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Breezy 36
07-24-2006, 06:34 PM
Hi There Wu-Fam Young Granger Has Told Me To Warn U He Will Be Back Within A Week Or So..I No I No..Terrible..Awful..Terrifying..But Yes Its True Hes Not Gone..He Will Be Back...................Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Granger : My Pc Is Fuckeeeddddd Up

PEACE...:hooray: :hooray: :hooray:

Sicka than aidZ
07-24-2006, 06:42 PM
dont do this again

Breezy 36
07-24-2006, 06:44 PM
Ohhhhh Fuc Offfff Cheesy Poof :mexico:

07-24-2006, 06:48 PM

Breezy 36
07-24-2006, 06:49 PM
ohhhhh fladap u big poof eatin cheese crackin' flap jackin' beefcake UFAAAAA

Breezy 36
07-24-2006, 06:59 PM

07-24-2006, 07:13 PM
DieJasperDie: hey, what's up girl
DieJasperDie: i gotta talk to you
NYButterfly82: hi jasper
NYButterfly82: how are you
DieJasperDie: listen
DieJasperDie: i can't do this aqynmore
DieJasperDie: i need to be honest with you
DieJasperDie: i've been cheating on you for the last 5 months
NYButterfly82: lol
NYButterfly82: with who
DieJasperDie: you don't want to know
NYButterfly82: yea i do
NYButterfly82: tell me
DieJasperDie: the..the milkman!
NYButterfly82: lol silly
DieJasperDie: oh shit
NYButterfly82: is that what you really had to talk to me
DieJasperDie: im so drun
NYButterfly82: i was like that alll weekend
DieJasperDie: i dont know
DieJasperDie: i just lkike talking to you
NYButterfly82: = ) thanx babes
DieJasperDie: out of all the internet people i talk to..
DieJasperDie: youre the best
DieJasperDie: the best of fucking best
DieJasperDie: our conversations.. are so.. fluent
DieJasperDie: like everything is falling together
NYButterfly82: yea they are totally awesome dude
DieJasperDie: they're very theraputic
NYButterfly82: no doubt my nigga
DieJasperDie: oh fuck
DieJasperDie: fuck
DieJasperDie: i need a girl
DieJasperDie: im going goddamn crazy
NYButterfly82: yea u still aint talkin to no one?
DieJasperDie: this other broad
NYButterfly82: have you gone back to amsterdam hehe
NYButterfly82: oo is she cute
DieJasperDie: from belgium.. she wont talk to me anymore
NYButterfly82: why wont she?
DieJasperDie: i dont know
DieJasperDie: i want typing drunk to her and she said i need help
DieJasperDie: and i told her to fuck off
DieJasperDie: i think that's what i said
NYButterfly82: damn yo for real
NYButterfly82: you gotta chill with the drinkin then
DieJasperDie: yeah
DieJasperDie: it's like a visual circle
DieJasperDie: or something
DieJasperDie: what ye call those things
DieJasperDie: anyway
DieJasperDie: i told you about that decorating stuff right
NYButterfly82: vicious** not visual lmao
NYButterfly82: what decorating stuff? you mean your apartment?
DieJasperDie: this nice lady been letting me do her house
NYButterfly82: oh hotness sounds like fun
NYButterfly82: does she let you buy watever you want
DieJasperDie: she made some plans and stuff and she let me do the painting and furniture choice
DieJasperDie: she gave me a lot of money to buy stuff
DieJasperDie: ive been going there for the last 2 weeks
NYButterfly82: how old is she
DieJasperDie: she's really nice to me,
DieJasperDie: 32
DieJasperDie: today is her 32th birthday
DieJasperDie: and it was supposed to be finished today
DieJasperDie: im stretching what i want to say
DieJasperDie: crap
DieJasperDie: this is embarsing
DieJasperDie: i do need to quit the drinkingg
NYButterfly82: you got alot more work to do?
DieJasperDie: you know.. it's not that
DieJasperDie: she uses me
NYButterfly82: uses you how
DieJasperDie: you know
DieJasperDie: sex
NYButterfly82: is it good at least?
DieJasperDie: yeah, but ]
NYButterfly82: but what
DieJasperDie: she has a kid damnit
NYButterfly82: why are you complaing
NYButterfly82: so what?
DieJasperDie: this is so wrong
NYButterfly82: its not like you gotta father him
NYButterfly82: how is it wrong?
DieJasperDie: fuck it
DieJasperDie: nevermind i even said this
DieJasperDie: actually i do like talking about it
DieJasperDie: i need that
DieJasperDie: she lusts for me and wants to have sex with me all the time
DieJasperDie: i dont know why i think thats a bad thing
DieJasperDie: it's just the feeling she leaves me with... empty
DieJasperDie: when we're not having sex, we're talking about the apartment and stuff, work things... she doesn't show any real interest in me
DieJasperDie: that's why i said used
DieJasperDie: it's like im her fucking boytoy
DieJasperDie: i might even be in love with this bitch
NYButterfly82: wow really
NYButterfly82: so you caught feelings
NYButterfly82: do you think she might start liking you
DieJasperDie: the fuck
DieJasperDie: you women are all the same
DieJasperDie: fucking devils
NYButterfly82: i don't know
NYButterfly82: i guess
DieJasperDie: im having hard time accepting she's using me
DieJasperDie: maybe we should drop the subject, it's not releaving me like i hoped it woudl
NYButterfly82: i see where you commin from
NYButterfly82: but the only way i guess is to ask her is she wanna take it to another level
NYButterfly82: maybe she thinks you don't want to get serious cause she got a kid
DieJasperDie: this job is too important for me
NYButterfly82: so she ain;t trying to pressure you
NYButterfly82: so finish it then when you done you can ask her
DieJasperDie: i have to hold on i guess
NYButterfly82: just wait then
NYButterfly82: you project shouldn't take you that much longer
DieJasperDie: im too young to get serious with someone 10 years older than me
DieJasperDie: she has a 3 year old for christ sake
DieJasperDie: i cant take care of kids
NYButterfly82: if you are falling for her.. then why is it a problem?
DieJasperDie: im falling in love with her...
DieJasperDie: but i cant be seen with someone 10 years older than me
DieJasperDie: especialy not someone who has a kid
NYButterfly82: why not does she look really old?
DieJasperDie: not at all actually
NYButterfly82: lol is having a kid a bad thing?
DieJasperDie: i dont want kids
DieJasperDie: damnit
NYButterfly82: then if you really feel that way stop fuckin around with her
NYButterfly82: dummy
DieJasperDie: she rapes me

