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07-07-2005, 10:16 AM

she was about 5' 2 with a beautiful smile
the site of her face make a man go wild
long dark brown hair with these beautiful lips
hypnotize eyes with the site of her hips
jacob on her wrist freezin up like mist
sippin on cris and smokin on a third
dolce and gabbana two thousand dollar skirt
pleasure played second, money came first
but underneath it all she was a vice queen bitch
runnin whore houses tryna get rich
fuk the hardwork i want it all real quik
when all of a sudden it all went wrong
she turned to the drug bizniz cos she knew all along
thats where the money was not 2 bit hookers
money burnin through my pokets like pressure cookers
when a drug deal went rong it kinda shook her
and the kingpin of this drugworld held a gun to her
any of you move she gets a face full of lead
with a double barrelled shotgun pointed rite at her head
he got in his hummer doin a buck 2
little did they no she was in on it to
a cliffhangin story thats written with rhymes
she fooled every1, innit from tha beginnin
and to her ethics had no meanin

chorus x2
moneys powerful but power rules over money
cant get one without another motherfuker thats funny
22 in ya chest, 44 in ya tummy
but gods lookin over so i got nuffin to worry

verse 2

5 years later shes married her king
he promised her it all and he gave everything
got the chrome on her cars and the bling on her neck
fuk safe sex theres nuffin to wreck
9 months later baby girl was due
she was gonna change the world and every1 knew
but the people back home, they found out
they wanted there revenge, there gonna get it now
sittin on tropical beaches not a care in the world
king and his queen and there little girl
sand starts choppin, and the sea starts poppin
all u hear is 9 mils and automatics cockin
with a hail of bullets rippin thru the house
they hide in the basement all shuttin there mouth
cos they know there dead if they make one sound
then the king of the house grabs a mercenaries gun
and starts to take em out one by one
there was a squad of ten and now theres three
but a fourth with a sniper rifle right near the tree
so hes gotta be careful, cos one bullet hes gone
but as he walks he triggers a bomb
the house blows up with his family inside
it was his son he thought died at the deal
with a desert eagle pointed rite at his grille

just a story song bout drugs and money

criticism always appreciated

Bless ,1

07-07-2005, 10:41 AM
A lot of action in it i must say. Was placed alright. Its a bit hard to explain. Since you mentioned it was a story telling. Its difficult to know where it goes.


07-07-2005, 10:56 AM
Aight its kool

bless ,1