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07-22-2006, 07:24 AM
I was just reading through some of these old freestyles lines I exchanged in emails with CD a while back, to pass some time at work yesterday, and I found myself laughing several times and figured I'd make a thread of them. Obviously they're not serious. A lot are mockeries of Warcloud, and some are mockeries of hip hop and other shit.

I'm Green, CD is Aqua...

Frozen chicken exposing kitchens,
potent writtens flow with wisdom,

God told me I was his favorite son
So I smacked him like a bitch just for fun

Garden gnome twisted thumb in anus,
Pardon Joe is this numb and painless?

I represent my Nation of Gods & Earths
When I don't wash my socks they smell worse

Mummy pass the crack pipe to Nathan,
I die twice and come back like Jason.

I add Supreme Math and get actual facts
Dumb, deaf and blind walk around w/cataracts

Unspeakable acts as demons take over,
A young midgets face, with semen caked over.

Life sucks like Tonka trucks stuck in the muck
Press your luck young buck chickens cluck when they fuck

I carry gats like Barry Black, the deer hunter,
I marry gnats like Larry Mack, the beer guzzler.

I snap back against your rat pack
Collecting phat stacks of wet naps

To kick back I spit raps and diss cats with knack to spit wack on hit tracks.

Blood leaks from a faucet, gargoyle comes to life,
Fighting in the moonlight, Sargeant Zanthrop's wife,
We eat soup with bones, melody frozen cowboy,
Sipping fine wine, choking oh how joy.........ful.

Polymorphic filanthrop
Sieze the Pope wash mouth with soap
Kill dirty monerans on my tongue
I run for fun slither Atilla the hun
Hopscotch and marbles in the day
I raped a 6 year old around my way

Halloween night, reservoir bloody walls,
Scooter turned over, she had funny balls,
Warfield strategy, analytical germ scatter,
A black red sox cap, torn and turned backwards.

A spider crawls up the wall I'm a Morlock
I ate antelope hearts in a box with a lock
Scorpion breath, stingers contain candy
I sip warm blood fools see it as brandy

A small fishpond, acidic algae aroma,
She had 12 toes, that's why I chose her,
Splintering closet door, only slightly ajar,
See Bats in candy rappers, flying afar.

I bring a lunch box with a broom to the tomb
Dr Doom looms sniffing fumes of mushrooms
A worlock's mouse desides he like Bach
Zombies flock with the socks of astronauts
A fish flies out of the gutter in slow motion
A fat man fasts but drinks a potion with a notion
His devotion to the red ocean is nowhere that goes in
Ferocious rabbits laugh at humans with false faces
Respected disgraces widows tie endless shoelaces
I rhyme with words that match not while I smoke pot
My face rots as I eat the snot of robot cots
A word to the wise in a phantasm
the minds chasm releases protoplasm

Pineapple fritter, the sour taste of emu,
Hold my nuts, gotta protect these two,
My daughter never cried, couldn't even make her,
But she cried tears of joy right after I raped her.

I take unleaded milk home
I rome in the tome of foam
Dinosaurs eat chili though never existed
Black man is GOD dont get it twisted

Veins pump with unleaded petrol, the next fool,
To enter the twilight arcade gets my best tools,
At a discount price, with fried rice and coffee,
Toffee crucifix lifted from the pulpit, oh sh!t,
Meet henry moreen, his pen bleeds chlorine
Ben needs morphine plus wendy's doorscreen.

Backyard barbie with me mates, beers all 'round,
Big Mick skulls a stubbie, cheers all 'round,
Dingo meat on the grill, and a chunk of kangaroo,
Grab some tucker mate, you can have a sanga too

I eat sabrtooth tigers and shit with fiber
Ancient tomes read bleed blood red
Squirels howl at the moon a hearse goes zoom
Boom Boom severed heads in a room

A monkey skeleton on Jupiter, decomposition,
Acid on my tongue, we drop those writtens,
Midnight caper, wrestling with a hooligan,
A man devoid of black skin, call him a foolish man.

