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Definitive X
07-07-2005, 12:38 PM
Just another day in the suburbs, stepped across a dew-filled lawn
Made sure that all my black clothes were on
Tardy once again, my parents were passed out in their bed
Too many tequila, margarita shots to the head
Long black hair flowin’, didn’t give a fuck about hygiene
Unshaven, still got ass from weird chicks and goth queens
Anytime I got narcissistic, I slit my wrists, misunderstood
Spread the blood on my chin, and asked the mirror if I still looked good
Backpack on, heron tracks and suicide attempts on my arm
Guidance counselor always asked, “Michael, why do you practice self-harm?”
And I always replied nicely, with my most innocent grin
That I was fucked up, too many painkillers drowned with gin
Arrived at school, stepped in the front door, but some weird shit was goin’ on
Went to my locker, unloaded my backpack and closed the door
Ran up the stairs, suddenly heard gunshots and screams
Ducked in the stairway and was on the business end of a sub-automatic machine

HOOK: A day in the life, loved through an instance of spite
Sleepless nights, allow every bedbug to bite
Drowned with this trife shit that forced me to live
Faced with another school shooting to deal with

The kid holding a gun I knew from raves and a couple of kegs
He wasn’t heavy into the shit, just lookin’ for kicks and long legs
But he never even got in one chick at the party
Asked him if this was sexual frustration or his last-ditch possibility
He told me to get down on the floor, lay flat on my stomach
“Don’t move, motherfucker, or I’ll be forced to pull it.”
I said, “Okay, man, just don’t shoot!”
He shoved my face to the side with his black combat boot
I looked across the hall and into my first period
Saw blood on the wall, and heard kids whimper from violence
As soon as my assailant was outta sight
I crawled over to the door and turned out the light
Said everything will be okay, nobody’s gonna die today
Then ducked on the floor at what I saw in the hallway
A group of outcasts that I used to kick it with
Now they had Uzis, pipe bombs and pearl-handled grips


I walked in the hall, they asked me if I wanted in on what they were doing
Spoke through fear, and said, “Sure, I’ll keep it moving.”
Went downstairs to my locker, and pulled out the .44 I had planned to use
On my fellow teachers and students, but these dudes beat me to it
Now that I had seen their destruction, I was mad as fuck
Grabbed the gun, checked to see if the shit was loaded up
Ready to buck, all the training at the shooting range
Had built up all the way to what would culminate today
I searched out the group of teenaged vigilantes
Pulled out the gun, started busting, watched ‘em scrambling
I hit the kid with the combat boots who kicked me in my face
Shot to the shoulder of another dude who asked me to shoot up the place
He got his wish, two of the kids left to pop
They ran away, ironic, they were screaming, “Call the cops!”
Heard the sirens and let my pump drop on the ground
Raised my hands as the cops handcuffed me, I didn’t make a sound


07-07-2005, 01:01 PM
This is Xtadas' alter ego Fame right here...I thought this shit was pretty tight, the way he just wrote the shit with some tight internal rhymes, and did it from a unique P.O.V. was interesting to me...this was pretty raw, X, keep it up...peace!

07-08-2005, 09:17 AM
You have a well discription there. And contains all the effects that could have happened. Nice story to it and the caption.


07-08-2005, 09:45 AM
this gotta be the hottest text joint X ever put out

a classic story joint B

don't sleep at all!

07-08-2005, 09:56 AM
....X, always slept on but still drops... this had a nice twist at the end... great imagery through out, all of the story was depicted clear as day... but i got to say, the thing you're lacking is multi syllable rhyme schemes... this would've been standard 17 years ago, but in this day and time you gotta do the multies... your flow is better than i remember as well.... keep scripting and no, i don't know if i;m back... drop tex?!?!?! hahhaha.... i got audio now that these faggots can gulp like semen.... peace to you and get at me...