snap necks like a Brock Lesnar German suplex
Throats slit, now they swimming with fishes like Mark Spitz
Dick heads spasmodic like licking clitoris in porno flicks
Rap amateurs found six feet deep in metal canisters

12-15-2006, 03:55 PM
I’m “back” to cause pain like herniated discs
Arizona’s Verbal Purist, breaking lyricists like Brokeback
Mountain wrists
These incendiary lyrics, hell’s heat is in my spit
Battling me and a cold MC will be walking “Thru Fire” like
Sebastian Telfair
Volcanic lava flares electrocuting demons on electric chairs
The eruption has Peaked Dante, Bullets over Broadway
Shotgun shells expel, bell rung like death knells
It’s the One-man Ten Tigers of Canton
Militia assassin like Osama Bin Laden’s cousins
Terrorist plots in your block’s butcher shop can’t be stopped
Security level raised, WTC damage appraised
This reality rap, malicious "Jack" Unterweger acts
Wu Pei Chih martial arts is style of my combat
Luke Skywalker Jedi force with Darth Vader lack of remorse
MF Doom metal faced on Lou Gehrig’s “Iron Horse”
Man of my codes is more intricate than Alien probes
Ghastly visions I ingrain to horrify brains
Devil from below with eyes that gleam like flames
Ready for battle like C-130 warplanes
My resistance is on the rise like United States air missions
After bombs drop there will be job security for morticians
The Therapy I Release is Disturbing The Peace
I’m in oceanic abyss after jumping off Bridges like Chris
Arizona Wildcat don’t get “crunk” like South punks
This German Shepherd gets amp with the dynamic range of
Australian Army Leopards
2A6 battle tanks ready to implant laser range-finders to an
enemy’s camp
I have never been “served” like Omarion
Sectarians don’t want beef with me like vegetarians
My gridiron is roided-up like next year’s Madden
So foes better worry and not be happy like Bobby McFerrin
I saw my opponents in the front cover of Vibe Vixen
Wannabe thug emcees, skirts like RuPaul in drag
My sharp vocab stabs like back-stabbing fags
Your Johnny Depp gay “Platoon” sect stepped inept
They left with helmets seeing more stars than Tony Dorsett
West Coast Battlecat killed an emcee in last month’s battle
Left body in a Cali alley rotting like New York City apples
I’m a demonized fiend with homicidal dreams
Execution machine putting slugs thru eyes like Moe Greene
The Rambo ammo is hitting Made Men like Benzino
Buckshots splitting more wigs than chemo
My Dirk Diggler cock stops female MCs’ biological clocks
After 1 shot rears drop not babies like Britney Spears
Fists of iron, American steel like armor plates
They hit harder than Iranian earthquakes
Adversaries get swallowed in Atlantis soon as they crash
into canvas
Pull out your plastic debit cause I give you no credit
You pop rock like Hall & Oates with your corny quotes
Non-masculine emcee, R&B like Alicia Keys
Singing of love like Beyonce and Jay-Z
Mariah Carey high-pitch barks, hurling commercial darts
First rhymer to reach No. 1 on pop charts
You a Meryl Streep “She-Devil” that has never held heat
Only popper you ever clutched is Orville Redenbacher

12-18-2006, 02:21 PM
Why nobody critique these spit?? This cats bringin' water-proof flames, the vegetarian lines played that's the only thing in there i dis-liked, everything else is hot grits, with the butter!

12-21-2006, 02:48 PM
Maniac of pyro, the obsession is to start lyrical infernos
Edward Gein “Psycho,” Norman Bates flow
They say this Cali Chico is a sickle-cell sicko
Making rawhide belts from his equals’ nipples
Doomed goons on witches’ brooms turned into Pagan fumes
Severed heads act as the bedposts in my bedroom
Shaved skin from face used to upholster my nook chairs and
make leather lampshades
Skulls with bullet holes made into chasm soup bowls
Medical examiners sutured with the pubic hairs of coroners
No survivors in this “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” horror
Nepal Rebel spitting like Terrell Owens on DeAngelo Hall
Instigating Denver-New York bench-clearing brawls
Pussy emcees throwing sucker punches then running like
Carmelo Anthony
They know I Jack like Torrance without the writer’s block
Tell Nas this Tartarus Cyclop is the one that killed Hip-Hop
Murdered it, then hung the jury before the verdict
This verbal technology is sick like antibiotic microchips
Incredible medicine couldn’t cure these ill spits
I vomit on lyricists not Catholic priests like the Exorcist
My War is Napoleonic, global conflict like the Battle of
Spoken blitz, vocal hits strike like Bruce Lee sidekicks
Mexican martial artist, Soul Assassin like The Alchemist
Mobbin’ Deep with this Infamous “Murda Muzik”
Dynamic, grimy lyrics, lyrical Prodigy bringin’ Havoc
Lucifer wicked rhymes, “Hell on Earth (Front Lines)”
“Hoodlum” flow, “Keepin’ it Thoro” like NY boroughs’ hoes
“Shook Ones” are G.O.D. dunns on the run
They nervous like snitches behind secret service
In tears while on the mic like Jessica Simpson during her
tribute to Dolly Parton
My competition avoid confrontations like Allen Iverson does
team bowling functions
Nuggets get hit with automatic baked biscuit
Clip is emptied quick like Gaza Strip Islamists
Orbital speed, 100 shots per second, mega force wreckin’
Vladimir Putin lootin’ in wartime is how I’m representin’
I go to PJ’s and leave minds poverty stricken
Forlorn futuristic mental picture paintin’
Razor-sharp diction causin’ microphones friction
Dagger-harsh words decapitate heads like Nick Berg
It will be an exclusion of spinal chord contusions
When guillotine clips your neck during this execution
Biohazard suits are black when my Ames strain attacks
Bacterium bacillus anthracis tracks on root caps
Due to the inhalation of this anthrax rap
Streams of gangrene convene to turn limbs moss green
COIL laser beam to spleen, pulverizing it to whip cream
You will not be healing back like ‘Wolverine’
I’ve left more emcees missing than climbers on Mt. Hood
James Dean “Rebel Without Cause” giving Natalie Wood
Stud horse spermatozoa mucous soiled her uterus
After putting my grizzly Bear Dick in her Butkus
Medieval falchion felon splittin’ the thickest melons
Making the brain in one’s lettuce break out like E. coli
Shut eyes and battle cries are the only replies
When this Scarface “bad guy” does Godfather drive-bys

Bigot Hitman
12-21-2006, 04:17 PM
Gotta work on the flow, there's too many syllabes in one line to rap over a beat.

12-21-2006, 07:10 PM
I started reading this but stopped a few bars after you stopped talking about Gein. It was ok. Not a bad piece, but nothing about it stood out either. I was hoping the whole thing would be about Gein, but then it switched to typical lyrical type lines. Not bad, but not exactly captivating either. Keep at it.

12-22-2006, 01:05 PM
Patience grasshoppers. Al-Qaeda’s attack on U.S. soil wasn’t devised over-night. Arizona’s Wildcat is a neophyte in this bloodsport. I’ve only been writing since May of this year – on a bet from a friend. I grim reaped his ego and took his cheddar. In due time, with a lot more dedication and practice, I will be competing with the “Big Dogs” like Reggie Noble and Clifford Smith.

Harold Miner ups (ghetto love) to all lyricists that post on Wu-Tang Corp. May God bless you all and may you and your familias have a safe and banging Christmas and New Year’s!!