I fly past Saturns onion rings
I sing with the slings in the bings
Hydrated droughts i'm full of prestige
nigga dont like it, suck on these

Christmas eve, stockings full of liver,
Daddy on the balcony, rocking as he shivers,
When swimming, my cock sings in the river,
Sings sweet tunes about what things I give her.

I am the man splattered on the pavement,
Don't care? It doesn't matter what I say then,
But fuck you, your mother and favourite whore,
Aromas from my basement, my neighbours call,
The same cops who try to stop me painting walls,
My name drops, the ladies faint and fall.

I sip bile on the Nile putting god on trial
He defiled the child fucking wild in denial
English taffey i chew with bloody cashews
I eschew the jew who ate the children in school
Wombat dirty love I shove a dove from up above
Rhyming words with syntax i eat blackened souls for snacks
A snack pack on the track of wax pulling back gunclaps clack clack

Hungry Phil, he just wanted a burger,
But instead he confronted and hurt her,
Absurd ta think she wouldn't feed him,
The virgin slut just couldn't please him,
Deceived him by acting as a mountain goat,
Smacked him while relaxing in the fountain boat,
Backed in just a fraction from his doubtless hope,
Gasping when there's a rope tied around his throat.

I fly with bat wings made of rain
The insane pain I feign in damnations flame
Self contained out of control blame that came
From that dame I raped and carved her name on my frame
WHen she bled I came never claimed to be sane
I eat children on pizza while a lean on the leaning tower of pisa

An ambidexterous centipede in my coffee,
Take a seat in the desert streets, and beg for toffee,
Rolled fat spliffs when I had a cold that was cough free,
How can he not be the top free-styler while the,
Drops he lays make ice fire up and expire?

Chewing crushed glass in futures past
you cant last 85% gassed w/o class
I bargin with gypsies who rape flies
An antelope dies when he hears a vampire cry

Sporadic knee jerk, twist another victim,
the addict needs dirt, with a mothers diction-,
ary, oh mary it's scary where we licked them,
the singer wants five fingers, I picked ten.

Bleeding popsicles I sign a deathwish
Unstoppable pumas that live on fish
Samurai ninja creeps in the night
Playing lightbright with tight blinded sight
A pig ate a rhinocerous then wrote a book
Penguins that grin and give you a look
The world up to no good as I dance on the hood

It's dim in the attic, possible lettuce exposure,
Old Susie Randolph, my next erection chose her,
closure as the light revealed pagan reindeer,
crooked olive leakage, president Reagan's great fear.

In the mouth of madness
Crocodile tears of sadness
Barbarians make tea and crumpets
Demons play the trumpets
Intangible phantasms glaciers of ice
Twice mice ate lice with spice w/o rice
Enticed to slice and splice Christ w/a heist
Imaginary muffins stuffed with feet
A treat to mistreat a heated seat of Pete
Nonsenical metaphors to scaore bithces drawers
A pelican soars killed by the moars and their boars

Quick cucumber exchange, fairly indecent,
the past five minutes is barely still recent,
a kangaroos skull had my drill piece bent,
straight to hell, bad guy Bill's niece went.

Grasping for the zebras stripes, salamander envy,
Crazy Josh is lost at the handles of his ten speed,
When we party we hardly laugh we fart instead,
I raped him with an eight inch, now bart is dead.

I attack Murderous Mack with a jack to the back
Fat stacks of his wack tracks cheaper than crack
For a fact I smack this hack and charge a tax
Cut no slack I pack a Mack rat at tat tat klack
Full clip then shit on his lip and bite his mom's clit
I hit the whip and flip a trip so sick I rip ticks
Eat trix easy fix the dicks who bite and steal bricks

Amazed like the latest craze based on treasure,
I raise mice in a maze, race them for pleasure,
Taste paste on my face, disgraced by my dick measure,
Pace with haste for jakes based on cases of lesser,
Importance than whores with torn ribs and foreskins.

