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CD's Sexy Sex Kitten
07-22-2006, 08:10 AM
* I think i've written this before so it just might be stored up in my memory somewhere... or in everyone's memory for that matter.... *

If no one could hear us than they wouldnít walk our way to be healed
They wouldnít have put their trust into your soul,
As they were burning for all they know-
All they believed-
What sacred hearts that have been surrounded with this fear
Protecting and watching from the comfort of this holy land
Hearts healed witnessing you can never die,
Knowing they never can-
In the memory of their slaughter
For your world,
For your cause,
Knowing weíve always been alive
If they trust in you does this mean no one ever has to die?
Is this what is to survive?
When does the living join the dead?
In this world of Heaven scripted to have no end?
Is it when the devil decides to greet the gate?
And end his world of violence and hate
I canít waitÖ
Itís love. Our love
Bring us together again
Let your kingdom live inside
And if they take our lives
Just remember freedom survives
Weíd still be alive
Thatís just how it was made-
Unlock the gate you are the key
As you are the lock but either way Iím the other partÖ.
So maybe Iím holding back,
But maybe I donít realize all that
Or just maybe we lived in another time-
Beginning to end itís in our memory than
Recorded voices we sung our way
Technology revolted the start-
As we began our march; in silence
But silence makes our way
And our talent canít be denied our day
Our final stay
Just let this love die but donít leave it in fray
Let it die to be brought back in full power-
So the Heavens brought to the lost and found
To all souls on earth can be regained
You are my creation as you are my birth
And my re-birth
Live in me
So I can die in you-
With you
Just to live again
In the fulfillment of the dead-

07-22-2006, 02:05 PM