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Wamukota X
07-20-2006, 08:38 AM
This article is written by Wes Penre. I have my thoughts on this subject. Read this and let me know yours. I know Palehorse will like this one.

Have you ever asked yourself why some artists have reached the Top and stayed there, although their music or acting is way under the average? How can someone who does not know anything, or very little about music become a famous rock/rap star? And how come some people with lots of talent and ideas never stand a chance? Bad luck? No, the “BIG” rock/rap stars and actors are heavily used by the Illuminati. Some of them are programmed from the day they were born to become puppets for the Elite, and some of them are picked up later in life because they have “the right attitude” and can be worked with. Many of those young people are introduced into the occult; secret orders like the Freemasons, the OTO, the Rosicrucian’s, Scientology and others. Within those cults they are taught how to think and (re)act in order to enhance the Agenda.

Occult "soul sucking" is a common practice in the music industry on many levels of the business. The occultists feed on the artist by sucking his/her soul out until there is nothing more to suck and the soul is totally "dry", then they leave the artist to "die" - mentally or physically; abandoned, often poor and with a drug addiction. The singer/songwriter Amos Lee described this pretty well in the song "Soul Suckers"

This is how the Elite have planned it with regards to using art to help out with achieving the goals:
1. The Illuminati is planning a new phase in their attempt to take over the world. Much of the planning is political and financial and is happening behind the scenes, but two of their most powerful instruments are Hollywood and the Music Industry, because that is the way they can reach the masses. So they are deciding to set a new trend to promote their latest strategy.
2. They use mind controlled people (musicians/actors/producers etc.) to set this trend, promising them wealth, drugs, groupies and/or whatever they want, in order to be satisfied. Those “artists” are heavily promoted with techniques learnt from Nazi Germany, which had developed the most extraordinary techniques to manipulate the masses that this world has ever seen. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, confessed in public (to his disciples) that he used Goebbels’ Propaganda Machine to get people into the cult (and keep them there). The Illuminati have no problems promoting whatever they want, and have people responding like they want them to.

3. The “Trend-Makers” (The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sex Pistols, Eminem, Curt Cubain, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc.) set the direction for the new trends, and people will start worshipping those new idols.

4. Other (often more talented) musicians follow up on that trend and create their own version of the new idea. Those musicians also get contracts with the Record Companies, and can be ordinary people like you and me, who have never been close to physically tampered with in mind control programs like MK ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control. Those musicians (and actors) don’t have to be severely mind controlled to unknowingly help out with the Agenda of the Elite. They just jump on the same bandwagon as the trend-makers, and the snowball effect is starting. Thus, the Illuminati, who basically invented the trend, can sit back and watch. We, the citizens, are doing the rest for them. 5. Other gifted musicians and actors, who are creating art that goes outside the Agenda – or against it – have no chance to get their message out broadly, because nobody at the top of the Industry (where the money is) is willing to promote them. It is the same pattern as within politics. Only those who are promoted by the super-wealthy Elite stand a chance. The International Bankers (The Illuminati) are the ones who own the Industry. As soon as someone is creating something (may be a new type of music-trend, a new label with contrary ideas or something similar) that opposes what is next on the Agenda, the Illuminati is quick to buy it out. If the Company refuses to sell, they are threatened. We all have seen Mafia Movies. That is exactly how it works.

07-20-2006, 11:01 AM
good article I totally agree, still alot of indy lables are on the rise you can never shut up someone who wants to be heard look it Immortal Technique
however he will never reach mainstream America kicking the shit hes kicking cause of the powers that be, I suport indy labels any other shit like radio brainwashes kids to shake thier ass or to be a gangsta

07-20-2006, 11:39 AM
Good topic

I think all commercialized forms of entertainment are inherently made to brainwash the masses.

They are created to be consumed over and over and over again.
The more consumption, the greater the profit.
Wether or not the message is positive or negative (which is all subjective anyway)

The desire for that repetitive consumption directly leads to this brainwashing.

You could also put professional sports and sports media into the mix.
They only want a certain type of nigger in the NBA NFL etc...
There are no more Bill Russels, Jim Browns, Kareem Abdul-Jabars these days.
Just your docile Tiger Woods and Michael Jordans
And dickheads like Terrell Owens

Remember when none of the other NBA players had Chris Jackson b.k.a. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf's back when he prayed during the national anthem.

07-20-2006, 01:01 PM
nice article good way to explain why most mainstream things not only music but sports or anything in the spotlight is pretty much the same. While different and more unique things go more unoticed

07-20-2006, 01:22 PM
Interesting read, but you guys don't actually belive this do you?

07-20-2006, 11:59 PM
yeah i dont think musisians are singing or rapping to control the masses. I think the record companies have this "mind control" thing as a side effect. The artists become big and people idolize these artists which makes them less prone to become politically active.

who would the government like to see more of?

Kids exposed to hip hop, rock, musisians, US magazine, tabloids, and other mags that tell you what new clothing label is "in" now, Chanel, Luis Vitton, Large over sized designer glasses, large designer bags, designer EVERYTHING. These kids will stive to become rock stars and actors and "famous"

on the other hand the kid who does not listen to mainstream music, movies ect. and is not interested in the fake "publicity life" of mtv or designer shit is more likely to become interested and put his time into things like politics, revolutionary ideas and ect. 2 Pac stood for these beliefs, if you have ever seen the political video where pac talks about his politics and beliefs you know that he sounded much like a malcom x. But the media and public tryed hard to blow him up as a mainstream artist then killed him when he started becoming larger than life and rapping more about "ONE NATION" and politics rather than bitches and drugs.