I came to the party to get crunk motha fucka
Got my bitches buying me skunk motha fucka
Cops pull me over with bodies in the trunk motha fucka
Hoes all on my jock because im a hunk motha fucka
I run this gangsta shit word son
all my shit youse gets none
Bow down cause my uzi weighs a ton
Im a high speed nigga, you screwed + chopped
You get knocked by a padlock and dropped on the spot\
What what i smoke pot pot
make bithces hit the spot spot
drop it like it's hot hot

I storm through the ghetto, ain't got no red nose,
Nah I ain't a fucken reindeer, pain, fear, as my lead goes,
"buck buck", oh fuck fuck we better duck duck, this nigga's nuts!
Got bigger trucks to dig a rut and fill with guts, NIGGA WHUT!!!!!

I pull carraiges of weed by a chain,
hatch crazy plans with these violent brains,
shoot loads after two strokes of a lions mane,
to offer me money is like buying pain,
crying shame that I'm so far degenerated,
at times I'm vain when I grab my pen and blaze it,
raise it, my dick that is, bitch,
count to three and then down on your knees,
taste it, yeah lick that shit, bitch,
doubting me cos you found my disease,
yeah, call me crazy man noel, straight madman,
send soup bone back to the group home, I hate bad jams.

My beats fat a fat fat
My glock Rat a tat tat
I kick cat a cat cat
Yea God blat a blat blat
Jason voorhees be a fag man
Ya momma be a bag man
You cant surf you a sad man
little btich do the can can

Yo, superfluous yoyo backyard scene,
Always high cos I pack hard green,
I gamble, show your hand fool, a card fiend,
We prevail, eat a whale, lick the lard clean.

yo yo yo
yo yo yo
check it
yo yo yo
yo yo yo
Check it
Turn my mic up
turn the shit up
yo yo
just make sure my mics turned up

I own the game, tame you motherfuckers,
I blow your brains, stain you motherfuckers,
I know your name, shameful motherfuckers,
I show you pain, cane you motherfuckers....WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yu betta wacth it fools all respect due
My crews drink brews kill jews and wear shoes
You get boos when the cow moos hang ya in a noose
G clef mad crazy beats bring the heat to the streetz
While i spit blazing treats that knock bitches of their feet

I'm a straight up hood,
that is straight up good,
so you straight up should,
make me some pancakes.

Do you want me to kick it?
Yeah, yeah, you want this,
Aight, I'ma do this,
Yo, check it, uh, uh, what, yeah,
Call me the ill rhyme projector,
I drop heat,
Drop it on the daily,
Yeah, I'm nice wit' it.

It's quite clear you're quite queer, a gay born smelly fag,
Cause laughter cos all that pasta makes your belly sag,
Yes yes.

Dont go out like Willy Lump Lump
You fuckin chump my shotty goes pump pump
Like the jam blam blam green eggs and ham nigga
Foodstamps get me the ham i spit like MC Shan
This rhyme sucks cock and sweaty balls
Like southern niggas in overalls
do the knowledge, tricknology in college

Kick it, kick it, kick it, yeah,
Sick sh!t, sick sh!t, sick sh!t, where?
Did I acquire such crazy techniques?
bodies drop like dodgy stocks, when my tech speaks.

My life in the ghetto is a rough one indeed,
To escape it I rape kids and puff on some weed,
I walk so far that I'm scarred with numb feet,
Shoot a brother, loot his mother to gather some treats,
Dumb peeps often say that I dig my own grave,
Two faced, I'm in this place to save my own race,
I boned Kate, now I probably have another kid,
Not my fault, revolves back to what my mother did,
Brothers spit on the ave cos that's all we have,
Big Nathan might make it with the ball he grabs,
Call me dad, cos I'm forced to impregnate bitches,
My style drives them so wild their legs make twitches,
I'll try one more rhyme, and I'm doing it twice,
Fuck the white man, for ruining my life,
Fuck the white man, for ruining my life.

