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07-29-2006, 10:54 AM
Post up some freaky/unexplainable stories.

HEREs one from me

when i was about 14 i had this cat named Bundy,this cat was so old it was full boney and wrinkled up it was 23 years old.My fam has always had animals aswell and we always look after em,anyway.One night i woke up and Bundys claw was stuck on my blanket so its leg was like twisted and type shit but i was half asleep when i saw it so i didnt think anything of it,well i woke up in the morning and its leg was totally fucked up so we had to put it down.
Well my mum buried it in my backyard and put a fukin candle on top of its grave,well the events that followed spun us all out.Because for 2 days it was fucking windy as,raining and even hailing and no bullshit at all but that flame on top of my cats grave stayed alight for 2 full days.Now how the fuck can a tiny flame on a candle not go out for 2 full days through wind rain hail etc...
And this is why i believ in something aprt from what we see in front of us.