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Ironman Starks
07-28-2006, 03:47 AM
Nicca tried to battle me, hasnt said word since

My Verse 1

1 2, 1 2 ,1 2
check it
this is the god yall comin with ill-tempered verse
scarin whiteboys superstition,callin me a voodoo curse
its gets worse this child tryin to front on me? Dpg?
see he aint ready for me
watch me set up, audible, hot route the play
2 seconds of breathin room you tried to pump fake
but i splattered you
20 yard sack! rhymes hit you so hard you got layed on your back
but you didnt face the fact, money shot holdin this **** down
turnin your baby girls sex frown upside down
ahh yeah, this is how the god gets down
its like that, cause i could never go wrong
im killin it like the ogs did to ya moms
but it seems, that even after the fight you fantasize
my raps torment your dreams durin the night
you see me lampin on the streets made of my words
sheer terror came up ya spine and you fleed scurred
but didnt daddy never tell you not show ya back
i pulled a Jax and then stomped you flat

his Verse 1

DPG im in the zone/quick to splatter ya dome/callin me Al Bundy/the way IM collecting ya bones/put the Dese/to the back of ya throat/its murder she wrote/yousa bich on ya back/an im watchin ya float/coulda bought ya whole life for a single C-note/my lines dope as fuk/yours wacker then wack/DPG comin threw wit that Black on Black/u keep talkin football/im a hustla so i talk BASEball/wolverine/xmen/I leave ya face clawed/like Lemiux/uza a bich/28 wit a curfew/me n ya hip hop we stuck like glue/only way your rhymes dont stink/is when sprayed with perfume/u must be on bad boy south/the way on my joc/its goin down/like ya girl on my cok/thank Jacob for all the Ice that i got/u aint never seen the slums/never dealt a brick/only time u went to the hood is when ur engine went click/I saw ur MOM all i said was TRICK TRICK/the buffer for my pornos/whip out the balls/put it on the wh0res nose/bich please/im Gangstarr you know my steez/role with a FEW GOOD MEN like cruise and demi/you loose when u steppin to me/raw like sushi/make u sing the blues brother like belushi/youve got LVH,3+MR/that means/your HEARTS been scarred/bout to blaze a blunt/roll up in a ku/\/t/ u never did a jooks/u never popped a stunt/only time u hear the slammer door shutwhen u listen to KONVICT MUSICK punk.....................

My Verse 2

You come in my spot actin like you slangin rocks,
bustin glocks, ill leave you riddled with hollow spots
yo yous busta with no rhyme potential
to much raps about what you COULD and WOULD DO
but the truth of the matter which is gonna be named
is that in reality you get no love in the game
you never held a piece
you never seen a ki
only sh1t youve ever seen is me
bustin a nut all on ya moms tit-ties
listen black, you dont roll in dough
you couldnt even get no love from a blockhead hoe
call me a tracksmacker
the lyrical da vinci code cracker
attack ya with poison pen
and leave ya family cursed wit bubonic disaster
cmon duke you tryin to hard
raw like sushi?
what you act like a fukk1n pusssy?
cause thats what you are so you quick to admit
that on the inside all you ever really wanted was a DIKK
Konvict Music ha you act like you know ogs
they prolly mugged your ass for your sh1tty walmart mp3
but dont ever take it for joke
the nicca with a narcotic flow
while mellow enough to ease the pain
but also could cause hemorrage to the brain
please excuse me, and let me introduce myself
"Surgeon General Warnin"
Money Shot is HAZARDOUS to ya health

hasnt said shit since

did i lock this shit or what?

i dont battle often but i like too

Ironman Starks
07-29-2006, 12:09 AM
bleh 13 views and not one response

*still waitin for DpGc response to my verse*