Old horse's son, a raving wild thriller,
Noel411, your favourite child killer.

I spit from the Gods to the Devils ears
I have the wisdom that the devil fear
Drinking more beers than ya bitch ass has tears
Sunny winters freeze ya to the core ya whore
I create shit that gets bitches on the floor
Shots at the door before the Po Po can score
Aqueous moons rotate around my orbit
My rhymes be morbid but you want more shit
I trip rip skip the flip crips mad legit
you forfeit in the pit spit but fit nonsensical trip
Aussies be fags sucking the chrome off of mags
From riches to rags ya bitches tities sag
oh yea, you aint on some bitch clit shit
You think sucking dicks legit ya nitwit

Bigga Figga Niggas, nigga
ayo turn my fuckin mic up
yo niggas gots ta learn sumtin

yo, I rush the club riding on my spinners nigga
You be scared as fuck hiding cause we winners nigga
I pull da trigga nigga making figgas nigga
You a winnie the poo tigga wigga nigga
I sniff my yao yo mixed with c-4
While you see double I see 4
I rhyme lines wiht the same word nigga
Don't give a fuck, give ya da bird nigga
My bitches come to me on they knees
Ready to please cause dey know my steez
Sicilian, Original man that you can't stand
Knock a Devil out wit a gun in my hand
I spit the shit dat make the club flip
Give crips fits emptying fifths and clips
Too legit to quit yea i quote some Hammer
Shit, I'm so hype it don't even matter

Bigga figga nigga run this shit
Bigga figga nigga neva quit
Bigga figga niggas empty clips
bigga figga niggas bang hot whips

Bigga figga nigga representative number two,
I pimp your sister and your mother too,
Grab the pillow and I smother you,
Then blast you and your brothers crew,
Another rule is to wear mad chains,
fuck rock music, that includes Bad Brains,
even though the singer is original, clip the fool,
spit mad jewels while I grip bad tools,
the type that spray heat, blaze on the streets,
I gets mad money, but not to raise my seeds,
fuck 'em...

Hey punk punk you think you crunk crunk
Hear the thump thump from my pump pump
Watch you slump slump put ya in the trunk trunk
Beat be bump bump as my bitches hump hump
Feel dey rump rump from da jump jump
I rock the party with da chilled out ice
Christ on this mic device aint nuttin nice
Spit flows smooth like a r udeboy rude
Sniff snow cool cause im dat dude
Motha fuckin shit aint pretty fuck p diddy
I buy a fitty and say aint shit shitty
I run this rap shit wit my figga niggas
Aint shit bigga how you figga, nigga
Fuck spitting a jewel wit stickman Noel
Show and tell we gots da blow ta sell
Respect my G homey or y'all see
How it feels to drink my pee

Drink up punk motha fuckaz

I'm back with the mack smoking crack from a sack,
you lack the knack to hack up the track,
I smack up blacks, eat their sacks as a snack,
you slack jawed hacks clack and quack like bird packs.

Fly like a bird, word son I'm ill,
I'm writing words, nerds come to chill,
Rum that spills is lapped up by dregs,
Slap up your head and snap up your legs,
Pack up more lead, kick raps up for Reg,
Who begs for Meg's whores to pleasure him,
reverend exits the crescent, spinning his rims,
splinter your limbs, internally dim,
with flint and some gin burn all your skin.

07-23-2006, 03:53 PM
i thought it was funny! The god line was cool, and the crunk thingy, i always read your "raps" and am never dissapointed noell! Were is CD?


07-24-2006, 05:21 AM
Thanks for the replies, my homies.

CD doesn't like to associate with people here because he thinks he's better than, and above everybody here.

Father N Dangerous
07-24-2006, 05:24 AM
this shit is ill, we need 2 cypha rigth now :D

07-25-2006, 01:21 AM
No doubt. Thanks for the reply.