Breezy 36
07-24-2006, 07:14 PM
what the fcukkkkkkk

07-24-2006, 07:27 PM
NYButterfly82: id ask someone to help you
DieJasperDie: i try screaming for help but no one hears me
NYButterfly82: yea well u will be ok
DieJasperDie: ah thanks
DieJasperDie: i should go to the police
NYButterfly82: lol why?
DieJasperDie: rape is a serious thing
NYButterfly82: she is not raping you you just said that you had feelings
DieJasperDie: but i dont want to have sex
DieJasperDie: i want love
DieJasperDie: fuck it this is so fucking gay of me
NYButterfly82: yea
NYButterfly82: your being really gay
DieJasperDie: sometimes i think i would be better of gay
DieJasperDie: men are not like this
NYButterfly82: how do you know?
NYButterfly82: i think men are worst
DieJasperDie: how so?
DieJasperDie: youre right though
DieJasperDie: sorry
DieJasperDie: i cant form a decent thought cause these skulls are fucking chasing me
NYButterfly82: u should then find someon your age with no kids and stop drinkin so much or find a girl that drinks as much as you
DieJasperDie: why the fuck are you always right
NYButterfly82: cause im the word
DieJasperDie: i can't dissagree with you
DieJasperDie: and it'spissign me off
NYButterfly82: coo
NYButterfly82: eat some chocolate
DieJasperDie: earlier today...
NYButterfly82: oh
DieJasperDie: i was playing fighting games online..
DieJasperDie: and i kept losing
NYButterfly82: i wish i had the patience to play online
DieJasperDie: i stayed very cool
DieJasperDie: and i kept trying and trying
DieJasperDie: but i kept losing to this guy
DieJasperDie: then he did this super annoying taunt when he won
DieJasperDie: and i fucking flipped and throw everything that was on my desk around my room
DieJasperDie: and i started swearing really loud
DieJasperDie: then i realized.. something wrong with me
NYButterfly82: lol you play with a headset
NYButterfly82: yea i would be talkin shit too
NYButterfly82: it makes it more fun
DieJasperDie: nah it was some button combination resulting in his character to do this stupid dance
NYButterfly82: but i would definately be pissed off if i lost
NYButterfly82: oh aight
DieJasperDie: the anger i felt wasnt really related what me losing
DieJasperDie: it felt like frustration that i had the whole time
NYButterfly82: then what was it relating too
DieJasperDie: i dont know
NYButterfly82: you should start boxing
DieJasperDie: it's just.. i cried like a baby and asked god why i was losing
NYButterfly82: lol @asking god that
DieJasperDie: that sounds silly
NYButterfly82: out of all the things
NYButterfly82: hahahahaha
DieJasperDie: i was all angry at god
DieJasperDie: but he cant help it
DieJasperDie: i mean , theres children starving in african countries and shit
DieJasperDie: and here i am whining about losing a videogame
DieJasperDie: i felt ashamed
DieJasperDie: but still angry
NYButterfly82: lol ur a funny guy
DieJasperDie: yeah i know
DieJasperDie: fuck that game
DieJasperDie: i tried to play it again a few hours ago
DieJasperDie: i was in the practice mode trying to get better and show god whose boss
DieJasperDie: but even the practice thing was killing me
DieJasperDie: over and over again
NYButterfly82: thats pretty bad then
DieJasperDie: i got furious
NYButterfly82: you need to practice more
DieJasperDie: i was fucking practicing for 3 hours
DieJasperDie: and didnt win nothing
DieJasperDie: nothing\1
DieJasperDie: the motherfucker was cheating or something
DieJasperDie: i bit trought the dvd casing of the game
DieJasperDie: believe me, thats not as easy as im making it sound
NYButterfly82: what game is it
DieJasperDie: dead or alive 4
NYButterfly82: hey imma go lay down for alil bit
NYButterfly82: see you
DieJasperDie: i'll miss you
DieJasperDie: i'll be wiating here ofr you
NYButterfly82: aww ditto
NYButterfly82: adios
DieJasperDie: and count every breath
NYButterfly82 signed off at 2:26:43 AM.
DieJasperDie: ciao

07-24-2006, 07:34 PM
Breezy 36 = Granger

My random shits all over your asian random

07-24-2006, 08:40 PM
granger has been living deep withing my digestive system for weeks now. he will only return when my bowels offer him the right of passage. Even then he may not survive.

07-24-2006, 09:43 PM
Peace And Welcome Back

07-25-2006, 03:25 PM
granger has been living deep withing my digestive system for weeks now. he will only return when my bowels offer him the right of passage. Even then he may not survive.

lol im back now