View Full Version : can any1 help me

Breezy 36
07-27-2006, 05:42 PM
can some 1 rap this to the tune of Booklyn Zoo and then put it on soundclick so i can download it plz , it dont have 2 be good

Ma namez Breezy, Yeeeh Im Eazyyyy Jus Lyk Peezy, Ma Smokez wil make yah weezy n dis freestyle iz a bit cheezy bt yah ma bruva can teach me all kind of weird fingz, likeee Film4 Is FREE now, Makin me wear some giant rings so he can alwayz sing chingyz new song, n his new album iz guna be a banga, a real hip hop cliff hanga, im blaka den a clanga, a clanga on crack wit a broken back, eatin a big mac, as wobbly as santaz swetty sack, and i will attack your cake with a giant rake , Like it was a 12ft trouser snake, so dnt fuck with me , im breezy 36 cuz i gota be . fuck this shit .... im goin 4 some tea

last time i said i will attack your cake with a rake like my name was jake but i will chop your dick off n throw it in a lake, if that makes..... sense i despence evry 10 cence of your glense just to emence , and then i will get a big fuckin road , tie u up , and then feed u a bar of soap , and if u cant cope u can cut the roap of the boat wen we r afloat but u will die and get eaten by sharks or even a whale , or u will be in jail . and this was jsut a lil tail i got in the mail , im goin 2 asda now there bread on sail

Breezy 36
07-27-2006, 05:43 PM
and at the start say this 1 is for breezy and dan , wu-tang corp